Double Trouble #4 (Magic Kitten)

Double Trouble #4 (Magic Kitten)Oh that cousin that you just love to hateor hate to love Something Flame is back again, this time going to live with a girl who is having troubles with her cousin who has come to stay What s , her cousin has brought along a rather snobbish show cat As always there s a little bit of danger, a lot bit of troubles, and an ending that leaves you feeling kind of sad as the kitten Flame disappears This time there s no cut and dried solution for Kim The other girls in the series left you thinking that their lives were good or at least on the right track Here you re not entirely sure things are fixed with Mia though one can only hope I know I ve said it before, but I wish we would revisit some of these girls at some point and see how they re doing though. My 5 year old daughter and me read these books together and she loves them These our her new favorite chapter books and she can t wait to read the next one It s magical, funny, and sincere all at the same time While the big issue in this one is solved by Flame s magic, they still bring up the fact of cats potentially not getting along I do wish this story had done a better job of laying out how to properly introduce cats to each other, though. This book is the second in a series of books called the Magic Kitten series, by Sue Bentley This book was a lovely read, and mixes together both fantasy and reality together very well In the prologue we are introduced to a kitten called Flame, who we learn is actually Prince of the Lion Throne, and is on the run from enemies In chapter one, we then enter the world of Kim, a young girl who loves animals, and her cousin Mia One evening, Kim finds Flame hiding in the garden and is startled to learn that he can talk She takes it upon herself to look after him and protect him from the enemies that are looking for him.Throughout the book, we learn that Flame has many magical abilities, including turning people into animals, turning himself into a lion and even making sheep levitate The writing style of this book is very detailed, and although at some points the plot did seem slow, overall it is a very enjoyable book and ends of a very exciting cliffhanger which would encourage children to want to continue reading the series.I think that this book would be suitable for children aged around 7 or 8, and could be used in the classroom to help teach children to write about their own pets and use their imagination to write short stories about adventures they could go on with them It also teaches children how to care for animals properly, and the importance of getting along with other people, as although Kim and Mia don t always get along, they work together in the end to save each other.This was a very enjoyable book, and it covers a wide range of subjects very well, including relationships between families and caring for animals, as well as fantasy elements too I think it would be a great series for younger children to become interested in, and as a way for them to enjoy reading. Kim Can T Wait For Her Cousin Mia And Her Siamese Cat, Bibi, To Come Visit But When They Turn Up, Neither Cousin Nor Cat Are Half As Nice As Kim Remembers Mia And Her Cat Proceed To Make Kim S Week A Terrible One But When Kim Discovers A Tiny Silver Kitten In Her Gardening Shed, Things Seem To Get Magically Better So cute About a young lion Prince who wanted his kingdom back He had to disguise himself as a kitten to stay safe from his evil uncle Ebony Kim the girl who found him was as surprised to discover that he could talk Their relationship was sweet and secret. Why does every other child have to be a brat NO MORE. I think that the book is so good I can not be leave it it is the best I love this book kittens are cute

Sue was born in Northampton where she still lives For many years she worked for Northamptonshire libraries and remains a passionate supporter of Public Libraries Sue loves everything about books, the feel of them, their smell the way they look And has a habit of matching a bookmark to the cover of each book she s reading The process of reading, the feel of the book, carrying it around in her

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  • Double Trouble #4 (Magic Kitten)
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