Reclaiming Love

Reclaiming Love He Ll Risk It All For A New Chance At Life LoveKevin Stohler Survived A Violent And Abusive Relationship But Escaped With A Damaged Psyche Connor McCann Walks Into His Life Like A Living Dream Kevin Can T Believe Connor Is Interested, But He Agrees To A Date Connor Proves To Be Patient, Kind And Truly InterestedBefore They Can Enjoy Life Together, Something Has To Be Done About Kevin S Ex, Josh Harding Josh Has Stalked Kevin For Three Years, And The Stalking Escalates As Kevin S Feelings For Connor Grow Kevin Fears That Loving Connor Might Kill Him It S A Risk He S Willing To Take To Reclaim A Chance At Love

V L McElfresh lives in central Missouri with her son and a neurotic Boston Terrier She works in the computer industry during the day and writes every chance she gets When not working or writing, she likes cooking, reading, knitting, and shopping for priceless antiques at the local flea market.

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  • Reclaiming Love
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  • 15 March 2018

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    Re read September 2015 Well, the third re read yeah, I know left me cold Kevin just bugged me this time Time to put this one on the shelf permanently I read this initially back in 2011 and re read it in April 2013 It was every bit as great as I remembered so I added it to my favorites shelf It is 100% healing comfort with MC Connor finding himself drawn to broken, devastated MC Kevin, who has been sexually, emotionally and physically abused by an old boyfriend who, after over 2 years, is still stalking him Connor decides that Kevin is worth the extra effort a relationship with such a damaged person would entail before they even have their first date, so he is a true hero in every sense of the word He quickly falls in love with sweet Kevin and the two of them work together along with Kevin s surrogate family to battle Kevin s demons.I can highly recommend this book to all M M romance fans who like a healthy dose of hurt healing comfort in their romance You ll love this one.

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    1.5 stars rounded up because of the subject matter and because this is a brand new writer.This book really frustrated me I do understand why people would like this book if they just read it quickly and didn t think too much about it I wanted to like it as the plot and subject are my thing But it was awful on so many levels I couldn t Note to author Please don t take this personally I do think you have talent, and should keep writing.The positives were the attempt at handling such a difficult and emotionally charged subject The awareness of how much abuse affects someone, how someone can emotionally control someone they abused, understanding why someone would go back, things like that I also really appreciated the attempt to separate the abuse from BDSM, which is an important distinction that a lot of people don t get I like that BDSM is treated respectfully.The biggest problem for me was that the characters were all Kevin absorbed people who controlled everything about Kevin without helping him get better nor helping him help himself What they did was actually holding him back Kevin was okay, but the characterization was so inconsistent and so wrong, that I couldn t even care about him This is not how people in real life would act under the same situation I m a foster parent and have been around a lot of abused kids and I ve been around a lot of abused adults, and Kevin s behavior sometimes makes sense but most of the time doesn t His reactions aren t even consistent with his other reactions He can joke about punishment in one scene and then be terrified about it in another But the friends Oh my God, I wanted to strangle them all The old saying With friends like these applies here His friends were so rude and pushy to Connor that most normal people would have been scared off, but not because they didn t want to deal with Kevin s issues He didn t even get a chance to know what they were A normal person would have been afraid that if it didn t work out after a couple of dates, the friends would come for him or he himself would have scarred Kevin for life Connor at one point even says, You act like I want to marry him Yes, they did It was ridiculous But that isn t the worst of it Kevin is interested in Connor and has been on TWO dates Then Kevin s best friend then sits Connor down and tells him all about Kevin s abuse, without even asking Kevin or letting him know Picture it Think about something really personal that hurts or that you feel people won t understand Picture meeting someone a couple of times and being interested in them, really interested Then imagine your best friend sitting down with that person, behind your back, and telling him her about that private stuff IN DETAIL Wouldn t you feel violated Now picture that your secret assuming it wasn t was violent sexual, psychological, emotional abuse that still affects everything in your life, but you hate it, and are desperately trying to come out of it Would you want that to be the first thing you want your date to know about you Would you want someone else to tell him her without you even being there to control the conversation People who have been sexually abused almost always are ashamed in some way Even though it is never their fault, there is a lot of stigma and a lot of self doubt, believing they could have done something to prevent it Someone who is an adult who is abused by his partner who he stayed with for two years, is going to feel that for sure Add in that he is told repeatedly that he deserved it by people who don t know him, that he is supposed to like pain, that he s in the gay community where people believe abused doesn t happen, he s a man, which society thinks can t be abused, and he s going to be ashamed He can t find anyone to help him which I ll get to in a moment No one but his closest friends believe him He has no family support He is still stalked and harassed by the guy He would not be in a mental place for everyone to know about his abuse Yet he tells Connor even on the third date once he finds out that the friend already told Connor He s not mad at all, nor does he act like it bothers him in the least.But people had no problem talking about it and on top of that, they were treating him like a child Connor called Kevin s other best friend without letting Kevin know even though Kevin didn t even want to even talk about that friend with Connor That friend considered himself Kevin s shrink and yet talked to Connor about Kevin openly and both felt they shouldn t let Kevin know At one point he even says, Without violating confidences and proceeds to tell Connor personal stuff about Kevin The man is a professional psychiatrist If he did that about a patient he would lose his license it would be so ingrained in him that there is no way he would do that At one point near the end medium big spoiler view spoiler Kevin asked permission from the friend to move in with Connor Kevin actually said, Please He was already staying with Connor hide spoiler

