Trial of Innocence

Trial of InnocenceWind View, The Great English Estate Where Abigail Fox S Stunning Older Sister Had Gone To Live With The Man Of Her Dreams And Died So Nightmarishly Far From Family And FriendsWind View, Where Abigail Had Come, A Stranger And Afraid, Drawn Over The Seas By A Desperate Letter No One Admitted Writing And By A Secret Desire Abigail Refused To Admit Even To HerselfWind View, Where Romance Beckoned In The Virile Attractiveness Of Its Masterwhere An Intricate Web Of Lies Cunningly Carpeted The Quicksands Of Unspeakable Horrorand Where Victorian Elegance And Ease Hid An Evil As Timeless As Hell Itself

Actress and singer appeared in the Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof, 1970 72, with various theatrical touring companies, and on television Married for many years to daytime television star Michael Zaslow, who died of ALS in 1998 The author of eight gothic or romantic suspense novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV Series character Hilda Hughes, a professor of literature at

➳ Trial of Innocence Read ➻ Author Susan Hufford –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Trial of Innocence
  • Susan Hufford
  • 19 May 2019
  • 9780445041950

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    WTF did I just read At several points I was tempted to DNF solely from boredom, but I kept hoping it would improve Given my track record with Hufford s oeuvre, such lackluster regard is no surprise a tepid 3 stars is the high watermark for her books, yet I already had this on hand decided to give it a try Oops This time the pain is entirely my own doing P Abby, the heroine, is an obnoxious, judgmental twat, but my dismal rating isn t solely based on Abby or the blah prose Warning this is a children of the corn story, so I can t discuss the ending without spoilers If you care, STOP HERE Still want to know Okay then These four kids aged 6 9 conspire to poison a woman who s sweet on their father When that game succeeds, they also conspire to kill their governess because 1 she s in love with their father 2 she s squashing their ability to do whatever they like So they deliberately push her from a carriage over a cliff Splat End of governess Please take a moment to let that sink in THEY MURDER A WOMAN FOR NO REASON Then Nothing happens to them No consequences whatsoever They aren t even stashed in a posh Victorian clinic Instead their father decides to smother them with loooooove to save their souls, because apparently his era typical governess centric attitude combined with a deceased mom is what turns them homicidal And then Abby marries him returns to the brats because she ll also save them with loooooove by replacing their dead mother who was her sister End scene Are you kidding me D These kids MURDERED SOMEONE I know a parent s job is to forgivebut within reason A parent s other job is discipline enforcing a moral compass Even the most doting family can t let these little monsters get away with homicide, right That s not a light spanking followed by hugs cookies That s STFU take the consequences I was aghast As if that wasn t bad enough, the writing sucked there was very little action to propel these tepid characters Everyone seemed to wander in limbo Abby s lurve for EdmundEdwardwhatever his name wascame out of nowhere with no real foundation I felt nothing for this family, these kids, or their moral decay which was painfully slow to reveal, as the bulk of the book features endless conversations recycled ad nauseam Zero fucks were given beyond the WTF factor I m so glad to not have any Hufford gothics lurking on my shelf Goodbye good riddance.

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