ZWhen a true story, that has shaken Greek Political system and society, comes to a well written book, it is our obligation to read it This book was written during the trials of those accused of the assassination of Z in Greece in the 1960s Sometimes the floral writing got annoying, but the pseudonyms were rather interesting depending on the translation from Greek If you re very interested in getting into the nitty gritty of Greek history, this is a key book to read. Popular Books, Z Author Vassilis Vassilikos This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Z, Essay By Vassilis Vassilikos Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Kind of like the 60s version of Rashomon it s all the depositions and newspaper accounts of the assassination of a Communist MP in Greece by some thugs paid by right wing politicians I ve wanted to read this ever since I saw the movie in high school With the exception of a psychedelic interlude that immediately dates the book to the 60s, Z will likely activate your hippie hell no we won t go gene, if you have one. Z is a really good book It leads you to think critically about the government and the people in it, especially the beaurocrats not the politicians and the power they weild over people What does it mean to be righteous What does it mean to do the right thing at any cost There are several books that go through those dilemmas Several classics, surely.Z is another book that does that What would you do if you were a poor carpenter, dependent on the police s grace for your license, if you saw a murder happen Would you report it Would you volunteer to reveal what you know Would you stick to your story even when you know the consequences It s hard to describe this book because there s so much going on At the core of the story is the murder of Z What follows, is a sometimes comical, sometimes Kafka esque, mostly realistic game of shadows and mirrors as people try to mask their role in the murder. In every man especially in a porter there are smoldering embers from a life never lived, a house never built, a pickup license never obtained At the slightest breath, the embers flare up and the past comes to life. Such things keep bobbing to the surface and there are left, unexamined forever, because no one can wrest the truth from those who don t want to tell it. P.S If you have ever had to get a group of engineers to explain what their system does to you with a diagram and they were unable to explain it to you despite 4 hours of meetings over 2 weeks, you know what the author is talking about in this quote. The Longer Version Every once in a while, you come across a movie so good, so intricate and subtle, so resonant with your own experiences around the system the movie is depicting, that you are stuck watching it in a never ending loop Shanghai 2012 , a Hindi movie, was one of those movies for me It perfectly portrayed everything that I had experienced and heard about from other people about the way the government really works, about how contracts are awarded, and how people talk to each other when they are the ultimate decision makers in their own little play world.I found out that the movie was actually adapted from a book on my n th re watch of the movie in the first few weeks of September this month Once I realized that a book existed, I had to read it And now, I have read it and I am very glad that I did Z is a really good book There are several parallel narratives which go hand in hand as the story progressesthe conversations real and imagined, between Z, his followers, his wife, Z s own thoughts The Investigator s beliefs and attempts to bring the truth to light, his almost spiritual belief that light can be shone on the truth no matter how long the process or how crafty the people who want the darkness to persist forever The Journalist and his make belief world of a private investigator, the advice he gives to people around him, the assurances of protection, often putting himself at risk Yango, Vango, Baron and the world of the toughs, the people at the very bottom of the food chain They are at the mercy of everyone else most of the time But at a few key moments, they rise to the top and they are beyond everyone s control And these moments, even though engineered by the people at the top who like to believe that they control the outcomes and are acting in a crafty knowing way, are just as powerless as the victims that they wish to oppress The General and his belief in the ideology, his frustrations with the people around him, the difficulty he has in getting out of an analogy that he thought was useful but turns out to be too all encompassing The Tiger and Nikitas, the righteous people in this group The people who believe that it is their duty to tell the truth, whether the consequences be favorable or not The people who are hard to pursue, the people on whom even their own mother turned It is the sense of duty in the people like Nikitas that leads to an inability to ignore facts And finally, at the very end, The Commissioner He was at the top of the food chain, and now he was imprisoned with the likes of Yango He was orchestrating the events, and before he knew, he realized that he was part of a much larger plot with a much important conductor He decided to tell all and thus, we understand the full story Right from the first meeting about downy mildew to the last scene of the book, the General trying to pay off the Tiger In all these narratives, the common thread is often Z The other common thread is the system that