Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Junior Novelization)

Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Junior Novelization)Most of us have seen the movies, but the books are just as enjoyable With cool art styles and images from the movie, this book is great Any Star Wars fan should at least own one of these It goes into further detail of the Empire s schemes which some might have not caught in the movies Not to mention the great climax with the lightsaber fights All in all packed in action we saw in the movies, recommended for all fans. Another amazing novelization of the movie, especially all the Vader s scenes We see his humanity showing and he becomes less of a monster, so the we believe Luke whenever he claims There s still good in him My top 3 favorite Vader moments in the book that gave me feels 1 I must obey my Master I must deliver Luke to him But if Luke can kill the Emperor, perhaps perhaps then I will be free.Vader saw the sun was beginning to rise.But struck me was when he said free that is the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker he was born into slavery, and when Qui Gon took him away to be trained as a Jedi, Anakin just became a slave to the Jedi, and then later a slave to the Emperor Whenever he refers to Palpatine as my Master it s just so ironic and sad But the author s decision to include that last line about the sun rising Hope symbolism was never made obvious.2 When Luke was getting electrocuted by Palpatine Beside the Emperor, Darth Vader continued to stand and watch He looked to the Emperor again, then back to Luke.And then, in a moment, something changed Perhaps he remembered something heard in his youth a long time ago an ancient prophecy of the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force Perhaps the vague outlines of someone named Shmi and a Jedi named Qui Gon struggled to the surface of his consciousness The most powerful, the most repressed thought of all could have emerged from the darkness Padme and her undying love for someone he once knew well And despite all the terrible, unspeakable things he d done in his life, he suddenly realized he could not stand by and allow the Emperor to kill their son And in that moment, he was no longer Darth Vader.He was Anakin Skywalker My heart was filled and I was cheering for him in that moment Of course we only get a quick glimpse of this revelation in the movie but it s difficult to read his face when he s wearing a mask literally but seeing that beautiful passage on the page made me cry 3 At the very end Then a third apparition materialized beside Obi Wan and Yoda a figure whom Luke instinctively knew was a younger Anakin Skywalker, from the days before his Jedi father s fall, his features unscarred and happy.A seemingly simple passage until I thought, when was the last time Anakin was truly happy The ending of this book, just like the movie, left me crying in a good way Now I cannot wait for The Rise of Skywalker and Ben Solo s redemption arc if it s anywhere near as powerful and touching as Anakin s redemption arc, Star Wars Episode IX is going to ruin me in the best way.And I believe in Ben Solo s redemption because if Anakin despite all the terrible, unspeakable things he d done in his life, he suddenly realized he could not stand by and allow the Emperor to kill their son Skywalker got to redeem himself, then there is definitely hope for Ben, too Anakin would want that, especially for his grandson.But yeah, at this point, with everything that has occurred in the last 6 episodes, I don t even understand all the hate on the sequels any So I m just going to keep enjoying what I love I love Star Wars and not just the original trilogy, but the prequels, and the sequels, too. I would recomend this to any one who liked the original movies the book had a good pace it wasn t to slow or fast many time in fights or even dialogue it was easy to read but entertaining I would not recommended reading it before reading 4 and 5 in the series 1, 2,3 were prequels to the trilogy through out the book Luke is learning about Vader and his pas pas life that leads him to turning him self in to Vader To find out what happens to Luke and Vader you will merchant to read the book. El tercer y ltimo libro adaptado de la trilog a original de Star Wars Aunque la primera me pareci la m s graciosa por las peculiares conversaciones entre C 3PO y R2D2, las otras dos fueron por igual entretenidas sta, sigui el mismo estilo de las anteriores y pudimos ver la ca da del poderoso Darth Vader para convertirse a los ltimos minutos de su existencia nuevamente en Anakin Skywalker. these novelisations are PERFECT for revisiting the star wars universe in a different format absolutely love them Out of the three original trilogy books, this one was best written I especially loved the added depth to the Han rescue scenes at the beginning. SPOILER ALERTReturn of the Jedi is a science fiction classic I ve seen all the movies the once, but finally got myself to read the series The books are about overcoming darkness and hate within yourself and the world around you If you know the story line inside and out feel free to skip this quick overview A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Jedi are warriors who have the ability to channel an energy source what they call the Force The Force is energy connecting them to everything around them The Jedi use their powers to keep the universe safe from evil Anakin Skywalker is a young Jedi knight He falls in love with a princess, and even though it is forbidden for Jedi to do so, he marries her Later Anakin becomes consumed with hatred and fear after his mother s murder An evil Sith Lord senses the darkness around him and turns him to the dark side of the force Anakin s Jedi Master tries to turn him back to the side of good, but it was too late Anakin was no longer himself he had become known as Darth Vader The Sith Lord s empire takes over Mean while Anakin s wife has twins She names them Leia and Luke right before she passes away Years later, Luke becomes a