A Bend in the Road

A Bend in the RoadReviewed on Ashes Books Bobs.My friend, Megan and I decided to do a Nicholas Sparks reading marathon this month and as I was checking my Goodreads to see which of his books I d yet to read, A Bend in the Road showed up I decided to start there only to quickly discover I had read the book before, long before I started tracking my reading with Goodreads.Nicholas Sparks was the author to introduce me to the romance genre I used to read his new books religiously when they came out because he was the only one I knew who could create love stories to give me all the mushy gushy feels I had grown to love The North Carolina settings always seemed cozy and welcoming, the characters were loveable, and there was just enough drama to keep it interesting.Rereading this book made me realize how much I ve grown as a reader since my Nicholas Sparks superfan days While his books feature all of the things I mentioned above, all things I still love, many of his books also feature lengthy descriptions of absolutely mundane daily details I don t have the patience to read about any As a younger reader, these details didn t bother me, likely due to the fact that I wasn t living a mundane adult life myself yet These things were new and novel and added to the romanticism Unfortunately, A Bend in the Road featured an abundance of mundane and I found myself skimming until I d find a bit of action taking place again.Nonetheless, I m glad I decided to start with A Bend in the Road, if only for the sake of nostalgia In some ways, it was sad to see how much my reading tastes have changed but in other ways, I m glad to see the growth I ve experienced in life I m not stagnant and that s a good thing. M s bien un tres y medio tirando a cuatro A veces, sencillamente, lees lo que tu alma necesita en ese momento Es una comuni n nica, una lazo invisible que anhela como un suave b lsamo esas palabras escritas, que tus ojos recorren No voy a decir que esta sea una gran novela, ni que se me ha encogido el coraz n, no, pero, como he dicho al principio, una a veces solo necesita una suave ola de calor. Librarian S Note This Is A Previously Published Edition Of Kindle ASIN BQINB Miles Ryan S Life Seemed To End The Day His Wife Was Killed In A Hit And Run Accident Two Years Ago Missy Had Been His First Love, And Miles Fervently Believes She Will Be His Last As A Deputy In The North Carolina Town Of New Bern, Miles Ryan Not Only Grieves For Missy, But Also Longs To Bring The Unknown Driver To Justice Then Miles Meets Sarah Andrews The Second Grade Teacher Of His Son, Jonah, Sarah Had Left Balti After A Difficult Divorce To Start Over In The Gentler Surroundings Of New Bern Perhaps It S Her Own Emotional Wounds That Make Her Sensitive To The Hurt She First Sees In Jonah S Eyes, And Then His Father STentatively, Sarah And Miles Reach Out To Each Other Soon They Are Both Laughing For The First Time In Years And Falling In Love Neither Will Be Able To Guess How Closely Linked They Are To A Shocking Secret One That Will Force Them To Question Everything They Ever Believed In And Make A Heartbreaking Choice That Will Change Their Lives ForeverIn A Bend In The Road, Nicholas Sparks Writes With A Luminous Intensity About Life S Bitter Turns And Incomparable Sweetness His Affirming Message Carries A Powerful Lesson About The Imperfections Of Being Human, The Mistakes We All Make, And The Joy That Comes When We Give Ourselves To Love Surely the Danielle Steele set must rejoice whenever Sparks churns out a new book While this was not the worst Sparks book I ve ever read there, I ve admitted it I ve read than one , that is a pretty low bar I cannot even believe I read this Not only do I not remember why I picked this book up, I cannot remember the ending Suggestion skip this book and save a few hours of your life put it to good use gardening, playing with your children, or better yet, choosing a good author who doesn t insult your sensibilities with his writing. Opening LineOn the morning of August 29, 1988, a little than two years after his wife had passed away, Miles Ryan stood on the back porch of his house, smoking a cigarette, watching as the rising sun slowly changed the morning sky from dusky grey to orange Nicholas Sparks is like comfort food, I always know going in the kind of emotional love story I m going to get and I can count on being sucked into the lives, loves and heartache of his small town characters They re written realistically, I mean I feel like I know them, flaws and all and I usually want to move to whatever town it is he s describing Sure sometimes the stories are predictable and I find that the couple de jour spouts the I love you s too soon for my liking or realism s sake but still his stories are always a pleasure to read, which is what keeps me coming back for.A BEND IN THE ROAD was a surprise in that it keeps a sense of mystery going throughout, often leaving the main couples love story and allowing us into the mind of the anonymous bad guy Slowly unravelling their story until the shocking big reveal at the end I honestly didn t know how Sparks was going to wrap things up here, his couples doesn t always end up together and that too added to the mystery.Sheriff s deputy Miles Ryan is still struggling to come to terms with the death of his beloved wife in a hit and run accident nearly two years ago High school sweethearts, theirs was a love destined to last and Miles can t seem to let go of the grief or the fact that as an officer of the law he s been unable to find the person responsible If it weren t for their young son Jonah it s unlikely that Miles would find the strength to get through the day Which brings into play Jonah s second grade teacher Sarah Andrews When Jonah begins having trouble keeping up in school Sarah offers to tutor him and a tentative relationship begins to form Sarah is running away from a bad divorce is there a good one and has a few skeletons in her closet as well Our couple fall in love pretty fast from one page to the next and are just beginning to see a real future together when Miles past comes back, tearing everything apart Unwilling to let go of his dead wife and obsessed with finding her killer and ultimately closure I can honestly say that I was surprised by events I didn t see coming As I hinted at earlier I really enjoyed getting inside the head of the hit and run driver and slowly discovering who it was, becoming very sympathetic towards their situation However I could have done without spending so much time running around with county sheriff Charlie and subsequently the middle parts of this story lagged Still a recommended read Cheers Wish I had a dollar for each time a character ran their hands through their hair. Some stories don t have happy endings and some do This one of course can t really have a happy ending because a wife and mother have died But, this book tells the story of a man s journey through grief, and anyone who has been through the loss of a loved one knows that the pain never ends Nicholas Sparks did a wonderful job of reminding us of that, it was not a week love story, someone dies, someone else comes along and they live happily ever after Instead it spoke clearly of the struggle and inner turmoil of a man wanting to get on with his life but never really being able to let go He had the flashbacks and constant memories that we all have when going through grief This aspect of the book was excellent and could not be faulted.Whilst I loved the character of Sarah I struggled to make that emotional connection to Miles For me I found him to be a little bit of a typical macho kind of guy and that at times annoyed me I will say however that it is possible that I had this issue because I listened to this book on audio and sometimes the droning of characters can get on your nerves This is however the reason I gave the book a rating of 3 although, it would be 3 1 2 if it where possible and not higher, I just didn t fall in love with the main character the way that I wanted to. De todas las novelas de Sparks, sin duda, este es el que menos me ha gustado En los ltimos cap tulos aparece un tercero en discordia y el ep logo se basa en l Como poco, sorprendente Sin duda, Sparks sabe escribir y desenredar lo que enreda con maestr a, pero eso no quita que final sorprenda En fin, deseando leer la pr xima. Great read a romantic storyline with a twist also heartwarming and endearing paperback This is an awesome book It has a little bit of romance and a little mystery It will embed images in your mind that will be hard to escape Love and forgiveness will have a new meaning in your life Yes, it does have a little bit of everything A husband s love, a father s love, a cop in action, romance, mystery FORGIVENESS I won t tell you what it is about, because I think you should read it REALLY Go get it and read it I never thought a man could write LOVE so well Love in its purest form.

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