Haunted: A Novel

Haunted: A Novel Dee Is Feeding The Chickens The Morning That Bones Are Discovered On The Mountain Something Doesn T Feel Right And Her Feeling Is Confirmed When Local Police Show Her A Ring That They Found With The Bones, A Ring Belonging To Mary Ann Simpson, Who Disappeared Four Years Earlier Other Girls, Dee Learns, Have Disappeared Too, Unusual For A Small Town Nestled In The Shadow Of The Bruce Peninsula S Rugged Escarpment, The Mountain That Dee LovesLike Her Gran, Dee Has The Sight, An Ability Not Only To See Spirits From The Afterlife But Also To Experience Their Deaths A Quality That Becomes Horrifying As The Story Takes Darker Turns While Trying To Help With The Investigation, Dee Is Drawn Into A Deepening Mystery That Soon Strikes Terrifyingly Close To Home

Arthur Ellis Award Best Juvenile 2010 Haunted

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  • Trade Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Haunted: A Novel
  • Barbara Haworth-Attard
  • English
  • 07 June 2019
  • 9780002008211

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    I like this one it was well written, and I liked the characters I found it a bit too predictable in some places, though it wasn t too hard to figure out who the killer was, and I guessed about Clarence chapters before it was revealed I think it s still a good book, though.It s about a 14 year old girl in rural Ontario in around the depression era Dee is 14 and lives with her grandmother, who is the village midwife She s never met her mother and believes her to be a singer in a travelling show Dee is also somewhat pyschic she can see ghosts, and often has feelings that warn her of things When the skeleton of one of Dee s friends is found up in the hills, Dee is brought into the investigation of a serial killer 14 year old Defiance Dee lives with her Gran in a small town in Ontario, by Pike s Mountain Her grandmother is the village midwife, and Dee uses her gift for comforting people to assist her dee has another gift, as well one that allows her to see the spirits which wander the mountain Early one morning, the body of a young girl is found in a clearing on the mountain, and it turns out to be that of a girl Dee was friends with Everyone thought she had eloped,but it turns out she s been murdered Everyone in town is terrified, and the town gossips are in their glory, with the worst of them pointing fingers at Dee s Gran Other girls from town soon go missing as well, and Dee becomes involved in the search when the missing girl is her best friend, Clooey.

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    The book cover has a lovely fantasy artwork I give this book 5 stars.

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    Reason for Reading I love a good ghost story.Comments Set in the Bruce Peninsula area of Ontario at the time that the soldier s had returned home from WWI, Dee and her Grandmother live in a small cabin at the outskirts of a rural town Grandmother is the town s midwife and also the one people come to for medicines when they are sick The town does have a doctor, has for some years and business isn t what it used to be but some folks still would rather trade goods with Grandmother than pay cash to the doctor Fourteen year old Dee has been raised by Grandmother as her own mother ran off with a travelling show when Dee was only a few months old, her father is unknown Otherwise the only special thing about Dee is that she sees dead people.Her gift which she keeps secret even from her Grandmother tests her endurance when a former friend of hers bones are found up on the mountain approximately four years old Everyone thought she d run away with a boy at the time and now people are remembering other girls who disappeared in the past It isn t until a new girl is found dead that a Detective from Toronto is sent for to find this serial killer in their midst.This is the first book I ve read by Barbara Haworth Attard, though she s written many juvenile and YA novels I highly enjoyed it I found the serial killer mystery to be tightly written and fast paced with plenty of clues but not easy to figure out at all I had it narrowed down to two suspects from the start but wavered between them for a while I think the intended audience will have a great time with this mystery.The supernatural element was an added bonus to an already strong straight forward thriller plot The spooky ghostly episodes certainly added to the sense of fear surrounding the plot This brings about a second theme that runs through the book of Dee wondering why she sees these spirits and wonders about her Grandmother s special gifts and why her mother ran away and has never come back Overall, a very intricate plot that carries many threads and combines the paranormal with reality with the ease of an accomplished writer.I enjoyed everything about this book Dee is a fun character, fully developed, as is her Grandmother who has a hard shell that Dee occasionally cracks and sees underneath The only thing I found disappointing is the stereotypical use of a mentally challenged character which appeared to be downs syndrome to me , who was called retard by the nastier folks in town This character is introduced first but as soon as the girl s bones are found it s obvious that stereotypically the retard is going to come under suspicion of the murders I expected it from the get go And indeed the author fell into that trap It s typical of the time period but something a little less obvious would have been original Otherwise, I read this book throughout a day, thought it was a brilliant serial killer mystery for this age group and loved the paranormal aspect Recommended

