Public Scandal, Private Mistress (Harlequin Presents)

Public Scandal, Private Mistress (Harlequin Presents)Things Get Awkward For Veronica Bell When She Unexpectedly Meets Hotshot Billionaire Financier Lucien Ryder Again They Shared One Incredible Night Together In Paris, And Now He S Seduced Her Into Becoming His Mistress To Veronica, Lucien S A Mystery So Why Is He So Suspicious Of Who She Is Especially Now That A Public Scandal Threatens To Make Their Hot And Steamy Romance Front Page News A great quick read I enjoyed it My favorite scene was the first time Luc and Veronica met I can t remember the last time I read a book where the heroine is the one propositioning to the hero and in such a straight forward way It was kind of refreshing And Ms Napier was able to write that scene very well. After the hero and heroine had a one night stand in Paris, the heroine sneaked out of his room and went down to visit the family she was suppose to be helping, only to find her hero there and part of the family She was embarrassed at first but then the hero kept wanting to be with her, making love to her, sharing his life with her When drama took a hold of the situation the heroine got scared and decided to flee back to her home, not knowing that the hero loved her as much as the heroine loved him.If you want a book that has all sorts of drama, this is it It still isn t the typical kind of book I like but it was an interesting read. Veronica is in France for a working holiday, but takes 5 days in Paris before heading to the South of France While there, she has a passionate one night stand with a man, Luc The next time she sees him, he s suspicious of her, believing she s a reporter tracking down his take on the scandal he s involved in back home in London The next time after that, she s learning that he s a relative of the family she s working for and they re in close quarters for the next few weeks But then, he learns she s not a reporter, but while attempting to get her back in his bed and make her fall in love with him, he has to defend himself against the scandal and her judgement of him Kind of a long story, but I like how Susan Napier really gives her characters a bit depth I also like how her heroes, and Luc is no exception here, sort of secretly love their heroines without being ready to admit it Luc was quite smitten with Veronica and was only waiting for her feelings to deepen He comes across as harsh and almost mean at times, but never really crosses the asshole line, so that makes him all the better I really liked that there s a scene where Luc sort of loses his sexual control and almost embarasses himself I know I love my alpha males, but I also like tos ee some vulnerability in themsome evidence that they can be vulnerable to their heroine Veronica was also a likeable character, with some backbone and a willingness to stand up to Luc when he deserves it I was a bit curious to know how things worked out with Ashley and Ross and would have loved an epilogue. Did I say I love Napier s writing Love it A good story but I didnt feel any conection to the caracters, and i found them both a bit boring The same ting can be said about the sexscenes or rather the lack of them To sweet for my taste A one time book Not bad I enjoyed taking a break with it. Story opens with the NZ heroine tip toeing out of a Paris apartment after a one night stand with the hero During the Bastille day fireworks things got out of hand and she finally had her fling with a sexy Frenchman She is fleeing a broken engagement and had hoped to be touring France with her aspiring model sister Instead, she is going to Provence in her sister s place, to spend the rest of her holiday with a family from NZ, now living in England.Surprise, surprise The hero is not French, but a Kiwi and is the stepson of the family matriarch He too is staying with the extended family at the villa Hero is a millionaire who has been in the tabloids because of his first lover OW , who is now married to a stuffy English MP There are rumors that he is having an adulterous affair with her.A lot of the tension in the story comes from the H h keeping their ONS a secret from the family, the hero being jealous of any man talking to the heroine and the heroine being curious about the cagey hero and his connection to the OW Typical Susan Napier fun.It all blows up when view spoiler the OW shows up in tears, worried about being pregnant and the scandal around her MP husband Heroine doesn t stick around to find out the real story It was some movie producer s baby Heroine returns to NZ with a broken heart Hero shows up two months later, not happy the heroine didn t trust him They talk it out HEA hide spoiler

Perhaps being born on Valentine s Day was an omen that Susan Napier would become a romance writer This New Zealand author has written over 30 Mills Boon category romances since 1984 Napier and her husband Tony Potter met when they both worked at the Auckland Star newspaper After they married, she left the newspaper to work for a film company where she learned the art of dialogue After th

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Public Scandal, Private Mistress (Harlequin Presents)
  • Susan Napier
  • English
  • 19 September 2018
  • 9780373127771

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