ES: Eternal Sabbath, #2

ES: Eternal Sabbath, #2Actual rating 3.5Yay I m happy the second volume of ES was just as interesting and intriguing as the first I do really like this story line However I wonder why Mine is referred to as beautiful or easy on the eyes when really she isn t I also think it s funny that Soryo san likes to draw her in sexy outfits or in what is typically considered sexy poses for the covers or chapter title pages, but it s really not how she is at all I know that s common for those sort of cover shots to do the sexy things they don t normally do but I find it s usually done with a mirroring of the characters personality It s almost like there are two different Mine s the main character who is sort of the do gooder and then the sexy, naughty bad Mine in the cover and title pages Whatever, it s the manga ka s choice, I just don t like the mixed matched ness of it These volumes are a bit thicker than most manga volumes I read, but I find I m flying through them just as quickly What I m finding with this series, particularly with this volume, is that it really is very story oriented Most manga seems to be about the art and the story is sort of secondary This manga has the opposite feel It almost feels like I m watching a TV show The story is what is most important and the art seems to be secondary though necessary It feels necessary to tell the story but it isn t the main focus of the manga if that makes any sense I actually really like that Perhaps that s why it s so easy to get into the story I can t wait to start volume 3 Mine akhirnya berhasil meyakinkan Shuro untuk membantu Sakaki menghabisi Izaku Isaac yang semakin menggila Jika dulu Izaku ingin balas dendam kepada para peneliti yang berniat mengorbankannya demi ilmu pengetahuan dan ambisi manusia untuk hidup abadi, kini ia menikmati kekuatan telekinesis yang dimilikinya Dan membunuh bukan lagi menjadi jalannya membalas dendam, tapi sebagai sebuah cara bagi Izaku untuk bersenang senang bak seorang master yang mengendalikan boneka lewat tali.Keinginan Izaku itulah yang kemudian mendorong Shuro membantu Sakaki Masalahnya kini Izaku mengenali wajah Mine dan Sakaki Ia juga tertarik untuk mengenal keduanya lebih jauh Artwork dan perkembangan cerita Soryo sensei masih belum mengecewakan Meski pace cerita menjadi lebih lambat, tapi Soryo sensei mengimbanginya dengan dinamika interaksi setiap tokoh sekaligus perkembangan karakter masing masing tokoh Jadi saya nggak terlalu keberatan. ES Eternal Sabbath Volume 2 is another interesting story from Fuyumi Soryo it is definitely violent than the first book This time a new character is introduced Isaac is a young, twisted monster that was created by scientists To tell the truth, he is just a boy on the outside, but in the inside lurks a truly heinous monster Little did the scientists know what they were creating Ryousuke is his usual cool and unemotional self and Mine is determined to find and stop Isaac with the help of the last scientist This story fills in a lot of the holes and answers a lot of questions about Ryousuke The artwork is very well done and I find that the eyes of the characters seem to creep me out a little, especially the eyes of Isaac and Ryousuke They are kinda scary The storyline is violent and keeps the reader wondering what is going to happen Will they be able to stop Isaac Man, I sure hope so I found that ES Eternal Sabbath Volume 2 was a great addition to the first book and wonder what the future holds for Mine and Ryousuke Overall, I quite enjoyed the book and look forward to seeing what happens in ES Eternal Sabbath Volume 3.I rated this book an 8 out of 10. Soryo s illustration style has always amazed me It shines no matter her subject matter, from teen melodrama in Mars to the horror sci fi of Eternal Sabbath I think it s in the details There s a meticulous, almost mechanical precision to her depictions of buildings, guns, clothing But then there s a strong sense of humanity There s a moment I love in this book, when the main character is waiting for two of the others to return There s been a tense stand off with the police and she s not sure if her friends are going to return She hears a knock on the door and throws it open And there they are, unharmed, pants rolled up, shoes in their hands I can t even describe the looks on their faces It s a mixture of chagrin and annoyance, but it s absolutely perfect.Soryo knows when to insert a bit of levity into an intense plot The characters are up against a being with almost limitless power and no moral conscience They all, in different ways, are responsible for this monstrosity, who walks around with the face of a child And it gets intense in the next few books, as the personal stakes are raised, which becomes just as important as the larger fate of humanity. I think I like this comic so much because it actually manages to creep me out, even if on other occasions I may be laughing hysterically It s quite restrained feeling, and I think that just heightens things. Quick thoughts Call this 4.5 stars rounded up Fantastic follow up on the potential of the first volume Not at all where I was I expecting the story to go, which is just fine with me when things are done this well Looking forward to.2 11 14 More intrigue and excitement. DANGEROUS THOUGHTSMine Kujyou Is A Brilliant And Beautiful Scientist Who Has Unlocked Some Of The Darkest Secrets Of The Human Mind But She S About To Discover The Hard Way What The Mind Is Really Capable Of Mine Joins Forces With Sakaki To Defeat Isaac, A Genetically Engineered Superbeing With Terrifying Mental Powers Though Isaac Is Still A Child, He Is Powerful And Cruel Enough To Destroy Anyone Who Gets In His Way For Extra Help, Mine Turns To Shuro, Who Shares Isaac S Strange Powers But Not His Hatred For Humanity Yet Shuro Is Far From Compassionate, And Mine Can T Fathom His Indifference She S Never Encountered A Mind Quite Like Shuro S, But She Ll Have To Learn To Understand Him Fast Isaac Has Killed Again, And It Won T Be The Last TimeIncludes In Depth Translation Notes And A Preview Of The Next Volume Fast paced and awesome

S ry Fuyumi , born January 6, 1959 is a Japanese manga artist from Beppu, Oita, Japan She is a graduate of the Oita prefectural Geijutsu Midorigaoka High School.She was born into the home of a master of the Kanze school of Noh In her childhood she liked to draw pictures of horses and things but had no special interest in manga While enrolled in fashion college, she happened across Shogakukan s Rookie of the Year Contest and applied to raise money for the S en fashion contest There she received an honorable mention, and debuted with Sunspot Visitor Hidamari no h monsha published in the April 1982 edition of Bessatsu Sh jo Comic now Bestucomi.Her works translated into English include Mars and Eternal Sabbath In 1988, she was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for sh jo manga for Boyfriend 1 Her current manga series is Cesare which centers around the infamous Borgia family of the Italian Renaissance and Cesare Borgia himself.Source wikipedia

[PDF] ✪ ES: Eternal Sabbath, #2 By Fuyumi Soryo –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • ES: Eternal Sabbath, #2
  • Fuyumi Soryo
  • English
  • 20 October 2018
  • 9780345491893

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