The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 15th Edition

The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 15th Edition This Perennial Bestseller Has Been Revised To Include Online Delivery Of Books, Print On Demand, CD Publishing, And Email Promotion Twelve Chapters Provide Guidance On Everything From Writing To Publicity To Distribution, With One Chapter Devoted To Technology

Since 1969, Dan Poynter has written and published than 100 books including Writing Nonfiction, The Self Publishing Manual, and The Skydiver s Handbook.Dan Poynter s seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal, and his story has been told in U.S News World Report The media comes to Dan because he is the leading authority on book publishin

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 15th Edition By Dan Poynter ⚣ –
  • Paperback
  • 430 pages
  • The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 15th Edition
  • Dan Poynter
  • English
  • 21 June 2017
  • 9781568600734

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    Publishing is a tough game Little money, overwhelming competition, and no control For an author who wants to take back control of her own destiny, the Self Publishing Manual is the bible.I used Dan Poynter s 12th Edition as my guide in 2000 when I published Death by Zamboni , and it helped me to achieve a reasonable degree of success Cult success, perhaps, but success that gives me pride At the time, I even neglected to follow his recommendations for landing reviews a mistake I won t make with my second book , and yet I ve still sold over 1200 copies with about 50 left The publishing process paid for itself many times over, although obviously not enough to support my lavish lifestyle.Yes, the quality of your writing matters that simply goes without saying but if your world changing book sits in a drawer for your entire life, then the world will never have the privilege of being changed.This book is empowering Don t get me wrong, self publishing isn t easy, but it does take the power away from literary agents and publishing companies and puts it in authors hands As I ve mentioned in my blog, if you are published by an established company, and your book doesn t sell strongly off the bat, then it will likely disappear and never be available again The Self Publishing Manual helped me get my novel out into the world, and I can keep it in print for as long as I desire Until death do us part, dear book.Making people aware that your book exists is the biggest challenge, but, with Poynter s tips, a self publisher can promote a book as well as any small to mid sized press can And, depending on the audience for your book, possibly even better than a large publisher can Don t forget that authors published by established companies still have to do a tremendous amount of their own publicity Just look at all the authors here on Goodreads trying to accrue massive friend lists.Caveat As Poynter and most writers on self publishing note, a significant portion of their advice is relevant only to non fiction authors The audience for fiction is much diffuse and not as easy to pinpoint as readers who would be interested in a specific non fiction topic For example, Poynter is also an expert parachutist and has self published numerous books on parachuting As you can imagine, it s much easier to publicize books directly to avid parachutists than it is to find readers interested in, say, a family of circus freaks.However, even as a fiction author, if you don t set your sights too aggressively, then you won t be disappointed by the Self Publishing Manual Poynter provides a thorough step by step guide that includes establishing your publishing company, designing your book, printing, distribution, tracking expenses and profits, and the marketing of your book I put marketing in quotes, because it s not about advertising, it s about spreading the word primarily through reviews Publicity and awareness.At times, this book will feel like a guide to running your own business Which it is If you become a self publisher, you will have to be an author and a business person to do it well But the rewards can be great.If I have to level any criticism at the Self Publishing Manual, it s the whiff of pyramid scheme After all, it s a self published book about how to self publish books Kind of like how Amway tells you to sign up other people to sell Amway so you can get a percentage of everything they sell And Poynter takes his own advice to non fiction authors by listing numerous extra documents spin offs available on his website for a fee I will grant that it is helpful to have the most current contacts for reviewer s lists, printing press lists and so on And he offers specialized information beyond the scope of this book such as how to promote books in certain genres But it did leave a mildly bad taste in my mouth having to pay extra for detail On the other hand, this book is a solid 439 pages, and it provides almost everything you need to know to do it yourself Too much information can be overwhelming So I suppose it s up to the reader to decide if they want to invest for a particular report Overall, these misgivings are minor His advice works, and this is a great book DIY, baby.For on the pursuit of publishing, follow my trip in my Goodreads Blog of Doom.

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    I like the book very much, but really liked the movie much better Of course, the movie wouldn t be made without this novel, and there was some backstory that wasn t in the movie that I enjoyed But I thought the movie was interesting, tighter, and exciting It wasn t that I saw the movie before reading the book that pushed me to like the book better It s just that it was fun to have Grigg being an unassuming wealthy man, making it big in hi tech, setting up his home as a haunted house for Northanger Abbey, and putting donut grease in his car Prudie s almost affair with her high school hottie was intense in the movie, as well as her mother as a pothead, and her fractious marriage with Dean And I like Bernadette s character as the svelte, wiggy actress who played her The book was helpful in having the plots of each book handy, as well as all those interesting critiques through the ages that were listed in the back And, of course, anything about Jane Austen is okay by me.

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    Okay, I didn t read the whole book I read eight chapters of a total of eleven I skimmed the rest because I just wasn t as interested in the topics covered in those chapters The topics I read about was everything from the idea for a book to actually creating a book and up to promoting said book.There is so much detail in Dan Poynter s guide that I believe it is a must have resource for writers that want options to sending in query after query to established publishers who just don t see the value of their work.Although I will probably never self publish, I was fascinated by the process as well as reading Poynter s portrayal of how the publishing industry works It has really helped my understanding of the entire life cycle of a book As a fledgling copyeditor, I need that perspective so that I can communicate effectively with authors who live and breathe their manuscripts and books for much longer periods than I experience with those same works.All in all, I highly recommend this resource to writers who want to know about the options that they have in publishing.

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    This book is the best book I ve found on the ins and outs of self publishing, and it s in it s 19 or 20th edition, which says something Dan Poynter, who wrote it, stays on top of the industry and sends out a regular newsletter that comes to your inbox It s one of the most valuable newsletters I get That s one I always open.

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    This book is what most people call the bible of the self publishing industry It provides everything some material is outdated you need to get started in self publishing I have been recommending it for years to anyone remotely interested in self publishing a book Along with this book I would recommend Steve Scott s book 61 Ways to sell kindle books.

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    I read this book to learn about how to publish my own book I went to a seminar at Dans home in Santa Barbara and obtained some wonderful tools that proved to be helpful in publishing my book All Systems Go This book is one of the best in the business.

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    This became my bible as I began marketing and publishing Diaries of an Emotional Prostitue Anyone looking for a quick guide to learning the craft of publishing should read this book before seeking others.

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    This is the one book to have if you are interested in writing a book Dan is the publishing guru Whether you hope to self publish, go Print on Demand, or go with a traditional publisher, you need to read what Dan has to say The section on marketing is a must read for all authors.

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    This book is very informative and reader friendly It really gave me a good look at what I must do to self publish I would reccommend it to anyone hoping to self publish

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    This book is responsible for lunching my publishing career Dan is a veteran in the industry and so it vitally important that we have him as a reference Good book on the topic.

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