Jedi He learns that his father is Darth Vader With his newfound friends he must stop the Empire s rein of terror and confront his father If you ve seen the movie you ll want to read the book Ryder Windham stays close to the movie s script and gives new insight to the story I love Star Wars for its good morals, in depth characters, creativity, and Han Solo Han is definitely my favorite character I love how they show the fine line of good against evil The only thing I disliked was Luke s Character Bluntly I think he s a whiner Even later when he turned into a Jedi he still seemed unrealistic His father Anakin had been rebellious, brave, and mature even when he was a child Luke was wimpy, even though he grew up in a hostile environment and had experienced hard things he never really changed Heroes ought to be strong characters especially when the numbers are down At the ending, I felt a little empty I always wondered what happened after the movie ended I imagined them reconstructing order I hear there are other books about that maybe I should check them out I love how the characters are all so different and come from different backgrounds, and are all still tied together in interesting ways The friendship and the faith in one another are stupendous I did not like in the earlier books that Jedi are not allowed to have a family I believe family and love bind people together Though this fact did make the plot interesting,I always hated how Anakin was not able to be with his princess The heroism to stand up even though it was against all odds in this book inspires me Star Wars is a good idea anytime After I read this book I had the feeling that I could conquer Death Stars in my own life I give this book five stars It is an easy read and especially fun if you have seen the movie I would put this on your to read list , and may the Force be with you. To be honest, I m not sure what else to comment about the novel aside from the fact it was really well written Yes, it is It really is It s just like watching the film again but in written form And it does follow the film quite closely And I have looked for info about the earlier trilogy novelizations, and there were listed some parts in those novelization that were actually written differently compared to the film So if you re the kind of reader that prefer to read the film novelization that followed the trilogy really closely, then Wyndham s novelization is going to be good for you And Wyndham s really good at keeping the pacing and flow of the story Like you know, for movies they usually jump the pacing in between scenes in order to cut the total length of the film as well as move the story faster That s good on film, but not for novels Because of such blanks in between those scenes exist, Wyndham was able to fill in those blanks with his own narrative as well as adding background details which one would not be able to be shown on film without sounding like a documentary Regardless, that was the appeal of novels.I love how Wyndham manage to add these extra details to further enrich the story like the origins of Jabba s Palace before it was turned into a villain s lair, how Lando managed to sneak into Jabba s Palace as one of its guard Or the identity of the smuggler that Leia had disguised as, or about the various creatures inside the palace Or reading about what went on our favourite character s mind as the events play out It s really a different experience you can only feel by reading the book And while reading the novel, I can t help noticing some of the film s details that I normally didn t notice before It really adds to the film s enjoyment, by knowing of the details and inner working of the characters in which it d be hard to be shown on film But really, he did well in describing the happenings in the film in written form. The Emperor The Ewoks Jabba The Hutt The Climactic Lightsaber Battle An Amazing All New Novelization Tying Into The Massive DVD Release Of The Classic Star Wars MoviesThe Emperor The Ewoks Jabba The Hutt The Climactic Lightsaber Battle An Amazing All New Novelization Tying Into The Massive DVD Release Of The Classic Star Wars Movies The book StarWars, Return of the Jedi, takes place in the future where they have advanced technology like space ships and laser blasters After the incident on Cloud city, causing Han solo to get frozen in carbonite and Luke Skywalker having his hand sliced off by the evil Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker comes with new jedi powers to pull off his greatest plan on the Emperor.Can Luke Skywalker bring balance to the force while defeating Palpatine and perhaps turn his father to the good side Find out once you read it.The book is really dramatic and contains a lot of action In the book it says, Just once, let me look at you with my own eyes Darth Vader mentions this when he talks to talk to Luke Skywalker after the death star being destroyed It was a very sentimental part It shows the connection between why is good and what is bad in the story There are many other books like this book There are episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 left Try to read them before the others IT WILL MAKE MUCH MORE SENSE If you start off with the last book, it will just spoil all of the previous events that happened to the three protagonists So if you are looking for a book that has all action in all the series, StarWars can be the one you choose to read Take a look for yourself.

Ryder Windham is an American sci fi author who has written over sixty Star Wars books, including novels, comics, reference books, and so on He has also written junior novelizations for Indiana Jones movies Since 1993, he has been working on Star Wars projects either by himself or with other authors His reference book Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide had been on the New York Times Best Selle

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  • Star Wars, Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Junior Novelization)
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