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Pegasus in Space In A Triumphant Career Spanning Than Thirty Years, Anne McCaffrey Has Won The Devotion Of Millions Of Fans Now She Has Written The Exciting And Long Awaited Addition To Her Classic Pegasus Series And The Perfect Link To Her Bestselling Rowan SagaFor An Overpopulated Earth Whose Resources Are Strained To The Breaking Point, There Is Only One Place To Look For Relief Straight Up With The Successful Completion Of The Padrugoi Space Station, Humanity Has At Last Achieved Its First Large Scale Permanent Presence In Space But There Are Those Who, For Motives Of Their Own, Want Padrugoi To Fail Standing In Their Way Are The Talented, Men And Women Gifted With Extraordinary Mental Powers That Have Made Them As Feared As They Are Respected And Utterly Indispensable To The Colonization Effort Now, As Sabotage And Attempted Murder Strike The Station, It S Up To The Talented To Save The Day Only Who Is Going To Save The Talented Pegasus In Space Is The Tale Of Peter Reidinger, First Tower Prime


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  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Pegasus in Space
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • English
  • 06 March 2017
  • 9780345434678

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    Another incredible feel good reread for me This third book in the series is my favorite as it explains the origins of everything in the next series which starts with The Rowan.This book also captures much of what I love about sci fi as it s mostly set on a space station orbiting around Earth I m loving my rereads of Anne McCaffrey and am continuing on with The Rowan.

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    To Ride Pegasus, Damia, The Rowan, Pegasus in Flight, and Pegasus in Space, Anne McCaffrey I was lending a couple of these to a friend, and was struck by the urge to re read them first They have, as I d expected, been visited by the Suck Fairy, but not as badly as some of her others I still quite enjoyed them, despite everything The series was written over quite a period of time To Ride Pegasus was published in 1973, which is some level of excuse for the massive gender essentialism, astonishing normative heterocentrism, weird racist tendencies, and ableism among other things Unfortunately it s less of an excuse twenty years on when she s still writing new stories some things improve a little, but she s still accidentally I think promoting eugenics, and her attitude to disability is often quite odd.Her fetish for older man much younger woman relationships is a bit of a squick for me I just can t deal with women marrying men who changed their nappies for them, what can I say I m not keen on age gap relationships anyway though I do accept that they can work in the real world , but a it all feels terribly Electra complex on her side, and b when he s known her all her life it ends up having almost paedophilic vibes Especially the scene where Damia insists that Afra admire her naked fourteen year old body, particularly when combined with the fact that he is later described as having been in love with her since she was that age I just squick McCaffrey also has a thing about babies, and women having babies, and large families again, it s almost fetishistic at times The standalone Nimisha s Ship is particularly bad, but that sensitised me to how much she uses it elsewhere The stuff on Peter s sexual awakening is pretty terrible, too I do get the impression that she has some issues surrounding sex, and that s not even getting into her attitude towards homosexuality.The biggest problem I have with the series, though, is her bad habit of having her heroes and they usually are heroes be self righteous they re always right, and the people who oppose them are stupid, evil, or both, but they tend to get very high handed and aggressive about pushing their inevitably correct agenda, and not very good at considering the sometimes valid criticisms they face They re right structurally, because the author says so, rather than necessarily because their arguments are convincing, and they have a bad habit of keeping secrets in order to score points off their opponents There s a recurring argument, for instance, about the space station being too noisy for Talents, and the heroes don t mention until really late on that they re talking about psychic noise, and not physical noise, which puts a very different complexion on the discussion, and the arguments over whether Talents need different treatment from non psychic workers There s a ton of stuff like this they won t give their opposition all the information, or proper explanations, or anything, and then they get all snotty when they reveal their obvious rightness, which is reliant on stuff that nobody else knew, because they wouldn t tell them It doesn t make me sympathise with her poor beleaguered protagonists, it makes me think they re jerks.Having said all of that, I did just read, like, five of them in a very random order So obviously it didn t bother me all that much I find a lot of her worldbuilding interesting I still don t really get why the universe ends up revolving around what are essentially transportation centres, even if they are doing it with their minds, when some of the other Talents especially Finding seem so much intriguing But life in the Linears is kind of fun to read about if, er, unintentionally racist and I like the first steps into space arc in the Pegasus books Space colonisation is cool Flawed but still basically entertaining.

