Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful DisasterI wanted to enjoy this story as I like fiction about musicians, and enjoy gay romance and erotica But I just couldn t get into Ian and Corey as protagonists in this romance at all I didn t feel like I got to know either character well enough to care about their budding romantic relationship beyond the fact that they are young, attractive and apparently the hottest pop duo on the planet at the time, what else about them is revealed to the reader Not much of anything What are their backstories Where did they come from What inspires their music and singing Do they have any family, and what do they think of them touring the world at 20 and being handled only by bodyguards and a husband and wife management team None of these questions are answered and it left me feeling like they were just a pair of cyphers, as bland and generic as the kind of pop music I imagine they must sing.The plot also just felt like a tired slash fanfic cliche of two supposedly straight guys angsting over their love desire for each other that both are too scared to admit But they do admit it to each other fairly early on in the book The rest of the story involves them mostly sharing a same bed, cuddling and almost having sex but not doing so for different reasons First Ian doesn t believe Corey won t just use him and toss him aside like the groupies he constantly used to sleep with Then Corey won t have sex with Ian one night when Ian gets drunk It didn t sound like the kind of decisions most 20 year old guys are going to make since they re usually thinking with their ahem other head first, and brain second I think it would have been much believable if they d quickly done the deed and then had regrets doubts to resolve between each other after the fact.I pushed myself to finish the book simply because it was short and I wanted to give it a fair chance all the way to the end But I can t say I enjoyed it or would recommend it to others. The continuing story of Corey and Ian, first met in Render Corey is struggling with the emptiness of his life as a rock star a different city, a different girl until he finally realizes that what he has been searching and yearning for has been right there beside him all along Ian has been carrying a torch for Corey since they first met but watching Corey go through women like Kleenex has forced him to keep his feelings to himselfat least until Corey s epiphany But Ian doesn t trust Corey not to break his heart by tossing him aside as soon as he gets what he wants I liked the slow development of the new aspect to Corey and Ian s relationship I liked how they stumbled in their understanding of themselves and each other but ultimately found their way to each other I m glad there is a sequel Encore to continue this charming and sweet story. JM Snyder has a nasty habit of ending her books right when they re getting good.This was an excellent friends become lovers story It might even be a gay for you, but perceived sexuality just isn t an issue for either of the leads, so you don t really know, which was refreshing.This would have been 4.5 5 stars if it were longer and a little fleshed out, with better important secondary characters. 4.5 starsOne theme that I enjoy in romance is how two best friends fall in love Best if one of them knows it first, harbors that feeling, while the other is not aware of it It gives all the sort of angst and emotion that usually pulls me in In this story, Ian has loved Corey since the first time they get together as the pop star duet, 2ICE Twice but he knows that Corey doesn t see him that way So Ian loses himself in alcohol What he doesn t know is that Corey feels as lonely and invinsible, and that is why he loses himself in meaningless sex I really love the tension that builds into the end How the story switch from both Ian and Corey s point of view The emotion is very palpable, pouring on every words The pain that Ian feels watching Corey jumps into one girl to another and the hollowness Corey feels because he knows that neither of those girls can actually see the real him When Corey realizes that he wants Ian, that Ian is the only one who can understand him, it is a tender moment Everything nears the end just makes me sigh in content because it s really, really beautiful and romantic and I wish there is to their story but I choose to believe it s an HEA Twenty Year Old Corey Evans Is One Half Of ICE, The Biggest Duo On The Radio At The Moment Pronounced Twice, They Re Number One On The Billboard Charts This Week With Their Latest Single And Number One In Download Sales, With Two Albums That Have Already Gone Platinum, To Hear Their Manager Tell It And Currently On Their Second US Tour, Which Has Sold Out Stadiums Across The NationDespite This, There S An Emptiness Inside Him Which Corey Can T Seem To Fill, No Matter How Many Groupies He Takes To His Bed He Sees This Same Emptiness Mirrored In The Eyes Of His Band Mate, Ian Coltraine, Who Drowns His Evenings After Each Show With A Bottle Of Whiskey Ian S The One Corey Turns To When He Wakes Beside An Unknown Fan, Still Asleep In His Bed And Needs Help Evicting Her He S Corey Best Friend, The Only Person On The Tour He Can Confide In, Who He Really Trusts The One, Corey Finally Realizes, With Whom He Is Madly, Deeply, Terribly In Love And He Suspects Ian Might Feel The SameBut His Recent String Of One Night Stands Makes Ian Cautious About Corey S True Feelings He S Wanted Corey For So Long, And Has Watched Him Go Through Countless Fans In Search Of What Ian Doesn T Know And He Doesn T Yet Believe Corey When He Says Ian Might Be It Ian Hopes So, But Can T Bring Himself To Believe Corey S Fickle Desire Won T Be Gone In The MorningCan These Two Young Men Somehow Move Beyond Corey S Past And Ian S Pain To Embrace A Love They Both So Desperately Desire It s one of the best and sweet mm romance books I ve ever read It s worth every second SPOILERS At first I thought that their crisis moment will be because of a girl, but actually it was their uncertainly fighting whether the things beetween them were real There were so different emotions passion moments,sweet moments, lovely dovely moments,of course and fighting moments, but only because they care for each other As I said above this book was worth every second of your time They were so sweet together Would love to have had of this A sequel maybe Ian Coltraine in Beautiful Disaster by J.M Snyder is in love with his best friend, but he feels he has to hide it It s especially hard on Ian because he has to listen to his friend, Corey