This Is All I Ask

This Is All I Ask Gillian Of Warewick Knows No Other Treatment Than The Terrible Physical And Mental Abuse Issued By Her Father When He Arranges A Match For Gillian With Christopher Of Blackmour, She Is Fearful Blackmour Is Rud To Be An Evil Sorcerer When Gillian Meets Him, He Proves To Be Far Of A Man Than Her Father Is, Yet He Is Unwilling To Be A Lover To Gillian She Finds That Blackmour Has As Many Psychological Scars To Heal As She Has Physical Scars

Lynn began her writing career at the tender age of five with a series of illustrated novellas entitled Clinton s Troubles in which the compelling hero found himself in all sorts of well, trouble She was living in Hawaii at the time and the scope for her imagination poisoned fish, tropical cliffs, large spiders was great and poor Clinton bore the brunt of it After returning to the

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  • This Is All I Ask
  • Lynn Kurland
  • English
  • 05 June 2018
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    This is a truly lovely romance story about two scarred people who find each other There are parts that made me so sad to think about how Gillian was treated by her family I was pretty curious to see how Ms Kurland would handle a blind hero in a medieval romance Think about it How difficult that would be for a blinded knight How could he run his keep, and keep what he earned by blood and sweat, in a world where might means right I think she did a great job of dealing with the blindness issue There s a part that is very realistic, although those who dislike heroes who are not 100% physically capable probably won t like it But it made sense the way things happen.I thought the emotion and love between Gillian and Christopher was so touching and poignant The power of it transcended the words on the paper and went right to my heart There are no love scenes in this book And to be honest, they are not necessary Yes, I love a good love scene, but a book that has a powerful love story doesn t need one.This book was also good for the way you see scared, shy Gillian grow into a strong, beautiful woman She was described as being unattractive, but part of it was because of her lack of self esteem and belief that she was unworthy There is no magical makeover You see Gillian s inner beauty bloom as she is carefully tended and loved by Christopher It brought tears to my eyes.Christopher is a wonderful hero, thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and strong He s been in a funk because of his loss of vision, but you don t hold that against him It s perfectly understandable The humor was the perfect balance to the often dark subject matter Colin, who has his own story in From This Moment On, is Christopher s best friend and companion Christopher always knows when Colin is around because he can smell him Colin s not too fond of bathing, so he has a characteristic odor Despite my being a stickler for good personal hygiene, Colin won me over for his kind heart behind a gruff exterior I loved his back handed matchmaking for Gillian and Christopher This was a great medieval romance Highly recommended.

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    If I read the book 25 years ago, I think I would ve liked it.The story started out promisingly enough Twenty one year old woman who s been kept as a virtual prisoner by horribly abusive father is sprung from her nightmare home by a marriage offer from a knight friend of her deceased warrior brother She goes along because she has no choice, even though her husband to be has a fearsome reputation as a dark dragon like creature Of course, as she gets to know her new husband, she learns he s not the monster she feared and they fall in love.The book could ve been an interesting character driven story but, unfortunately, it felt in execution for me The heroine is about as emotionally developed as a 12 year old which is understandable considering her upbringing, but it doesn t make her very interesting On the contrary, her portrayal seemed to be built on a bunch of stereotypes She s the girl who thinks she s ugly but we find out she really isn t, she s tomboyish enough to play with a sword but from what I read she really doesn t know how to use it nor does she have the presence of mind to keep from dropping it at the first sign of threat I had to remind myself again and again of the heroine abusive past, and be understanding of her annoying and puzzlingly inconsistent behavior and constant tears And speaking of tearsWe get not only constant tears from our heroine, we also get teary eyed hero, that is when he gets tired of constant shouting.Thanks goodness for witches whose magic made the leads fall in love Without their outside intervention, it s hard to imagine a unlikely outcome if one considers numerous misunderstandings and wrong assumptions.The book is 432 pages long and the magical falling in love happens half way through The rest of the story felt like a page filler that took things off course and didn t do anything to promote the development of relationship.