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    This does feel very much like a book meant to connect two series McCaffrey s Parapsychics and the Rowan family of Talents Since there was a need to combine two series written at very different times, the story itself was rather neglected Or rather, took secondary position instead of the usual primary position Too much of the story either felt rushed or stretched way out The characters were not all that well formed Amariyah was not a well formed character It doesn t bother me that she had a crush on Peter, which other people have considered rather disgusting Kids do have crushes on adults In fact, crushes are usually on unavailable people, maybe so they can start understanding love, at least the mental aspect of love After all, Peter married someone about his own age, not Amariyah, even though he was very fond of her, as a sister than anything else Amariyah just didn t seem like a rounded person She absolutely LOVED her gardening OK, I seriously don t get that but I don t get gardening However, she doesn t seem to have many other interests That is the part that is lacking It doesn t bother me that Peter s appliance waste bag, eg catheter is mentioned so often, which was another complaint I read Having had surgeries and physical therapy, I am aware of how vital such equipment is If you have to have a catheter, or the equivalent, well, yes, it comes to dominate a substantial amount of mental attention The frequency of it being mentioned had a purpose in giving Peter the determination to do an extreme amount of physical therapy I don t think you will find too many people that really enjoy therapy You do it because it is needed The amount of therapy Peter would have needed was enormous He better have had motivation to surmount that disagreeable effort and, yes, losing that appliance would be sufficient motivation Anne McCaffrey seemed to be trying to make her fantasy books into science fiction towards the end of her career In a way it is too bad she felt that just fantasy wasn t enough On the other hand, I do appreciate the effort to include science and facts especially when the world seemed to be leaving the effort of scientific education behind and going towards superstition When I was a child, science was on a pedestal, and going to get us to the moon It is good to take anything off a pedestal Nothing should be without some questioning However, we have gone so far into fantasy as to think that we can pick and choose which scientific facts we believe We can t do that We can be skeptical and want evidence to support facts but we do not get to choose which scientific facts we believe Belief has nothing to do with this Either a scientific fact is correct, or it isn t a fact, by definition Science is always adjusting information around the basic fact, but that doesn t negate the truth of the fact Einstein made huge changes to Newton s basic fact of the force of gravity However, it doesn t change the basic truth of the force So if that is what McCaffrey was trying to do, then, power to her However, the bottom line is that this book was contrived to connect up two separate series into one, and it was an awkward join Having said this, I also kept reading this book and got it finished pretty quickly Bottom line while it is far from being one of McCaffrey s best books, it is certainly not a terrible book by any means Anne McCaffrey was an excellent writer, even when trying to shoehorn two series into becoming one series.

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    Re read Lackluster sequel to To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight Returns to the characters in the latter, and I feel like that s the book s main function connect Peter Reidinger with future Primes and the Center for Parapsychic Talent with FTT This is a very straight, boring, and somewhat incomplete line between two interesting dots.Scenes jump around jerkily an event like a long foretold marriage gets a couple of disconnected paragraphs, while kids are born and grow years between sightings.If you re desperate to read about Padrugoi Station and Peter, you might give this a try Otherwise, you could happily skip this book and just move on to Rowan Absolutely don t waste time on this as a standalone.

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    I enjoyed this book greatly I love the whole world of the FTT There is something about the way Ms McCaffrey writes which makes me yearn to be in her worlds I must have read this book over 50 times We get to meet the young Peter Reidinger I great book for young adults without the crass teen angsty drama.

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    dnf this time, but I ve read and enjoyed it before I ll get back to it eventually.

