When the Wind Blows

When the Wind Blows The Children Were Waiting Waiting For Centuries Waiting For Someone To Hear Their Cries Now Nine Year Old Christine Lyons Has Come To Live In The House On The Hill The House Where No Children Have Lived For Fifty Years Now Little Christie Will Sleep In The Old Fashioned Nursery On The Third Floor Now Christie S Terror Will Begin

John Saul grew up in Whittier California where he graduated from Whittier High School in 1959 He attended several colleges Antioch, in Ohio, Cerritos, in Norwalk, California, Montana State University and San Francisco State College, variously majoring in anthropology, liberal arts, and theater, but never obtaining a degree After leaving college, he decided the best thing for a college dropout to

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • When the Wind Blows
  • John Saul
  • English
  • 10 April 2018
  • 9780440194903

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    I think something is way wrong out at the Ambers That pretty much sums up this book.I started reading John Saul s books from the beginning and this has been my favorite so far While it has the same feel as the ones before it, the storyline and the suspense are tighter, creative, and less contrived While some of it still stretches the imagination quite a bit, at least it doesn t feel silly.Also, the evil element is this book is interesting I won t say much than that to avoid spoilers But, I will say if you like a good thriller, this one is worth a try.

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    When the Wind Blows is another selection from a giant bag of books a coworker gave me I should start my own imprint of mystery thrillers Giant Bag of Coworker s Books, an imprint of HarperCollins In Amberton, Colorado, When the Wind Blows is a time when bad things happen The Amber family founded the town ergo, Amberton , based on a huge coal mine The local Native Americans and Mexicans know there s something cursed about the mine when the Wind blows, you can hear the cries of the water babies I capitalize Wind advisedly, for when the Wind starts blowing, weirdness ensues Anyway, the water babies are spirits of stillborn babies The Native Americans interred their stillborns in a cave adjacent to the mine Here, their spirits reside until it s time for them to be reborn They don t like the Wind, so they cry.Meanwhile, a widower mining engineer named Mr Lyons comes to town to try and get the mine restarted He dies, leaving behind his nine year old daughter, Christie In his will, he gives guardianship to the Amber family 80 ish crone Edna, and 50 ish crackpot, Diane Christie soon finds that Diane treats her like a toddler insisting on giving her baths, and making her sleep in a crib Also, whenever Christie cries, Diane starts beating the shit out of her And Diane is the pleasant Amber to be around Miss Edna, as she s known, is acid tongued, and downright cruel some Amberton townsfolk think she s a witch So every time the Wind blows, Diane goes a little crazy She enters a sort of fugue state, and does things she can t remember Like kill Christie s friends, her horse, and freak out a little that she can hear her baby crying in the distance When the Wind Blows goes back and forth between which Ms Amber is crazier the mother or the daughter Really Flip a coin Ultimately, we learn the reason Diane s so screwed up, and Edna s so mean By the time we get this information, though, I had a really hard time caring I just wanted a house to fall on them both and be done with it I couldn t help but feel bad for young Christie She was an innocent, thrust into this bizarre pas de deux of whackjobs The most interesting character, a Mexican woman named Esperanza, is deplorably underused She has spiritual wisdom regarding the water babies and the sanctity of the mine, and she tells Christie the first day she moves into the Amber estate If you need me, come running, and I ll protect you This could have set up some interesting scenarios Sadly, though, she seems to be an afterthought, like a character who d be written into a picnic scene because none of the other characters brought macaroni salad I felt like she had a lot to offer, and it only made sense to me that Christie would escape to Esperanza s house the first chance she had Edna made it clear she doesn t want Christie living there, and Diane s gone round the twist, so it would be easy enough to arrange The good news is that a girl who apparently went to the same insufferable brat school as Nellie Olsen ends up dead at the bottom of the mineshaft It sounds horrible to relish a nine year old girl s death even a deplorable brat of a nine year old but I found a paucity of Big Moments in this book, so my conscience is clear Nor did I really find many of the characters interesting Most of them were nice, but one dimensional The key relationship is the triad between Christie, Edna, and Diane Christie was okay plucky enough, with a slight ability to learn how not to get Diane smacking her or Edna yelling at her and swatting her with her cane I sort of stopped caring, though, when Christie didn t just get on one of the horses and ride like hell away to the Town Marshal s house, or to Esperanza s, places she could be safe Early in When the Wind Blows, Diane comes off like an overly sheltered woman who s been cowed by her wicked mother Then we sense that she s a little crazy too Then we re led to believe that Edna was protecting Diane from herself ThenHell, I quit caring about either of them around the halfway mark I remember reading a John Saul novel in the past, and really enjoying it This particular effort, though, didn t work for me Except, of course, when the little brat falls down the mine shaft If that s the highlight, I can t really recommend this to anyone except the author s fans note When the Wind Blows has a decent enough Goodreads average, so maybe it s just me Then again, nah it s not just me

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    This is basically Mommie Dearest if there was also a Grannie Dearest thrown in the mix.I don t know what weird fetish this author has by killing off children in the most gruesome ways, it s like kiddy torture porn In all the books I ve read from him at least a child dies, so much it s become ridiculously morbid and predictable at this point.

