Midnight for Charlie Bone

Midnight for Charlie BoneMust admit that nostalgia is a major factor in this rating, but I really do think this is a great series Comparing it to Harry Potter doesn t make sense to me I enjoy the magic of that world and I enjoy superhero stories, but I also find this story refreshing in the sense that the magic is subtle The endowed children make up a small percentage of Bloor s academy, the gifts they have are unique, and often it s alluded to and not just part of action sequences, which sets up future books in this series pretty well I only wish I enjoyed the audiobook as much as the paperback The narration is great but the character voices are a little bizarre Grandma Bone sounds like a perpetually angry pantomime villain and 17 year old Manfred sounds like a 43 year old chain smoker. Now first let me get this out of the way A lot of people think Charlie Bone is a downright rip off of Harry Potter I m here to tell you that No, it is not In fact it is very different YES it does have a character who finds out he has a magical ability, and YES he gets sent to a school academy where other children have these magical powers although the majority of the children at the school don t have powers, and the powers don t involve wands and brooms That s about all that is similar to Harry Potter in this series, and I find it sad how people won t give this series a try because of that A magical school shouldn t be left only for Harry Potter, I believe it can be used in many different ways so that the idea never feels the same And this is coming from a Harry Potter fan Anyway on with the review shall we Charlie Bone is a story about a young boy who discovers he is endowed , meaning, has a magical power, and can hear people in photographs He is then forced by his grandma to go to Bloors Academy, a school for endowed children, as well as children who are just very smart The children at the academy are split into three groups with their own color, judging by their endowed power or prodigy blue for the musical, purple for the drama group, and green for the art group All the children must wear a cape with the color of their group Charlie Bone is set into the music group, although his power doesn t have to do with music but he has no other talent, so screw it, he s put in the music group This academy does not seem similar to Hogwarts at all to me, as all the classes are basically normal such as English, math, music etc The academy is run by the evil Bloor s family, and it s obvious they are keeping something secret from everyone And of course, it is Charlie s job as well as his friends and a family member to reveal what the Bloor family is hiding That s the basic storyline, without getting into spoilers, so now let s talk about if this book is good or not It is obvious this book is for a young age, It even seems less dark and basic then Harry Potter, So I would say it is a great book to start younger kids on However, I believe this book can be enjoyed by any age, as I am 18 years old and I still thoroughly enjoyed my time reading Charlie Bone Although I do feel that I would have liked it A LOT if I was younger When I started reading this book I knew what to expect, and I was in a mood to read a easy and quick adventure fantasy novel This book gave me exactly what I wanted, a cute, fast read, that took me on an adventure I don t have all praise for this book, there is still a lot of things that could have been improved on Let s start with the characters The personalities for the characters were pretty basic and I found that I didn t really enjoy them that much and at times they seemed to lack emotion Besides Charlie s uncle Paton Uncle Paton is the best I was already sort of expecting basic character design though, because this is a book that s leaned towards a young audience, but I still think it could have been better The writing style was pretty good, although at times it switched character in the next paragraph and I feel it would have been better to make a pause in between switching characters by adding a line sub chapter type of thing I m not sure what it was about this book maybe because it was a very easy read but I found that I could picture every scene perfectly in my mind while I read, so I mean, that s good The overall plot was good, but at times it seemed to be lacking, and I wish there was fast paced adventure in between With its flaws I still thoroughly enjoyed Midnight For Charlie Bone, and I will be continuing the series I totally recommend Charlie Bone to any parent who would like to introduce their child to a new book, or just to anyone of any age who wants to read a quick, light hearted yet still somewhat dark story This book is not at all as good as Harry Potter, but it s still a great adventure Charlie Bone Ist Ein Ganz Normaler Junge Zumindest Glaubt Er Das, Bis Eines Tages Ein Foto Zu Ihm Spricht Grandma Bone Freut Sich Ihr Enkel Charlie Ist Im Besitz Einer Magischen Gabe Sie Schickt Ihn Auf Die Bloor Akademie, Eine Schule F R Sonderbegabte Kinder Hier Begegnet Charlie Seinen Neuen Freunden, Olivia Und Fidelio, Seinem Rgsten Widersacher, Dem Zwielichtigen Sohn Des Direktors, Und Einem Sehr Gro En Geheimnis Der beste re read, den ich seit der Edelsteintrilogie hatte Das Buch hat mich noch immer so verzaubert wie damals, mit 9 Allerdings hatte ich nahezu alle Szenen und die Welt noch sehr genau im Kopf Werde dieses Universum auf ewig im Herzen tragen 3 This is a really fun book It does have some similarities to Harry Potter with the magical aspects and it being set in, I believe, England However, there are non magical people in these books and the school is run by bad people, so it s not necessarily a good place to be My 9 year old daughter started reading this at school, so I thought I d read them too to see what they re about I read this first book in about 3 days, very fast read It s an enjoyable story, though I figured a few things out from the