Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama

Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama A Few Days After The Election Of Barack Obama, Kids Around The Country Were Asked To Provide Advice And Guidance To Their New President In This Collection, There S Loads Advice For The President, Often Hilarious, Sometimes Heartfelt, And Occasionally Downright Practical Students From All Over The Country Reach Out To The Th President, Speaking To The Issues Closest To Their Hearts, Relating Their Life Stories, And Asking For Help Topics Include The Economy, Education, War, Global Warming, Race Relations In America And Immigration The Book Also Includes Letters About Snow Cones, Puppies, Microwavable Burritos, Dinosaur Projects, Multiplication And The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln, Reportedly Haunting A White House BedroomProceeds Benefit National, A Network Of Nonprofit Writing And Tutoring Centers Around The Country

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama book, this is one of the most wanted Jory John author readers around the world.

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  • Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama
  • Jory John
  • English
  • 14 December 2019
  • 9781934781579

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    Dear Mr President Obama,I enjoyed reading the letters the kids wrote to you and I hope you liked them too I hope you like living in the White House and you re not afraid of Abraham Lincoln s ghost in your bedroom.Congratulations on being the president of the world In awesomeness,allbookedup

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    While it s hardly uncommon now, you must have been a huge asshole to have not supported Obama in 2008 I was 12 when Obama won, around the same age as a lot of kids in this book It s strange finding out how blissful the event was for many people and kids one girl tells Obama that her favorite chlidhood memory is watching him win on TV , when it was a day of raw despair and uncertainty for me During the campaign, I watched the news and vehemently supported McCain at school and on the Nintendo forum I frequented, RIP and was the first person there to make a political avatar a small McCain Palin icon , which started a fun violent chain I went with my parents to stand around all day to see McCain speak at Colorado Springs, and later to see Sarah Palin speak at a baseball field in Grand Junction I was the one who had to go out front to remove the McCain sign from the snow in defeat view spoiler I believe kids at that age preteens can know perfectly well the reasons for supporting and defending whatever candidate their parents present them with and are aware enough to know that kids pick up whatever candidate their parents like, but say that they re independent thinkers, while all the naysayers at school are just copying their parents I got into some pretty vicious arguments with kids in my middle school Stefan I m still mad at you It s the age where you ll able to argue your side, but not be open minded or empathetic enough to understand why people argue for what they do, or know when arguing about politics isn t worth it The arguments would get really heated and cruel and redundant, all around the age where no one s minds are going to be changed, and everyone s too young to factor into the election anyway.These are during the preteen years But 8 No I remember wearing a Scary Kerry shirt in 4th grade around election day that was way too big for me, and trying to get into arguments with people even when I knew absolutely no reasons for Bush or against Kerry hide spoiler

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    So they collected a bunch of amusing letters written to president elect Obama by children This is like brain candy bite sized and easy to digest Pleasant pastime I like this sort of thing a lot I only took away one star because the kids are from a handful of cities and they mostly all say how wonderful it is that Obama is bringing hope I would have been interested to read a few letters that reflected the dejected state of mind of youthful McCain Palin supporters Though perhaps the young just bounce back and rally behind the new leader of the free world quickly than the old.It s hard not to laugh at letters that advise the president elect to wipe his feet when he arrives at the White House or recommend having a donut on a list of ten things to do as president.Then I started tearing up as I read between the lines you should lower the gas bills because some people have to borrow money to pay the bills It s hard out there for a little pimp these days.Then I got all philosophical about how clear things are for children They believe in their own intelligence and the dignity of their humanity so deeply They understand what war is, and pollution, and homelessness and they see these as straightforward problems with clear solutions Don t fight, clean up after yourself, take care of people who need help What is the hold up Why are you adults not fixing these problems Suddenly I remembered clearly the letter I wrote to President Reagan I was 12 in 1988 when Bush was elected so this must have been 10 or 11 year old me writing I offered that if Reagan and the other adults were having a hard time ending the Cold War, maybe they d better just step aside and give kids a chance Actually, I think that might not be a bad idea I can imagine a panel of 11 to 13 year olds doing a better job in the middle east than the current leadership They could hardly do worse.In response, I got a pamphlet from Nancy Reagan, urging me to Just Say No to drugs I was insulted Not only did they not want my help or my advice, they had the audacity to imply that I might someday sample illegal drugs On second thought, perhaps I underestimate the Reagans Clearly they did know a few things about the world that I had yet to learn.Thanks, CC I m inspired to create a shelf of books that are just fun to pick up how great would that be a whole shelf of twitter wit and children s funny letters and books of interesting quotations As of today the collection is begun