Evans, talk about his many conquests Ian knows that Corey is searching for something permanent, and even though he realizes that being with the girls means nothing to him, seeing his friend engage in such meaningless activity only adds to his frustration Ian wishes Corey could see that what he needs is right in front of him Ian wants to commit to Corey, to give him everything he needs, but the fear of not having his love returned, or even worse, losing him as a friend, leaves Ian suffering in silence.Being successful at any age is hard to wrap your head around at times, but dealing with the constant challenge of staying grounded in spite of it, at 20 years old is nearly impossible for Corey It s not that Corey is cold hearted about the women he beds, he s just not mature enough to realize the consequences He doesn t understand that such behavior depletes not adds to his well being He also doesn t see how his behavior affects Ian and why He knows Ian is angry at him and this breaks his heart, but for the life of him, Corey can t figure out why He s so close to Ian that he discounts Ian s feelings and his own He can t realize that he loves Ian in a way that they both feel and need to be whole Until he can feel that, they are both doomed to misery.Ian broke my heart He loves Corey so much, but is frustrated with his insensitivity Ian comes close to destroying himself to keep from alienating his friend Ian is definitely in touch with things than Corey He understands what Corey is doing yet has to stand by and watch him make mistakes over and over again without being able to point them out to Corey He goes on so long in pain and denial that when Corey begins to understand what s between them, Ian has trouble accepting it He s afraid Corey will treat him the way he s treated all of his other lovers and toss him away like used tissues As much as he loves Corey, he s not willing to destroy himself to have him in his arms.This book is a good example of what a disaster life can be without communicating effectively, both with yourself, as well as with others It shows the pitfalls of living in the surreal world of the rock music scene while trying to balance all the glitter and glitz in order to have a real life It s full of angst and a myriad of other emotions, but at least has a happy for now ending If you like love stories about rock musicians learning how to live and love, you might enjoy Beautiful Disaster.NOTE This book was provided by JMS Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews. Corey and Ian are the 2ICE a pop duo loved by the fans, in particular female fans Both very young, barely 20 years old, Corey and Ian react in different way to the sudden success Corey loses himself in meaningless sex every night with a different female partner, and Ian loses himself in the alcohol Both aren t finding in their escape way what they are searching.Ian is in love with Corey, and he can t bear to see the man brings a different woman every night in his bed Corey instead is searching to prove to the world that he is real, that he is not only an empty body on the scene he believes that, giving a piece of him every night to a different person, he will at the end affirm that he is real, that he is a man and not a song.But one night Corey realizes that he is tired to not knowing who is in bed with him, and when he turns around to find an help, Ian is there for him Corey suddenly understands that the only real thing in his life in this moment is his friendship with Ian, a friendship that could be love And since Corey associates love with sex, he now wants to move his relationship with Ian to the next level, to a sexual level But Ian isn t willing to be one body in Corey s bed, he wants to be the one and the only and he asks time to Corey.Both Corey than Ian are very tender, and it s right for them to be so, since they are really young, not teens but not yet men Ian asks time like a old fashioned virgin maid, in a way he believes that giving up to Corey, allowing him to have his body, he would be consider easy he wants to give to Corey his body along with his soul, he wants for Corey to really know him before allowing the man an entry to the altar of his body On the other hand Corey is not the rakish man that usually seduces the virgin Corey is as young as Ian, as in need of love as the other man Corey pouts and whines, and he always obtains what he wants but when Ian is not willing to let Corey in as soon as Corey asks, Corey didn t react with hurt, instead he becomes even sweet and tender not having immediately what he wants, makes Corey think and in a way, he becomes an adult even before Ian.This is a very nice book, I always like when the characters are so young Neither of them is a really dominant character, neither of the is a really fully grown man it s tender to think that they will grow together and that they will be happy, since the bad world outside can t touch them.http www dp 1602728909 4.5 J.M Snyder has a beautiful way with words, and weaving emotions into an amazing tapestry that just sticks in your mind for a long time after you read the last word.The gravitation between Ian and Corey is immediate and catching Corey leaves his bed in the middle of the night because one of his flings is still there the first time he s forgotten to throw her out and he finds himself curling into bed with Ian, who invites him there only after it becomes obvious that he refuses to return to his own room They don t just jump into sex It takes Corey a good 20 pages or to realize that Ian is what he wants Ian has known for a while that Corey is the one that he wants , and from there it s a push and pull, give and shove Ian pushes Corey away because he doesn t want to get hurt Then Corey pushes Ian away, then Ian, then Corey I ve never really understood the whole I m pushing you away for your own good theme and normally it kind of ticks me off The only reason I didn t mark this one down to a 3.5 star because of it because yes, predictably it did grate on my nerves is because Snyder did such a good job at getting the reader tied into their emotions it was easily understood overlooked But on the downside, because of the integration and creativity of most of the novel, the actual full on sex scene ends up being a bit anticlimactic in my opinion Although the scene in the shower kind of had me giggling it s that ridiculous, only could happen in real life type picture and I was captivated by the imagery of their hands pressed together, one on each side of the shower curtain

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