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    3.75 stars I apparently have a thing for hurt comfortespecially if there is some sort of domestic violence Hey some folks like tentaclesexI likes me victims DThis wasgood It s about an abused submissive, Kevin, who is still stalked by his abusive ex boyfriend Dom, Josh Kevin is constantly in fear, afraid of a lot of things ex phone calls, letters, men, etc and it was believable.Kevin has understandable issues and hang ups He catches the eye of sexy blonde Irish implant, Connor McCann He s nicknamed the Golden God for good reason The story is all about Kevin and his path to relearning to love himself I wished the POV was switched to get Connor s perspective The two men fall for one another without miraculous cures with magical penises o Consider me shocked And these two fall in love all while Josh, the crazy ex stalkerstalks and escalates to crazy land.JoshI d like to be locked in a room with him and a metal baseball bat I d love to crack some nuts He s a mean mofo that needs to be taught a lesson On the other hand, the scenes with his antics were memorable for me than some of the gooey gushy moments.With a great support of friends, Kevin finds his way out of his dark hole Yay.Thing is I lost interest around 80% shrugs Can t pinpoint the moment and I m not going to figure it out Could ve have been the idiot girl who knows there s a murderer on the loose but the dumb broad goes in the woods anyway by herself moment Just switch the idiot girl with Kevin But he got over it, I guess And then I skimmed the last 10% because I wanted off the Poor Kevin float I got motion sickness or something There was a happy ending, evil was vanquished Love persevered It s a good story with interesting enough characters I wish we got face time with Dr Devon, the Dom shrink He definitely had MC potential.I still say it s readable My reaction towards the ending shouldn t discourage.

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    The book starts with a frightend Kevin, a thirty old guy who can t bear to stay alone at home He clings to a linus blanket, he tries to create rumor around the apartment to avoid the silence, he makes call to friends Since the first pages the reader realizes that Kevin is a traumatized man who hasn t yet overcome his nightmare Three years before Kevin was in a D s relationship with a Dom who didn t respect the boundaries they agreed, and this sent Kevin to the hospital near dead Now he is trying to rebuild his life, but his former Master doesn t give up and uses any means to scared him and at the same time begs him to come back Without the help of his friends, a roommate who is almost a brother, a best girl friend like a substitute mother and a former lover now counselor like second father, Kevin has good chance to success.Now enter Saint Connor saint is the only word to describe this man, tender and caring and with too much patience Have you present that story where everyone knows the secret of one of the main characters, but they spend all the story refusing to reveal it since it s not their right to Usually they give hints and pushes the poor man in front of them in a abyss of total confusion letting him wondering what atrocity they are hiding Well forget any of that Here everyone, from the roommate to the best friend, till the owner of the local bookstore, all are ready to spill the true about Kevin s past and to warn off Connor The poor man can t even talk to Kevin, that they are telling him that Kevin is fragile, that he probably is not ready for a sexual relationship, and Connor has not yet kiss him A man with less patience would give up as soon as possible and instead Saint Connor smiles and vows Kevin When the crazy man who is stalking Kevin, begins to threaten also him, he simple shrug his shoulder and ask Kevin if he is all right When Kevin becomes a icicle the first time they try something in bed, Connor rises and goes for a cold shower When all around him seems to collapse in nonsense, the 39 years old Connor takes the phone and calls his DAD Connor always does the right thing.Connor is obviously a good man, but I like that he is not the macho man hero type In a classical romance, poor Kevin would be rescued by the average knight in shining armour, proud and brave It s not that Connor is not brave, but he is simple a man he doesn t set up a show where he magically makes disappear all the trouble, he simple gives to Kevin another shoulder to lean when he needs to He is willing to help, but he will not resolve all Kevin s trouble only due to his powerful charm It s Kevin s task, and right, to learn how to be independent again.Kevin is a trouble young man He had obviously difficult childhood, with a mother who pushed him beyond his limits, and who instilled in him a feeling of never being good enough, and a father who probably was too weak to impose Kevin s father loved him, but he probably was not the authoritative figure Kevin needed, and Kevin searched that figure in other men, like his friend Devon, and finally in his abusive former lover Now Kevin, to be happy again, needs to realize that he is strong enough even alone and Connor is good to him since he doesn t try to overprotect him, but he let him space to move, fall and arise again.The book is quite angst, there are very few light moment, but even if not often, I like the impish streak that the author gave to Kevin I also like the anti hero character she created with Connor, handsome and gentle, but not perfect.http elisa 42

