What the Heart Wants

What the Heart Wants Ivy Parker Is A Woman Who Can T Stop Crusading Now She S Trying To Save A Dusty Texas TownShe S Also A Woman Who Can T Stop Rescuing Lost Souls Like Linc Garner, The Impoverished Carpenter Who Shows Up One Day At The Cafe She RunsLinc And Ivy Fall In Love, But One Thing Is Clear Unless He Can Find Some Way To Fulfill His Family Obligations, He Ll Lose The Woman He Wants He May Anyway, Once She Finds Out What He S Really Doing In Palo Verde And Who He Really IsBut Losing Her Will Be Twice As Hard, Because She S Carrying His Child

A letter to Rod Stewart resulting in a Cinderella birthday for her daughter sowed the seeds of New York Times and USAToday bestselling author Jean Brashear s writing career A lifelong avid reader, at the age of forty five with no experience and no training, she decided to see if she could write a book It was a wild leap that turned her whole life upside down, but she would tell you that though s

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  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • What the Heart Wants
  • Jean Brashear
  • English
  • 01 November 2019
  • 9780373710713

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    Loved this Very well written from a great author He comes to town telling them he is someone else His brother owns most of the town and he is trying to save a dying town The woman he helps and who gives him food and a room has been trying in vain to get ahold of the brother who bought the town This is very emotional, sweet, suspenseful, enjoyable and so much I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

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    4 stars I ve been reading this series in the completely wrong order whoops and while it certainly may be enjoyable if read together, this book can definitely stand alone I liked Franny a lot She is independent, tough, and always there for everyone else, but she still has a vulnerable side I wasn t sure what to make of Nate at first, but he quickly grew on me He has secrets and has been through a lot, but he really is just trying to do the right thing While there were some times on their road to HEA that I had hoped may play out a bit different, I enjoyed their romance overall The ending was really touching, and I can t wait to read

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    Great story with strong women and men who aren t perfect I enjoyed this book so much, knowing it would be a HEA but wanting to figure out how it would get there Lots of twists and turns, emotions, surprises and laughs Texas women are traditionally strong and maybe thought to be a bit rough around the edges, unless of course they are the beauty queens Franny Morgan has a lot of losses in her past, and she s not about to let herself be hurt again She has made it her mission in life to revitalize the little town she settled in if she can only get the landlord to answer her letters She is all work and no play, and she adopts the townspeople as her family and she won t let them down.Coming to find out how he can get the letter writing lady to back off, Nate Russell is sure he will find it a simple job And then he meets Franny and those plans to spend a day and leave are thrown out the door He can t tell her who she is once he meets her but he has to figure out a way to tell her that saving the town is a lost cause.Very interesting story that you know will work out but you just can t figure out how Love it I received an ARC from the author for an honest and unbiased review No compensation was promised or received for the review.

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    Palo Verde, Texas is lucky to have Franny Morgan Determined to save the small town and put it back on the tourist maps, Franny is working her fingers to the bone She s running the cafe, taking care of her ailing great aunt, helping the residents with anything and everything, and trying to track down the owner of the buildings to get needed repairs done.Nathan Russell is the brother of the owner of those buildings and he has taken over the task of letting the town know he is selling everything to try and recoup anything he can for his brother s widow Nate, a self made millionaire, shows up in town and Franny mistakes him for a man down on his luck and offers him a meal, a job, and a place to stay Soon Nate has fallen under Franny s spell, but he also knows he has to go back home soon.This could be one of my favorite Jean Brashear books yet Franny is wonderful, the townspeople are quirky and lovely, and Nate is a lost soul But Franny loves saving the lost so there may be hope for him yet.Best of all is the ending of this book I can t wait for the next installment, Texas Lost

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    A very good book The characters were so well written it felt like you could sense how each one would react when some new issue would arise Nate had so many unresolved feelings, I could not imagine how he would be able to let them go enough to open his heart to the town and the people in it I was surprised to find out how long Franny had lived there based on her love for the town and the community.Nate and Franny did not have a hot, steamy chemistry Jean Brashear made me feel like they had of a passionate, sensual chemistry that gradually built into something sustainable A slow burn that became combustible.When Nate was forced to face his demons and deal with the difficult, unwanted decisions he felt he was forced to make, all I could do was hold my breath until I could see how things were going to work out I would definitely recommend this book It is the fourth in the series, but the first one in the series I have read I discovered that I had purchased the first three books already and they were in my TBR pile Guess I know what I ll be doing this cold, rainy weekend I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

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    I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of Texas Deception by Jean Brashear I will provide my honest review I love this book I love reading books in a series The characters and or families are so amazingly never left behind It great to read about the main characters and discover other characters in the story are from past and or future books in the series The two main characters are Franny and Nate Franny is trying to put down roots and Nate is trying to sell off the buildings He has come to town as a mysterious stranger When asked where he is from, he says, here and there Not revealing the true nature of his visit This story involves Franny, the nurturer, her aunt, a few of the towns residents and of course, Nate As I read each chapter, I could visualize the place, the people, and the mood It has sadness, grief, happiness, joy, and love I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romance novel I very much enjoyed reading it and can t wait for the next book in the series

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    ARC for honest review with no compensationTeas Deception is book 4 of the Lone Star Lovers series and Book 26 in the Texas Heroes by Jean Brashear and as always these books are awesome and if you haven t read any in this series you need to Franny Morgan, a small town caf owner ants nothing than to save her small town and she decides to start a campaign of writing letters to the conglomerate who own the building in the town and are falling down around their ears.Nathan Russell a down on this luck carpenter who shows up in town and I willing to trade work for food and board and help the town if he canexcept he is not who he seemsand keeping his deception under wraps and falling for Franny was not part of the deal What happens when the deception comes to light Can these two find their way back to each other and rebuild the town or does it all come down around their ears

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    Franny Morgan has been knocked down but she has planted herself in Palo Verde She is taking care of her Aunt Purdie but also is a nurturer She sees a vision to revive this small town that is going under Enter Nate Russell He has come to town to tell the sweet little old lady that there is nothing that can be done Only Franny is beautiful and has Nate s blood racing How can he close this town down for his family and yet help Franny The other characters are a hoot Sweet Franny is screaming and raising her voice Mable and Carl are just laughing and smiling Family is calling Nate home and he does not want to go Now Franny is determined to find the deadbeat landlord Only when she does, her heart hardens Family is all that matters to Franny and she is determined to keep her s When all is said and done, Nate has finally found his home with Franny I love the epilogue

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    Another GREAT book by Jean Franny the strong willed and determined woman who will do what it takes to save her town Palo Verde has a very soft heart for lost souls Nate who comes to town looking like a lost soul is anything but These two must learn to trust one another something that was lacking in their past and was hard to do But love did win in the end True to form Jean has a way of intertwining her characters from previous books and she follows through with this book as well Nate brings Franny s long lost sister Diana together book 2 of the Lone Star Lovers Texas Healer and her husband Rafe Sandoval Can t wait to read about their third sister Clarice and also Liam s, Rafe s, and Alex s brother Dane and sister Jilly

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    Franny and Nathan s story If you re a lover of Jean Brashear books like I am you know she will never disappoint you I loved this book The valiant attempts of Franny to save the town of Palo Verde that s welcomed her into its warm family As Nate struggles with doing what he needs to do for his brothers widow and what his heart wants him to do for Franny and this town Reading one of Jean Brashear s books is like coming home to a warm loving hug You just want to crawl right into the story and be a part of it I can t wait for her next book to be released I gratefully received an ARC of this book and an happily reviewing it For Jean Brashear fans this is a must read If I could give this book than 5 stars I would.

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