Debatable Land

Debatable LandMy interest in this book was held by a thread Halfway through I decided it wasn t worth it. This book chronicles a yacht trip in the south Pacific, with crew and boat owners interacting, remembering their life on land and adjusting to life on deck It s vaguely enjoyable and builds up to a great crescendo towards the end but I found none of the characters particularly likeable or interesting so was a bit disengaged with it all The descriptions of one character s Edinburgh childhood were far appealing. This Is The Story Of Six Characters Sailing A Yacht From Tahiti To New Zealand Three Of Them Are Scottish, And As They Sail From Island To Island, Each Colonised In Its Different Way, The Small Northern Country That Has Formed Them Exerts Its Own Magnetic Pull I got about 15 pages in an decided her writing style was not to my taste Of course,now I can t find the example that was the last irritant it was some sort of clumsy metaphor which seemed to be a bit of a reach to seem clever Also, a line about a woman being tactful about being female Yeah, just the sort of character I want to read about In the jacket description, the men are captivated by her What a thrilling new literary idea a woman whose primary function is to be the object of male attention I found this novel tedious and only just managed to finish it by skip reading the last third There isn t much of a story, just 6 characters on a boat journey from Tahiti to New Zealand Along the way we find out about each of them and their past lives, but there was little of interest to me. There two things make my mind wander while I m reading boredom and inspiration On nearly every page of this gorgeous novel there was something that got me to thinking about my own memories, my own writing, my own life, and I d go off on a wander until I happily returned One of the cover quotes compared McWilliam to Woolf, and I think that s pretty accurate her writing is that multifaceted and intelligent.Dense delicious, this is a book to savour. Pacific OceanI really didn t get into this book Some parts caught my interest but quite often my mind wandered whilst reading it. oh man this book sets a new record for least intriguing or possibly entirely uninteresting start to a novel it s going on the Paused shelf for now. sticky, rollicking seafaring scenes mixed with fascinating edinburgh characters she keeps coming back to, back on land tip toes along plot wise, but each delicate step along the way is worth it it seems to peel open a freakishly real yet breathtakingly magical universe one of those books i couldn t read without a pencil the prayer bladders of the people of the Kingdom of Tonga were weak the colours were true to the tabby, pewter, lilac and soot of the slate and smoke of the city the galley was like a crossword if you could cook and carry without spilling and clean up a meal you had completed the puzzle a story about self exile, full of tiny beauties. This might actually be the worst book that I have ever read in my life I found the writing, plot, characters, and views expressed universally abhorrent, and cannot wait to hear what on earth my professor sees in it that compelled them to compel me to read it Besides being incredibly sexist and racist, almost nothing that happened seemed to impact either the characters things happened to or the plot, and frequently certain things came up so infrequently and with so little consequence that I forgot who or what they were I would wish this book only on my worst enemy Please spare yourself the agony.

Candia McWilliam was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1955 and educated at Girton College, Cambridge She won a Vogue writing competition in 1971 and worked for the magazine between 1976 and 1979.Her first novel, the macabre A Case of Knives 1988 , was joint winner of the Betty Trask Prize It was followed by A Little Stranger, a disturbing tale of domestic life, in 1989 Both books won Scottish Ar

[Reading] ➷ Debatable Land Author Candia McWilliam –
  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Debatable Land
  • Candia McWilliam
  • English
  • 19 July 2018
  • 9780330336628

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