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    I was debating between a 4 and 5, but I think I have to make it a 5 star read from me I BELIEVED Kevin It wasn t a quick recovery , it was slow and he s still not healed, but a work in progress Kevin was a in 2 year D s relationship with Josh, his dom I put that in quotes because he was only acting like one He was an abuser Plain and simple He emotionally, physically, and sexually abused Kevin As like most relationships it started out wonderful and then things escalated For Kevin to retell everything that happened to him had me curled up in a ball with a handful of tissues and a soaking wet pillow He finally got beat hard enough and left for dead when his friends stepped in and said NO MORE It s been 3 years since he left that house and relationship.But, Josh couldn t leave well enough alone He s stalked Kevin since he left Sent letters, always calls, sends packages, but Kevin doesn t acknowledge any of it.One day while at Left Bank Books my FAVORITE book store, by the way I am a frequent buyer at the location in the book when the Golden God approaches him Kevin is still so scared he runs away That doesn t stop Connor, the Golden God With a little help from Kevin s friend, Nicki, they meet up for a date Connor is so good for Kevin He s so patient and calm EEK I loved him.Josh doesn t like that Josh thinks Kevin is his and only his.Will Kevin be able to trust another man again Does Connor think all of this trouble with Kevin worth it Will Josh finally leave Kevin alone Quick note I loved that this was in St Louis I knew the places they were talking about and it could picture it in my head

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    Kevin has spent the last three years trying to heal from an abusive relationship He had agreed to be collared by Josh Harding but instead of a safe and consensual D s relationship he found himself owned by a man who disregarded his safewords and took pleasure in abuse Kevin only got out when he was injured badly enough to be hospitalized He has lost trust both in other men and in his own attractiveness and worth But he has good friends who have been supporting him, and when he meets a handsome man in a bookstore he has enough courage to agree to a date Well, at least when his best friend Nicki pushes him into it.Connor is six months out from a bad break up and adrift in a new city when he sees Kevin and is immediately attracted to him But he soon finds out that getting to know Kevin won t be straightforward, and developing a relationship will take time Josh has been harassing and stalking Kevin at a distance for years, but when he sees Kevin with another man, the stalking escalates to dangerous levels.The relationship between Kevin and Connor develops fast, particularly on Connor s part He steps up to the plate in some major ways for someone he has just met And there were a few times when Kevin confided his past to Connor in ways that seemed extraordinary for a man with his history and self worth issues view spoiler I couldn t see him showing Connor his red album at that point in their relationship, even as a test hide spoiler