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    As this is one of my favorite romance novels to read, a book that I have read and re read over and over, I thought it was time to do a review on this read This Is All I Ask starts out with Gillian of Warewick, whose mother died when she was young, and her father tends to be very abusive to her both physically and emotionally Gillian after losing her brother, who was the only one that loved her, she feels that she has no courage or beauty inside or out When she is suppose to marry the Dragon of Blackmour, a man known for his deeds in battle, and rud to have killed his previous wife, and deals in nefarious acts Gillian, after being married to Christopher of Blackmour, Gillian is terrified of this man whom she knows regrets their marriage After a deep misunderstanding these two lost souls find a way to overcome, what they view as deficiencies, but will become strengths as they find love and a reason to live and enjoy every moment together.I love reading from this author, and as this is one of my favorites of this author I thought I would re read it and do a review on it This is probably one of the most emotional romances that I have ever had the opportunity to read Its both powerful yet sensitive, and will pull at your heart strings Gillian is a young woman whose only known abuse and domination She has never had freedom or to be able to think for herself So when she first meets Christopher she knows that he is only marrying her out of a promise that he made to her brother But as she sees that he struggles with a certain challenge of his own, that will be with him the rest of his life, she knows he suffers pain and loss as well, that he is in need of love as much as Gillian needs it and Kurland will take you on a roller coaster of a journey will ups and down that might make you shed a tear, but will brighten up your day, I found This Is All I Ask to be a enriching read that you will never regret taking the chance on

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    I usually reserve my one star reviews for utter, painful rubbish This book does actually have some redeeming features, so maybe I should nudge it up, but I can t see past the ridiculous portrayal of blindness suffered by Christopher, the male protagonist You may feel free to groan at the painful pun I assure you the pain won t come near that of trying to figure out on which planet the author ran across a blind person Hmmm.maybe if this were relabeled science fiction NahI quit reading 2 3 of the way through and I ll relay my put down moment in a minute , so I didn t get to the point where, I assume, the hero miraculously recovers his vision If he stays blind at the end, someone leave a comment, and I ll nudge it up to 2 stars, I swear But I ve just got this feelingChristopher is hiding his blindness from his people His squire knows, and one night This is set in the 1200 s, ftr I have to assume he is totally blind, although the author has no description whatsoever of his specific visual problem, probably assuming, as many do, that there is only one way to be blind So let s go with the idea that this guy is BLIND, nothing but darkness, not even the ability to detect light Um.and no one s noticed The thing is, you can memorize how many steps it takes to get around your keep, and the general location of furniture But furniture moves, especially when there are lots of servants bustling about and they don t know they re not supposed to keep it in one place Auditory cues are great, but they won t help you look a person in the eyes But wait, there s Because this blind person can fool than just the servantshe can fool the knights he still trains with He can apparently joust with a few shouted hints from his squire, sword fight, wrestle, and do hand to hand combat He s described as being better than most sighted people Unbelievable No, really Unbelievable Blind people can adapt in seemingly miraculous ways at times, but not being able to see is actually a big problem The description of this guy s blindness was so poor that at a couple of points in the book, I thought he had miraculously gotten his vision back It was amazing how many times he looked at things He had very little trouble finding things, even things that do not necessarily stay put like blankets to cover his wife At one point he tripped over a stool, hit his head against a chair, and then looked at Gillian I was sure the author was going to suggest that this bump on the head had restored his wight, but that s not at all what happened I m not sure why the author decided to make Christopher blind The condition had almost no impact on the story or the character I feel the need for a scene break here Sort of amoving right alongbecause alas, I am not done Gillian was an interesting character, and probably the reason I kept reading as far as I did, despite everything She was an abused little creature at the beginning, one who had to learn to trust I thought the initial description of her abuse and her mindset as a result of the abuse was very good I did find that her ultimate trust came too easily, but under other circumstances, I probably would have overlooked it This story got boring pretty quickly once Gillian started to get over her fear It didn t move quickly in the first place, and it slowed to a snail s pace afterward The two loved each other but wouldn t say the words My Quest for the Three Magic Words Gillian was embarrassingly innocent I got the impression she didn t know men have penises Christopher found this sweet I found it disturbing A little innocence can be fun, and it s a hallmark of historicals, but for me, this one went a little over the top My put down moment came on me gradually I kept hitting speed up on my audiobook player, wondering how on earth the thing wasn t just about over, because there wasn t much left to do I was contemplating hitting the fast forward button to skip a few chapters, thinking maybe they were going to do something with her father although really, they didn t need to , but then came the sex scene Well, actually, then came the curtain in my face to keep me from reading about the sex scene Argh Are you kidding me You ve spent how many chapters on tentative kisses, the fact of her innocence, and the fact of his desire, but when they actually have sex it s suddenly the next morning Um, that was an important moment that you missed right there You can t skip moments you ve been gradually leading up to for 2 3 of the book This was a critical moment for her This book claims to be all about trust, about Gillian learning to trust, and about Christopher learning to trust The author could have glossed over the physical details for all I cared, but skipping the emotions and the intimacy.wellat this point, I really should desist Oh, and in case I didn t make it clear, I don t recommend.

