Goblin's Bride

Goblin's BrideElgar Left His Home In The Grimfer Mountains To Start A New Life Away From Goblinkind In The Village Of Fairbrook He Finds A Steady Market For His Wares, A Fine Burrow In The Woods Nearby, And Something He Never Counted On A Bride After Meeting Her, He Wakes The Next Day With A Peculiar Fever That Worsens Day By Day He Suffers Taunting Dreams And Can T Stop Thinking Of Her She S Human He S A Goblin, But His Condition Can T Be Denied He S Found His Mate A Bond Between Them Can T Work, Or Can It

Anastasia Rabiyah writes erotic romance, paranormal erotic romance, and fantasy She often crosses genres in order to follow her muses into the darkness where they seek out destiny in all its forms She believes in fairies, demons, angels, magic, passion, chocolate, supportive friends, e books, and writing critique groups Her deepest desire is to pursue her creative dreams and realize them Every

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Goblin's Bride
  • Anastasia Rabiyah
  • 01 March 2017

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    4.5 Magical Stars It was a true delight to read this story A sort of adult fairytale that I m sure everyone who loves romance and fantasy will love.The first book I ve read from this author and I was not disappointed The cover was pretty enough, but the blurb caught me instantly I bought it and left it behind in the mountain of books in my TBR list just sitting there waiting for me When I decided to read it, it turned out to be so much than I expected Elgar left his home in the Grimfer Mountains to start a new life away from goblinkind In the village of Fairbrook he finds a steady market for his wares, a fine burrow in the woods nearby, and something he never counted on a bride An odd encounter that brings him trouble than he s bargained for His life will change forever My blurb is much subtle than the one given And in my opinion, the original one gives out way than it should I myself recommend this book without reading it Guide yourself with the title and its genre.As to the storyWell, as I said before This was a gem in a sea full of seaweed and trash I was kind of angry at myself for not reading it immediately, but you know that if you re a devoted reader like me, your TBR list is so full of stuff that sometimes you drown in it But you want of course So you just lose yourself and keep adding books and books It s crazy It just makes life and choices even harder If you have a bad run, it s actually worse Scrolling eternally, reading reviews and just hoping maybe this one will win my heart Some days are just full of bad choices, exasperating sighs and picking up books you promised to read first that get in the way Lol But enough of me Goblin s Bride is a fantasy romance so charming an unique that you ll be turning pages with a smile At least I found myself drawn in Completely swoon by its writing and I could not stop even if responsibilities were knocking on my door or my cat was in the way.I have three cats by the way So imagine my suffering 1 The writing flowed nicely and the pace was exquisite There was never a dull moment or a scene that dragged on to the point of being painful On the contrary, it just keeps getting better.It starts out with a casual encounter between Elgar the goblin and a beautiful human bride, she s crying and wearing a wedding dress From the start, its funny, charming and intriguing A breath of fresh air 2 The characters were beautifully written I love Elgar Like really, really love this guy He s an odd sort of hero And being the MC of the romance, I found myself swoon despite his race As a geek, a DD player, a fantasy world devotee, I m very open to cross species relationships I m really into that Magic, other worlds, other races how they relate World building and fantasy lore So this was my kind of book Goblins, in particular, are not my in top fave love interests, as much as elves, orc, and others And there are all sorts of version of goblins out there And let s face it they re not pretty at all Well, except Bowie of course He s quite the catch in the goblin communityElgar is different though He s not pretty yet the author makes him sound handsome and witty He s tall as an average human by the description but lean and not strong at all His skin is green, his eyes are yellow and his hair is black Long pointy ears and sharp teeth His outfit and manners are not in any way gentlemanlike, but he is so charming and so sweet in his own way that you end up falling for the guy The author did her homework when it came to the goblin culture, the typical professions, the way they think and they re love for finding shiny things They create jewels, weapons or artifacts That s how Elgar survives Mining, smithing and selling his wares He also is a cunning hero, intelligent and a true trickster He s just so well portrayed as a goblin, as a commoner gone hero, that its impossible not to think about having an Elgar in your life.I liked the heroine too Elizabeth is odd, sweet and totally insane In a good way She s not a badass, but don t expect her to be weak either She s just different A black sheep in her society, who is trying to escape from a fate determined by her father The whole village thinks she s crazy and once you discover why you just want to hug her She s just so honest and expressive with her feelings it makes her one of my favorite heroines She knows just what she wants and isn t afraid of being different Will stop cause I don t want to spoil3 The story starts funny The twist and turns make it even better And the plot turns out to be than you expected to be You thought it would a little plain, a little simple But then Something happens that makes the plot intricate than I thought it would be And I was mind blown 4 There is a romance of course It s a slow burn and it aced in every requirement Cause I m picky It s just amazing how it moves from a wierd friendship to something And it takes its time to make it conceivable and relatable.5 What kept it from being a full five star was the secondary cliche characters and in my personal opinion, a rushed ending 6 Despite that tiny detail This book teaches a lot about society itself, it can be related so easily to our own It s not about possession or obsessive love It s about stepping outside your comfort zone and helping another Accepting that you re different from others and owning it Being different sometimes can be an advantage that most disregard And no matter what you are or where you re from, make the choices you want to make and not what others expect of you. So yes I totally recommend this read Do you want a fresh romance A unique couple A hero who had no intentions of being than a simpleton who sells his wares A heroine who doesn t make you cringe This lady s and gents is your choice And it deserves reviews and people learning of its existence That s my point of view on it anyway Hope you pick it up and make your own judgment Probably will do a re read anyway giggle Farewell May your future reads be fab

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    It was a good read I didn t love it but I also have nothing bad to say about it except maybe that the smut was not very good I give it 3.5 stars just because I didn t love it but the story got better the you read it.

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