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    Reclaiming Love pulls the reader in with the richness of the writing, leading them along one man s journey out of darkness to find hope and love again.Three years out of a relationship where he was forced to be little than a slave Kevin still struggles every day While he has experienced the good in a BDSM relationship he never wanted the full time thing Yet that was the relationship he found himself in with his ex Josh After numerous hospital visits Kevin s friends finally managed to get him away Now three years later, that relationship just won t leave him Josh always seems to know when Kevin is alone and taunts him regularly calling, sending messages, always claiming that Josh still loves him and wants him back Kevin is struggling to get by, to heal, with the constant reminders of his past mistakes His self esteem is at rock bottom and he is scared to be alone Connor has gone into the local bookstore for a few books, but finds himself unable to take his eyes of the man snuggled in a chair, enraptured in his book He s helpless to do anything but try to find out who he is At Connor s approach, despite being enchanted himself, Kevin s nerves get the best of him and he runs from the store Picking up the book Kevin was reading Connor realizes he was the author and in talking with the store owner, knows he has a way back in to get to know Kevin With a little help a good solid shove for Kevin and a few strong warnings for Connor from Kevin s friends this story rolls into a beautiful path of discovery As Kevin begins to open up and find himself again, Connor has to deal with his own feelings about what happened to Kevin All the while Kevin s ex s taunts get worse and worse This story has a beautiful message about trusting yourself and that you can find love again I particularly enjoyed the fact that Ms McElfresh didn t instantly make Kevin better as soon as he met Connor He has a lot of issues and things he s trying to work through None of them are going to go away over night But, having that person who loves you despite everything is certain to help you along your path.In spite of the almost insta love, or maybe just insta attraction addiction of this book I enjoyed the way that Connor and Kevin s relationship developed over time Each new issue was addressed and dealt with in an understandable manner They weren t glossed over I felt for Kevin and was rooting for him to be able to move forward in his life I respected Connor for not running when things got heavy and for trying to understand what all Kevin was dealing with.There were some extremely sweet moments and relationships in this book First of all, the dancing Great scene, I almost felt bad for Connor I particularly enjoyed Kevin and Devon s relationship It was so well handled Devon being someone who was into the lifestyle that Kevin as running from, but had all the tools to be able to help him, added a lovely layer to everything I can easily imagine Kevin curled in a chair in the dark calling Devon for comfort even if he is terrified to be around the man The complexities of that relationship really added to Kevin for me The pressure cooker that Josh s antics put Kevin and Connor under really helped move the story along It added the perfect compliment to take this from being an average story of two men meeting into a fabulously engrossing novel While the abusive elements might not make this book for everyone I do love a novel that can show me the brighter side of all that pain Ms McElfresh didn t gloss over the darker elements, but she didn t dwell on them either She maintained a lovely blend that gives the reader all the understanding that is needed to identify with her characters without drowning them in Kevin s depressing painful past There s such hope for Kevin s redemption in the epilogue you can do nothing but know that these two got the happily ever after they deserve.

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    Kevin used to play at all kinds of kink and he danced Then he met Josh and life eventually went to hell Josh used the D s BDSM to abuse, torture, torment, hurt, humiliate, isolate, controlpretty much every bad thing you can think of he did it under the pretense of D s to Kevin.Well, three years after leaving Josh which very nearly cost him his life he is slowly, very slowly getting better He meets Conner Well Conner is just a knight in shiny armor He is patient, supportive, understandingetc..There is a large cast of supporting and supportive characters in this story.Well Josh just can t let Kevin move on and be happy, so there is drama added into the trauma..I actually liked it, it was heavy and very sad in parts, cute and humorous in parts, uplifting and sweet too.

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    I tend to rate stuff pretty high on average, because I am so easily entertained I really hate giving bad reviews because I often like books that others feel are totally lame, but then again I always use the disclaimer I am easily entertained.I guess that I thought this was going to be a of a Cinderfella theme than it was and that threw me a bit It was really all about a guy who is being stalked by his totally pyscho ex dom.It just didn t do it for me I went between boredom and irritation during most of the book I did not have much empathy or even sympathy for the main character The actual writing is pretty good I just didn t like the people the writer created for me There were a few bright moments but they didn t shine enough to keep my attention.

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    I found the first half of this book not a little slow but a little difficult to get into Kevin at the beginning of the book is really messed up, shy, afraid, emotional, insecure He is a total basket case who feels he doesn t deserve anything and how could he not be that way after all the abuse he went through However about 30% or so of the way his real self starts coming through which is nice to see but at the very beginning feels like he has dual personalities.It was good to see Kevin slowly coming out of his shell and falling in love with Connor.

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