clues in the story I think those would be easier for an adult to pick out than a younger kid I think these books will be a good starter point and stepping stone before my daughter starts the Harry Potter books. Here s a review from my seven year old son as he s the one who read it I liked Midnight For Charlie Bone because it was exciting and there were loads of secrets At the end, it s nice when you find out what the secrets are I liked the characters because they are very different Olivia Vertigo was my favourite because she was weird I didn t like that it didn t tell you what was in the ruin, because I wanted to know. Well, I don t have the latest one, but I just finished books 1 5 Lots of similarities with Harry Potter, but this series is targeted toward readers who are a bit younger Charlie Bone is a young boy who discovers that he can hear pictures talking Once his aunts discover his talent, they send him to Bloor s Academy, a creepy private school where he will study with kids who are rich and or gifted in music, art, or drama and or endowed with magical talents Each book tends to focus on someone who has been held hostage by the evil members of the Bloor or Yewbeam families Charlie and the good endowed children rescue various victims from the bad endowed children.The Books Midnight for Charlie BoneCharlie Bone and the Time TwisterCharlie Bone and the Invisible BoyCharlie Bone and the Castle of MirrorsCharlie Bone and the Hidden KingCharlie Bone and the Beast There are some good moments Charlie is an interesting character and I absolutely love the flame cats There are some truly funny moments in the animal cafe On the whole, this is a better series for younger readers than Harry Potter not as scary Recommended for younger readers or readers who are looking for something like Harry Potter, but lighter. Charlie Bone has grown up knowing that his family is a little, okay a lot, different than most Little does he know that his family are descendents of the Red King and that he has passed down his powers to them Now Charlie Bone has discovered an unusual gift he can hear people in photographs talking His scheming aunts decide to send him to Bloor Academy, a school for genius s where he uses his gifts to discover the truth despite all the dangers that lie ahead.I really liked this book I think the lack of deadly violence was the part I liked the most I got very tired of having people die in the Harry Potter series In this series, they don t die they are found I also like the way each character has a different endowment This makes it interesting to see how their particular endowment works for and against the other characters. The trouble with Charlie Bone is he s much like Charlie Bucket than Harry Potter and let s be honest Jenny Nimmo is enthusiastically trying to channel some of Rowling s magic, so this is a bit of a problem As I ve said before, the heroes of these series tend to fall into two camps the Horatio Alger throwback orphan survivor with grit who eventually is rewarded for his selfless acts and the preternaturally mature and intelligent youngster who makes the adults around him look like bumbling morons Even though he is not an orphan, Charlie Bone falls unmistakably in the former category His father is gone His family is dysfuntional It s likely he s getting lunch money stolen from him at lunch on a fairly regular basis He discovers a magical predisposition and ends up getting packed off to a school for similarly gifted kids Sound familiar Unfortunately, Charlie never feels as fully fleshed out as the boy he was undoubtedly modeled after The characters feel gimmicky and not particularly relatable Charlie s primary magical talent is somewhat interesting, but he doesn t get to use it to much purpose in the course of the book Of the many Harry Potter wannabes out there, there are some that are at least entertaining if not particularly original This series unfortunately, just feels like a watered down replica. My eight year old son is currently reading this and absolutely loving it, reading it every chance he gets and proclaiming how good it is after every session of reading My husband and I have been reading Harry Potter to him at night, and he is very enthusiastically following that story Charlie Bone books are very VERY similar to Harry Potter, but for a younger audience, and Midnight for Charlie Bone is the perfect book for him to read on his own and still get his troubled boy discovers his magical powers fix I think the suggested age on this book according to , anyway is 4th 6th grades My son talked me into reading this with him Now that I m done with it, I can see how he is fascinated by it The story is good not great, but good , the characters are semi interesting though a little hollow , and the struggles are just a bit too easily won Charlie himself is a fairly passive figure, even though it seems like a lot happens to him, but he decides than he does, if that makes any sense I would strongly recommend this as a pre cursor to Harry Potter, to get children used to reading longer books and the basic idea of both a child being mildly abused by the grown ups and a few of the kids around him, finding a heretofore unknown sort of magic both in the world, and within himself , and then emerging triumphant over the vast majority of the adversity but saving a bit of it for future volumes For adults, it s not a very fulfilling read, but don t get me wrong I m thrilled with it because it keeps my son reading

Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England and educated at boarding schools in Kent and Surrey from the age of six until the age of sixteen, when she ran away from school to become a drama student assistant stage manager with Theater South East She graduated and acted in repertory theater in various towns and cities Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Hastings, and Bexhill She left

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