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    After reading John Saul s, When the Wind Blows, I can t say that I m a fan of his but I m not putting him down for the count When it comes to being a reader, I can t say that I m specific to any genre If I had to pick one it would be children s or YA, not mystery, suspense, horror or thriller, all of which this novel could be classified under Since none of the above is my forte, so to speak, I feel as if I must tread lightly when judging a book by an author who is much loved by many Almost, like judging King while saying, I never read horror or Tolkien while claiming that you don t care for fantasy, never even touched the stuff I won t say that I ve never read in these genres, I ve for sure have touched the stuff , but I m not joining the mystery readers guild or anything of that sort.But though I may not be an expert in the matters of such, I can say that I do believe that I have come to some understanding about such genres I believe that some mysteries, suspense and horror books fall just like comedies How many comedy movies have you watched in which you thought to yourself, This is funny or said, I thought this was once funny but now Over time the jokes are no longer funny Horror and the such falls much the same way Over time, years later when one picks it up and reads or watches it, the scenes of blood and the lines, The stairs creaked underfoot no longer have the same effect In this case, for John Saul, I think this has happened.In no way does this make the book a bad read Actually it is decent, it s just that you are comparing 1980 s main stream fiction to our time It is just like music, some is unforgettable, some you wish to forget and others you only remember fondly when you catch a jingle of it on VH1 s I Love the 80 s This book would be the latter If I had read it in 1980 when I was only about2 months old I would be looking fondly back at this book and in my mind I would be saying, Oh I remember how that book scared the crap out of me But I m not and it did not In today s world all I can say is that the book held my attention from beginning to end It was predictable but I was okay with that because the way it was written, I wanted to keep on reading I became attached to characters and the setting and I had to find out who stayed and who didn t While I knew who the killer was, I wanted to know why In the end, I wanted to know who the next killer would be And, when I finished the book, I looked fondly at it and said, Hmmm, I wonder if there was a sequel John Saul s, When the Wind Blows, is not a classic in its genre, but that doesn t mean that it s not worth reading, especially if you are a die hard Saul fan or fan of the genre.

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    It was good, not great The way children are treated in some of John Saul s stories might lead some to believe the writer really detests kids I am sure that is not the case Maybe he feels it makes for better storytelling If I were him I would be a little creative with my plots instead of rewriting the same stories with different characters.

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    A quick and somewhat formulaic read but still fun in that Lifetime movie, early 1980 s horror kind of way The town of Amberville is haunted by the shadow of a fifty year old mining disaster which affected every family living there Now Christie Lyons father has come to town to try to reopen the mine Soon enough she s orphaned and living with the Edna and Dianna Amber, the town s nasty matriarch and her doormat of a daughter Dark secrets abound Who is killing young Christie s friends Does it have something to do with the old Indian cave used as a repository for stillborn babies And what s up with that wind You get the idea Add a half star if, like me, you are a fan of the paperback horror B Listers of the 80 s

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    Old timey horror These are the books I would steal from my brother when I was a teenager A simple story with simple wording Good for a laugh, atrocious with spelling and grammatical errors I would have expected from a well known horror author and lots of conversations vs paragraphs A decent quickie horror read.

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    Amberton, een klein stadje, gelegen aan de onderkant van een mijn, is 50 jaar rustig geweest Maar de opening van de mijn brengt daar verandering in Als de opzichter Dhr Lyons bij een ongeluk om het leven komt, gaat zijn dochter, Christie, tijdelijk bij Diana Amber en haar moeder Edna wonen Maar dan gebeuren er rare dingen en stort Christie s wereld geleidelijk in Edna is namelijk alleen maar boos en Diana is niet te pijlen Het belangrijkste is dat als de wind waait Christie lief moet zijn Een apart verhaal vanuit een aparte hoek De wind en de mijn spelen in het verhaal een belangrijke rol Het verhaal sleept je mee, maar het hield mij niet echt vast Het is spannend zoals we gewend zijn, maar het heeft niet helemaal dat beetje wat me trekt John Saul is geboren in 1942 in Pasadena, Californi Hij groeide op in Whittier en haalde zijn diploma in 1959 van de Whittier High School.Na verschillende opleidingen aan net zoveel beroepsopleidingen te hebben gevolgd zonder het behalen van een diploma of graad, besloot hij van school te gaan en auteur te worden In de daarop 15 jaar schreef Saul verschillende manuscripten en had hij verschillende baantjes geen enkele uitgever zag iets in zijn verhalen, totdat zijn agent bij Dell terecht kwam Daar wilden ze niets kopen, maar vroegen ze hem of hij een psychologische thriller kon schrijven Saul maakte een verhaallijn, schreef het uit en hoopte dat het goed genoeg was Zowel zijn agent als Dell waren laaiend enthusiast en zagen in dit verhaal een bestseller Dell pakte groots uit Advertenties en TV spots voor deze onbekende auteur werden gemaakt En het slaagde Saul werd in een klap wereldberoemd Suffer the Children was geboren Alle boeken die erna kwamen kwamen wel in de Bestsellerlijsten en zijn boeken werden wereldwijd uitgebracht en in verschillende talen vertaalt De boeken werden uitgegeven door uitgeverijen die zijn verbonden aan Random House Naast auteur is Saul ook acteur, scriptschrijver en is 1 van zijn boeken in 1984 uitgebracht als film Meer informatie over John Saul is te vinden op een van de onderstaande sites.http www.johnsaul.com index.htmlhttps www.goodreads.com author showhttp www.imdb.com name nm0766657 BoekinformatieUitgeverij PhoenixISBN 90.6879.012.9239 pagina s paperback

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    Haven t read early John Saul since I was a teenager Can t remember hardly a thing other than they scared me at the time and contributed to my love of horror I can t imagine any of his books would have the same effect on me now John Saul just isn t that good of a writer, even all these years later, I don t think he s gotten any better.

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    I d probably give this like a 3.5 star rating This is definitely a strange one, but I guess that s what you get from John Saul If you re looking for something that makes you go what the then this is a story for you.

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