The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle

The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle Vanessa Never Expected That A Year After Her Sister Caroline S Violent Death, Richard, Duke Of Greyden Would Ask Her To Marry Him Her Dream Became A Nightmare When She Learned That Richard Had An Identical Twin Who Hated Him, A Mother Who Shunned Vanessa, And A Sister Who Might Be Certifiably Mad And Now Someone Was Trying To Kill Vanessa Gothic Romance By Nina Coombs Pykare Originally Published By Zebra Books

Nina Coombs,

☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle By Nina Coombs Pykare ✍ –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle
  • Nina Coombs Pykare
  • English
  • 01 June 2018
  • 9780821730461

10 thoughts on “The Lost Duchess of Greyden Castle

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    i gave this book three stars because it was the first gothic romance novel i read when i was fourteen i remember my mom gave it to me as a christmas gift i loved the book and i started reading of them, so i was charmed at the idea of re reading it the real rating i would give this book would probably be two stars the main character is kind of annoying, and if i have to read that she loves her husband one timei mean, i m not sure WHY, he was kind of an ass but okay the resolution of this story happens way too fast I love my daughter now suddenly and it s amazing to me that Vanessa buys all the times Roland just happens to mention oh my brother is evil and doesn t notice how coincidental it is when he does it or how IT S OBVIOUSLY HIM TRYING TO MAKE YOU THINK YOUR HUSBAND IS EVIL which she does and then feels bad about approximately sixteen times what i did like about this book was how the protagonist showed a lot of intelligence and agency in confronting a supernatural horror she wanted to find out what was really going on and despite the picture of the woman running away on the cover, Vanessa doesn t really do that I liked how she logically figured out the quicksand and, coincidentally, I like how she had a temper most of the other characters were very one dimensional and there were some things that didn t make sense why exactly did Rosamund need someone around during the full moon sadly she was not a werewolf , and the ending was very rushed and i wanted to know what happened with the dowager and Miss Varish it was an enjoyable re read for a snow day, but i think a pretty tame tale overall Still, the nostalgia factor made it enjoyable.

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    EXCELLENT Any fan of Gothic Romance Suspense drama will LOVE this novel I kept reading and did not put it down even once However, as a fan of the genre, the villain was obvious, as usual, to me This book really kept me reading it to find out the results at the end I would highly recommend it.

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    The book was alright A easy read Some of the characters were interesting and dark I wish I could have cared about some of them then I did The ending was semi dissappointing since it was over so quickly and I basically figured it out before hand.

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