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    Re April 2015Good gracious, it seems I just can t leave this book alone I still love it, though the one scene with blanket annoys the pie out of me I stick with my original rating of 4.5 5 Stars, and hope I can find something else that strikes my fancy so I don t end up re reading the entire series Re Read July 2011.This is still a favorite of mine While I think Christopher is a bit too squishy for my tastes, as Ms Kurland has a tendency to make her terrifyingly powerful warriors have an incredibly soft underbelly As such Christopher and Colin both lol tend to tear up a bit than is to my preferences.I still love how Gillian overcomes the horrible physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, as well as how Christopher finally comes to terms with the fact that his disability does not make him less of a man in truth Gillian s actions during her fever still feel unrealistic that sick and she s going to hold an entire and rather lucid conversation and not remember it I could go with some incoherent babbling, but nowhere near the extent of conversation she holds with blanket during her recovery Plus, I m not certain how one can be burning up with fever but also be so cold that someone has to get into bed with you to warm you up before you freeze to death shrugs A few unrealistic bits aside, this is still a favorite of mine, and highly recommended for fans of abused heroines in their historicals 4.5 5 Stars

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    I ve got to admit, I liked this one the best so far out of all that I ve read in the series Christopher was absolutely swoony if I could pluck him from the pages and have him for myself, I d gladly do it I loved how Gillian blossomed and became courageous Her transformation was great.

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    When her abusive father sells her off to a man she s heard has horns and practices the Dark Arts, our heroine is understandably scared out of her wits but is also a bit relieved to escape her sire s tortures Instead of finding the Devil, she finds a wounded, proud and wonderful man, a man who needs her love to become whole again her soulmate Set in medieval times, THIS IS ALL I ASK is a beautiful and emotionally rewarding love story for those who enjoy a believable tale about the magical healing powers of love Kurland infuses her writing with a tender and often times humorous touch Though the story lacks an explicit love scene my only complaint it packs a powerful emotional punch and should not be missed for fans of well written medieval tales I m getting goosebumps just thinking about it again

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    Again, this has sexual situationsbut I loved the story It made me believe in true lovewow, that was sappy.

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    This is the best book I ve read in a while It was so nice to read a romance novel that focused on the emotional connection and healing power of love instead of sex There are no explicit sex scenes in this book, and it was awesome So many new books have lost sight of the love in the pursuit of the lust and this book was a refreshing divergence from the norm.Christopher, the Dragon of Black, and our hero, is blind Some reviewers thought the blindness was poorly handled and quit reading because they thought the hero would regain his sight He never does What makes this book awesome is that while our hero never physically sees again, he does learn how to appreciate and love inner beauty which cannot be seen by many that have perfect vision I loved how his disability was handled, it made for a gripping and emotionally charged tale.Gillian, our heroine, was terribly abused by her father For a large chunk of the book, she is skittish and fearful However, she slowly gains courage and she blossoms in the care of our hero The transformation was handled in a way that was truly believable and kept me turning pages.Both hero and heroine have physical and emotional scars from betrayal and abuse in the past and there are a few misunderstandings before they come to realize just how much they need each other The story is not fast paced, but instead focuses on the passage of time and how the characters change and grow closer Gillian s father is quite a villain in this story and I must warn readers that there is a scene where he humiliates the hero For those who do not like when the hero is not indestructible, this book isn t for you The hero has flaws and he struggles with them regularly How he dealt with his blindness showed immense strength of character that made him one of the most attractive and wonderful heroes ever I must admit that the supporting characters, Colin and Jason, stole the show Colin is Christopher s gruff and somewhat smelly brother in law from Chris first marriage Wow, I adored him He was so protective and endearing while trying to keep up his ferocious facade I cannot wait to read his story Jason is Chris eyes and his squire He is 16 and is one of the first to make Gillian feel comfortable He is a sweet addition and I m looking forward to reading his novella where he is all grown up, and lessons from his master help him find love.This book is wonderful I will be reading by Kurland 5 stars

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    Above average writing style, situation, and set up The heroine is a typical scaredy cat abused and virginal girl who transforms through love into a woman with confidence, blah blah The hero is blind which was interesting, but not very much explored except that he needed to have the furniture in his household be the same, etc but typical strong man who is not a bad guy inside, blah blah And, of course, the villain of the piece is the abusive father, who is pure cardboard Nothing original or unusual occurred, and I was bored out of my mind by the 50% page count.An extra star for equality between hero and heroine This one lacks the overt misogynist overtones of many genre romances.

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