Nail Biter

Nail BiterNice story with a sad ending. Jacobia Jake Tiptree Took The Dangerous Plunge From Wall Street Power Broker To Homeowner Now The Do It Yourself Enthusiast Is About To Discover That Her Own Dream House Is Built On A Foundation Of MurderBuying A Beachfront Fixer Upper To Lease Out To Eastport, Maine S, Burgeoning Tourist Crowd Seems Like A Good Idea To Jake Tiptree And Her Best Friend, Ellie White But Working Double Time As Landladies To A Coven Of Wannabe Witches Isn T What They Had In Mind And It Only Gets Worse When Jake Is Called Out One Stormy Night To Make A Repair And Stumbles On A Dead Body In The Utility ShedA Small Time Thief And Street Preacher With A Particularly Violent Message, The Deceased Was No Favorite Of Jake S Nor Of Anyone Else In Eastport But What S He Doing Shot To Death On Jake S Property Jake S Bewitching Tenants Including An Ex Cop, A Con Man, And A Mute Teenage Girl Claim To Have Been Too Busy Conjuring Spells To Have Heard Or Seen A Thing Then A Member Of The Coven Disappears Without A Trace And Jake Doesn T Think It S A Case Of Witchcraft But A Kidnappingor WorseScandal, Secrets, And A Mysterious Box Buried Deep In The Foundation Of Her Own Home Are Just The Beginning Of A Mystery That Threatens To Bring Jake S House And Life Crashing Down Now She And Ellie Are Racing To Find A Missing Girl Who May Be The Key To It Allor Lead Them To A Killer Holding The Final Nails To Their Coffins This wasn t my favorite of this series, but it did introduce a few new plot lines, all of which are quite interesting The Victor stuff, the hidden book stuff, Jake s past I m interested to see what happens in the next one.I should caveat that this book, like all of the books prior, suffers from the same things that make me a little crazy about Graves writing There are also plenty of parts which are just completely unbelievable, and parts which the author obviously did not do enough research on But still there s something about them that I like enough to keep coming back to and back to. This was a trashy mystery read as a relief from the last one It is from a series called Home Repair is Homicide Mysteries It had an ending I didn t expect because a connection wasn t revealed until the end of the book I liked the main character and wouldn t mind reading the other books in the series A funny thing about the character is that unattended home repairs bother her and she just has to fix them For example, she was trying to get evidence from a drug dealer in an old house She was quizzing them, but the leaky faucet drove her crazy She just fixed it while she interrogated them. I always enjoy the mix of goofy snooping done and deeper psychological insights This was the case also with Nail Biter, but what stood out most for me was how the author recognized that it was time to get rid of a character that had been very useful to set up the main character but that was becoming flat and stale. Liked this one better than some of the others, but there always seem to be too many extraneous characters in the story. Jacobia and Ellie have a fixer up house that they rented out to a coven of witches soon after the renter get there Eugene Dibble is found murdered over a possible drug deal.gone usual Jake and Ellie get involved though in this book, it has Jake putting herself in harm s way than the both of them there is some smaller plots involving her dad as he works on the basement foundation I will say the ending did take me by surprise as I did not consider the suspect also, without trying to spoil anything I was caught off guard with the whole Victor thing a cute series that is fun to read. This book was frustrating to read at a lot of points It contradicted itself in the same paragraph a few times, some of the story was just stupid and unrealistic too many characters with multiple things happening It made it seem like a big deal but you only just found out so you re not invested in the dramatic outcome Plus the premise of the story doesn t even continue any further with the cult It doesn t relate to ANYTHING else written in this book. I really liked this one although it started a bit slow Here is my spoiler I ve never seen falling down used and certainly not as often as this book does as a literary device Sarah Graves has someone fall down every time she needs something to happen The main character has to fall down 8 10 times in this book alone For suspense, she almost falls down Nevertheless, it s a terrific story and one of my favorite series Now I m looking forward to 10. Just wondering Did I miss it or the person that Sheriff Bob Arnold was helping who had kids was not mentioned again just wondering who and what the deal was that kept Arnold from acting on the Wanda kidnapping Also, as Victor is dying he mentions Edward Jenner What Does that person name come up in the next book Sorry to see that Victor has been written out I enjoyed his presence in the books.

Sarah Graves lives with her husband John, a musician and luthier, and their black Labrador Retriever in a house very much like the one Jacobia Tiptree is remodeling in Eastport, Maine When she s not writing Jake s adventures, Sarah works with her husband on the house and she plays the 5 string banjo Librarian s note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

❮EPUB❯ ✾ Nail Biter ✹ Author Sarah Graves –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Nail Biter
  • Sarah Graves
  • English
  • 13 October 2017
  • 9780553585797

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