Sexual Homicide

Sexual Homicide This whole thing reads like textbook Robert Ressler is my idol, he is a pioneer in behavioral analysis and criminal profiling and a very intelligent, fascinating man, great writer as well The book is so interesting and educational I have used this as a reference for many cases I worked and to educate others Ressler wrote the book on serial killers and understanding patterns This book is a must in your library if you are a cop or want to be a cop, or perhaps just want to understand what is really going on at crime scenes and not watch police procedural cop shows that are no where near reality I Highly recommend all of Resslers works My morbid infatuation with true crime and criminology has always been driven by a few key questions who, how, and why I have a few stand outs intriguing individuals about whom I devour everything that I can find I do not know what I am looking for, but I will know it when I see it This book went a long way to sate my curiosity.My first pleasant surprise was to find that the work is a novel length research article perhaps my favorite nonfiction format My first disappointment was to find that the study used only thirty eight participants I was further disappointed that, after scouring the web on multiple occasions, I could find no external evaluations of the study However, the authors are thorough in detailing their methods and clearly defining their terminology, so I was confident in the merits of the book Boo hoo it is what it is.The work illustrates the development up to adulthood of sexually motivated serial murderers, then proceeds to explain how these factors correlate to their crimes, including preceding events and post disposal behaviors The authors increase the book s accessibility with their inclusion of flow charts that convey cycles of behavior and life events that escalate, justify, and reinforce the perpetrator s belief that their acts are admissible The book deals with common misperceptions and biases about assailants personalities, mental health, and motives in a way that I found progressive for a book published in 1988 The authors clarify in the above paragraph how these individuals are made, and it is not via mental illness They explicitly state that childhood sexual abuse is not a causative factor They include a chapter in which they analyze their data to provide women with the safest methods of response to such an attack, taking into account different paths to which the altercation could lead This chapter lays out the authors intent to provide self defense strategies to women, while establishing that their goal is not to blame or burden victims.In summation Seek this work out if you want to know who, why, and how if you do not require a book to be sensational from cover to cover and if you are not satisfied by the answers that true crime books provide. Amazing Book, Sexual Homicide By Robert K Ressler This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sexual Homicide , Essay By Robert K Ressler Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You A compilation of multi authored journal articles from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and other sources, discussing various facets of sexual homicide and tracking the statistical results of a thirty six person offender interview study The book is intended for law enforcement officers and legal professionals, and the topics range from offender characteristics to crime classifications to post offense behavior to recommended interview techniques, the role of the sketch artist in an investigation, and possible outcomes for secondary victims family and friends.And can I just say that of course it would be yesterday that I d run into an old friend I spent a lot of time flirting with but haven t seen in a while, who knows me well enough to recognize my Bookport and ask, all engaged personal interest, what are you reading Anyway A very general sort of book, with a lot of good information but not a terrible amount of depth Douglas is the headliner, but the ego is notably absent Two articles stood out the first, written in 1985, adorably trumpets the wonder of modern technology there s a computer at Quantico and a computer in DC, and they can send information back and forth between them Aww The other is an article from The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, which draws on the offender interviews and other data to try and outline the optimal response to sexual assault It s a deeply confused piece which seems as if it wants to be directed to victims but isn t, and offers up such useful advice for moments of extreme terror for your life as, If he responds by immediately ceasing his aggressive violent behavior and is willing to engage the victim in conversation, he is also likely to be an exploitative rapist and the victim should use verbal strategies If the attacker continues to escalate aggression violence, the victim should attempt to begin verbal dissuasive techniques It s not like it s a bad idea, delineating the occasions when resisting is a good strategy, and when it will only increase risk In reality, these are determinations women do make on their own, sometimes with startling accuracy But the presentation is hilariously inept.A good book, but not terribly revealing Starting point, not the meat of research. I bought this for research, because I write about serial killers I don t write about sexual killers, so I didn t know much about what makes them tick This book lays out motives, psychological behavior, etc of a series of rapists who murdered their victims All of the killers were in prison and agreed to participate in the study.The book is well written and well researched It is dated, however, because it was printed in 1992 Thus, the crime scene investigation techniques, reliance on DNA analysis and other scientific advances aren t current That said, the psychological studies are valid and most revealing.If you aren t a writer or a researcher hooked on serial killers, this book isn t for you If you do love these deviants, this books belongs on your shelf after you ve read it. A seminal work for sure Dry, but fascinating Includes chapters on victimology and how to protect yourself against rape. It was good but of a textbook than a sit down and read it type of book, I also found I knew a lot of the information already from reading a lot of other true crime Informative Even though this book is over 20 years old it is very accurate and informative I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in true crime or who works in the field.

Robert Kenneth Ressler was an FBI agent and author He played a significant role in the psychological profiling of violent offenders in the 1970s and is often credited with coining the term serial killer.

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