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    This is a fun book we got with our McSweeney s subscription The title basically sums up the gist of the book it s a collection of letters that kids wrote to Obama after he was elected Some have questions, some have glimpses into the kids lives, and some have advice The latter is my favorite, by far Two examples Dear President Obama,I have some advice for you Please make this world a better place I say this because we want no war We also don t want jobs to be gone because then we will be left with no money and no food to eat We want no guns or violence on the street because they have killed many innocent people I think you should get a lot of rest and eat healthy because you have a really big job commitment for this.Sincerely,Edgar Gomez, age 11San FranciscoDear President Obama,Congratulations on the election My name is Moses Williams I am twelve years old and I want to be a director The job of president is kind of like being a director Director of the country I think if I were older, experienced, and in this position I could help you with relationships with other countries because, well, most of the world doesn t really like us and a lot of my friends were people who didn t like me at first Thank you for reading.Sincerely,Moses Williams, age 12New York

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    What I learned from this book is that kids sure like to babble about how much they love horses and ice cream And they think it s sooooo easy to solve problems like war and homelessness Maybe we can use words to get people from Iraq and Afghanistan to talk through their problems Yeah right, little dude

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    Super cute Makes me remember the innocence of most kids and how if we all just thought simply like they did we d probably be a lot better off Just as a curiosity page 23 and 75 have the same letter..

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    Children s letters to President Obama They are really sweet, some of them are heartbreaking It amazes me how much kids know about politics these days When I was 10 I knew nothing A lot of the letters address homelessness and advise Obama to help the poor Some letters scold him for smoking Some talk about all the fun they would have if they lived in the white house One kid wants to fill some of the rooms with mashed potatoes and have a pizza carpet and a chocolate pudding couch.This one might be my favorite Dear President Obama,My name is Kevin I have one brother and one sister and their names are Anthony and Dayanara My favorite food is soup and my favorite breakfast is cereal My favorite fruit is a pear and my favorite thing at the store is hot Cheetos.Sincerely,Kevin Romero, age 7This sounds like kid stuff but some of the letters are surprising They touch on the economy, on green alternatives to gasoline, on health insurance, on immigration, on race Here s a bit of one letter that I thought was interesting My dream is to become a veterinarian or a zoologist because I love animals and I think I will get connected to our planet I have dreams that I want to achieve that are why my parents, my brother and I immigrated to the United States My neighbor thinks that I m just another Latino that is going to ruin her life But they are so wrong I want to go to great high schools I want to graduate from college and show my mom that I worked my butt off Yoselin Teresa Martinez Xonthe, age 13

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    This book is a collection of letters written by a group of children and adolescents ranging in age from 6 to 18 years to Obama when he was elected to the U.S presidency on November 4, 2008 The letters in this collection are funny, tender and insightful As I was reading, I found myself really moved by how thoughtful and compassionate these writers are At its core, this book reflects the many deep issues that plague our society today, including problems associated with poverty, education, immigration, race, and violence The voices of these writers are compelling and compassionate Together, they paint an authentic picture of what America really looks like today I think this book dispels any myths equating age with wisdom Many of these writers are 1 3 the age of our current politicians yet I find their thoughts on the struggles of our society much clear sighted and sympathetic than those often held by our supposed leaders Our politicians certainly have much to learn from these young writers especially regarding having COMPASSION for fellow human beings In a nutshell, this is a wonderful, whimsical book that makes me feel happy and hopeful about humanity and our future sentiments that are rather uncommon for me these days.

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    Lots of very funny letters in here, though they are so on message you imagine Alastair Campbell standing behind the kids with a rolled up newspaper At first I felt uplifted by the letters, by all the hope and happiness and desire for change, but by the end I was just depressed The things these kids are crying out for restrictions on guns, a national health service, an end to war are never going to happen in present day America.And a British person watching Obama s rise to power can t help but be reminded of Blair in 1997 you can t count the similarities without using your toes And that tempers your excitement Like Blair, I m sure Obama will do a lot of good But he s also bound to end up breaking hearts, making mistakes and shattering dreams.But this is a wonderful and inspired book, despite my cynicism.I ve just realised I ve read 100% of my McSweeney s Book Club books and this one only arrived last week I don t know if that s the variety, the fancy packaging, the excitement of having books delivered from the US, or just because they re short but I do know that they are enriching my life.

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    I bought this book primarily because it is a fundraiser for 826 National, and I really like the work they do Maybe someday they ll open an 826 St Louis I can hope But I m glad I did, I had a good laugh, and read several of the letters out loud to my friends.The book is short and cute, full of a mix of thoughtful letters, and notes from kids who want to tell Obama about their siblings and favorite foods Some of them are absolutely heartbreaking, describing in childlike bluntness the crime in their neighborhoods and the struggles their families have gone through.I am a little curious if Obama may actually read this book would he actually consider installing a couch made of pudding that he and his guests could eat with a giant spoon But I think it is telling how aware children are of war, the recession, and crime And it is clear that the tone of is presidency will be a formative influence in the political opinions of these kids.It is a quick read, less than an hour, even reading out loud It s worth taking a look at.

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