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    WARNING SPOILERS There are some books you read because they whisk you away to another place Or because they offer insight on the human condition Or because you need the information they contain.This is none of these This is a book that you hold your nose and slog through because you are stubbornly bound and determined to find out what happened to the characters no matter how improbable.Pegasus In Space exists solely to link McCaffrey s world of the Talents with her Rowan world Ostensibly it is the story of how Peter Reidinger founds Federated Telepath and Teleport, but that would have required an actual plot As it stands, the book is a bunch of characters who exist solely to provide exposition in between scenes that are told at a plodding pace at great emotional distance Much of the book consists of being told that something happened, then pages of characters talking about it.If you haven t read the first two Pegasus books, don t bother with this one It has a cast of thousands pretty much everyone you ve ever met in previous books who show up often no reason at all If you re lucky, one of the expositional characters will fill you in on their backstory which you already know if you ve read the previous books in gory detail If you don t, you ll sit and scratch your head and wonder why this character is here.Some of the new characters are familiar only because they re blatant rehashes of previous characters with new skins Amariyah is Tirla with a new haircut and yet another never before seen Talent She can mend nerves, and her only purpose in the book is to reverse Peter s paralysis Ceara exists for scenery and to give Peter someone to have sex with once the reversal has happened The sex scene is mostly fade to black , which is good, because for the life of me I can t figure out WHY these two people went to bed together The author certainly doesn t show us Or tell us even The author makes every novice writer mistake in the book Long pages of exposition about minor technical matters, action scenes that are one paragraph long using passive voice We are told the characters do talk a lot of events that take place, but we are not shown them We are held 10 feet away from the characters emotions Characters are simply talking plot devices in most cases, especially all the background characters, every single one of which must be mentioned by first and last names Character quirks which are mentioned ad nauseam but never have any further significance, either to plot or character development.This is why I can t believe Ms McCaffrey wrote this book, even though her name is the only one listed on it The book was published in 2000, and that is about the time that her son began taking over the writing duties on her books And it shows.I originally purchased this book in 2000, but I hadn t gotten around to reading it until recently I wish I d waited at least another 12 years to discover how absolutely awful Pegasus In Space This is easily one of the worst books I ve read in the last 25 years, and the only reason I d ever suggest that anyone else read it is if you absolutely must know what happened to Peter Reidinger.

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    Padrugoi Space Station is complete and now attention has been turned to building Moon Base and Mars Base Little do Peter Reidinger and Johnny Greene know they will be instrumental in making that happen at a much faster pace than anticipated In the meantime, an orphaned five year old girl named Amariyah, is found after the floods in Bangladesh When it s discovered she has a lot of as yet unknown Talent she is brought back to the Center and raised by Dorotea There are sinister machinations going on and Peter is in danger when he turns 18 and takes up his official duties for the Center up on Padrugoi After an accident involving Peter on his 19th birthday the true scope of Amariyah s Talent becomes known and it s a doozy And when Johnny tricks Peter into teleporting a small package from Australia to Moon Base, after getting over his shock, Peter slowly begins to realize he truly can reach for the stars.Even though this is the 3rd book in the Talents series it was the last to be written after the Tower and Hive series was complete In my opinion, it makes a better bridge between the two series than Pegasus in Flight and I m glad it was added since Peter s story is as fascinating as it is heartwarming.There is a lot going on in this book, but most of it revolves around Peter Since Peter is the catalyst for all of the books that follow, it s only right that we learn the history of how FTT Federated Telepath and Teleport comes about FTT features heavily in the Tower and Hive series.Once again the story flows smoothly and the plot proceeds quickly My favorite characters are back, some with much larger roles and we pick up Amariyah as well as a few The story still fascinates me and makes me wonder how much faster we would be exploring space if we had people with Talents such as these The mind boggles at the wonder of it all.I m looking forward to picking up The Rowan to continue with the series As I ve said before, it s been a long time since I ve read this series and I m really enjoying my immersion back into the world of the Talents Book source My home library.

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    This stands the test of time I have read this book times than I can count.It is the perfect distraction from the harsh realities of the real world.If you haven t already read it read it.

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    This book is called PEGASUS IN SPACE Clearly, I need to read it immediately.

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