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    HauntedWritten by Barbara Haworth AttardPublished by Harper Trophy Canada HarperCollins Canada Date August 18th, 2009Pages 240Format PaperbackISBN 978 0002008211Haunted is one of my favourite books of 2009 Barbara Haworth Attard is the author of than 13 children s books and she is a Canadian author While reading the story about 14 year old Defiance or Dee as she is known to her friends, I was immediately taken in by the convincing, evocative tale Set in the early 1900 s, Haunted takes the reader on a journey through history, into the realm of the supernatural Dee s gift allows her to see and feel good and evil in many forms As a reader, I am very sceptical about ghost stories , but I have to admit that I was blown away by the outstanding writing and skilful telling of Haunted I cannot say enough great things about it The story flows smoothly with mesmerizing tension that builds slowly with bursts of emotion and tension so thick that you couldBook Reviews By Bobbie Top PICK Please click through to read the full review

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    A well written mystery for young adult readersbut enjoyed by any age There is a certain modern day angst to the story, even though it is set back in 1920 after WWI The suspense builds quickly and is sustained to the end Many surprises may be obvious to the average reader, but for a person new to the mystery genre I think they are cleverly written into the plot.I liked the main character and the Grandmother was very cool The story reminded me a lot of an actual murder trial that occurred in Ontario involving Steven Truscott The references to Toronto, Hamilton and the escarpment and our variable weather are always welcome Brings the story even closer to home The subjects that the author touches on are grim, and she deftly conveys that to the reader, without having to describe in detail the murders, the horrors of war or the damage that people s fear and prejudice can cause.Overall a recommended read, especially for young girls.

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    Dee s small town has murders happening and no one knows exactly who s been doing them Dee can see and feel things others cannot And so can her Gran Her Gran can tell sometimes what will happen before they do The people are cautious of them but grateful but also afraid But what happens when a murder strikes a little too close to home for Dee Can she figure out who the murderer is before it s too late for someone else This is interesting at first, then it starts to lull but as you get into it it picks up again and you find yourself needing to know what happens in the end Intense read but cool.

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    A thrilling read but with some forced birth sentiments unfortunately SPOILERThe grandma really thought it was cool for her daughter to stay pregnant and birth her rapist and almost murderer s baby What The plot and suspense was great but I might throw this book in the trash just for that.

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    This book resonated with me so much that I wrote a song about it.

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    review to follow

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    I just loved this book, and after the first chapter I could not put it down It s a very atmospheric book Set in rural Canada at the end of WW1, in the shadow of Price s Mountain on which much of the action takes place It reminded me of The Waltons crossed with The Ghost Whisperer with a bit of To Kill A Mockingbird thrown in as well It s the story of a feisty young girl called Dee named Defiance by her unmarried mother, who left town shortly after Dee s birth to join a travelling show as a singer who lives with her steely midwife grandmother, Gran Gran s family immigrated to Canada from Scotland and Gran has a special gift of knowing that something is about to happen to a person This coupled with her extensive knowledge of herbs and natural medicine makes her a skilled healer and midwife, in high demand in the Price s Corners region She and Dee have a testy relationship Gran wants Dee to follow in her foot steps, Dee however, wants to continue her schooling and eventually become a student nurse.Dee also has the gift of knowing which takes a different form and as a series of murders take place in their sleepy town, Dee is called upon to help with the investigations There are some very memorable characters, such as Dee s close band of friends, Billy, Clooey, and Podge Dee s mother s best friend Cissy, who is the closest thing Dee has to a mother and the various lovable and detestable townsfolk.I have not read any of Haworth Attard s other books but I ll be looking out for her in future She has a very easy style to read and a great turn of phrase Dee also believed that all these disappointments were stored in the deep grooves on either side of her grandmother s mouth, a mouth that seldom smiled p.13 Like all trees, family ones included, there were branches that twisted sideways from the rest p.17 Haworth Attard is also an astute observer and includes interesting asides about human nature and the cultural practices of the time Mrs Haynes was very big on education, and Billy s dad thought it prudent to give in to his wife on this point than to endure a life of cold silence p.15 Cissy held another, younger baby to her breast And if Dee s eyes were telling her right, the woman was in the family way again Gran wouldn t be happy about that Last baby, Cissy had swollen up until she was almost unrecognisable by the time of her confinement Gran had told her and Cissy s husband, Ray, the source of the ginger hair, not to have any children, but what woman ever had a choice in that Cissy also, Dee saw, sported a purple bruise on the side of her face Something else in which women had little choice p.17 The book works on a number of levels You can read it as a supernatural murder mystery or an historical romance but there are many other themes and issues that Haworth Attard has delicately woven through the story She looks at small town prejudice towards foreigners, the intellectually disabled and those like Gran and Dee who have unexplained gifts which some feel come for the Devil In the context of the early 20th Century the role of women, domestic violence and education are explored And as the murder investigations progress Haworth Attard takes the chance to introduce interesting historical details about perspectives on mental health at the time.Although I had my suspicions of who the murderer was I did not see the final twist coming This would read aloud really well, and would make a great book to study in literature circles for students in the middle years Highly recommended.

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