they live in Implicitly, they understand their place in the system The General knows that by being at the meeting, he has undermined the command of the Chief The Chief knows that by being there, he s basically taken over control from the Assistant Chief The Commissioner can t act when a full blown General is at the scene Yango wants people to see him having coffee with The Commissioner Whether they like it or not, whether their interest is on the left or the right, whether they are Communist Zionist or Hellenic Christians, the system has kept them aprised of their place and their responsibilities The Baron doesn t see a choice when he s asked to beat up people, he must do it He has a stall and he would only be asking for trouble if he were to deny to perform an act that ensures his place in the system.This book forced me to ask the question What system are you a part of What is your place in the system Do you know your responsibilities Are you performing them Are you doing the right thing Hard questions, and half imagined, I am sure. Quotes When he compared the number of patients he cured with the number of human beings the world over who could not buy even the most ordinary medicines, it was enough to make him shudder The same with begging What was the good of giving money to the poor The balance of poverty on the planet remained unaltered For the world to change, the system had to change.Z on the importance of systemic change His own pulse was calm For the speech ahead, he d merely made some notes When you have something to say, it s not difficult to say it The difficulty comes when you have nothing to say and must talk anyway.Z on oration I imagine myself at a railway crossing and the guard has put up the chain between us, an endless train roars over the rails, with as many cars as the years I shall not see you Only at fleeting moments, through the spaces between the cars, I catch a rare image of you waiting for me on the far side.Mrs Z on Z What was politics anyway, Hatzis wondered Did it hold nothing sacred Or maybe there was no difference at all between the bourgeois parties Sometimes the one rose, sometimes the other, like two peasants sharing the same mule, and the mule the common people just went on carrying them one after the other upon its back, understanding the change only from the difference in weight.The Tiger on PoliticsThe first chapter where Z narrates in first person is the best chapter in the book I always wondered what that character was thinking and what his beliefs were whenever I saw the movie, this chapter was incredibly enlightening on that account.P.S This was also the first time that I was able to fit all my quote Kindle notes into the review of a book The film took me by surprise in just how gripping it was and the book did the same It s narrative is interesting as it follows the account of a fictional assassination which fills in for a real one that took place in Greece in the 1960 s Shocking to think that this can take place in the western world so recently. Z by Vassilis Vassilikos9.5 out of 10Alas, if you are looking for Z by Vassilis Vassilikos, the entries you find on the internet are scarce and the work that has been considered a masterpiece does not even have a Wikipedia page whereas a multitude of futile, useless things and names have than a page, they often have than plenty although it has been included on The Guardian s 1,000 Novels Everyone Must Read list in the State of the Nation section.This reader has been transmogrified by the adaptation for the big screen, directed by the marvelous Costa Gavras, with the magnificent, radiant Yves Montand and Jean Louis Trintignant, a magnum opus that has won two Oscars, being nominated for Best Motion Picture, Best Director, the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, the Jury Prize and Best Actor at the most relevant cinematic gathering, The Cannes Film Festival.In fact, that initial impression, of decades ago, when the poignancy of the images was so powerful that the deputy who is hit with a club on the head stayed in my mind for the intervening years and unfortunately has managed somehow to overpower the rendition of the events described in the novel, which became thus one of the few perhaps no than ten books to be surpassed by the film, when both are magical.One issue that one may have with the novel Z might be that it tends to be long, probably too long for the readers of this age including the undersigned especially if one knows the story, which I did, and the details of the process, the finding of the culprits, the overturning of initial false, incriminating statements made, in which vicious specialist said that the death of Z was caused by a fall and not by the club with which he was hit on the head, before the pickup with three wheels is driven across his body, which had stumbled to the ground.The name of the book which is also the name chosen for the main character is fabulous in that it is a symbol and works better that a substitute for Grigoris Lambrakis, the real life deputy who had been killed in 1963, in Salonika, which has become in the meantime Thessaloniki, and Vassilis Vassilikos could have written about Alexis Gavras by the way, Alexis Zorba by Nikos Kazantzakis is yet another contemporary chef d oeuvre, by another Greek phenomenon but the power resting within Z is glorious.Another reluctance that this reader has had and it prevented it from fully attaching to Z, the narrative and the good personages within is connected with the political orientation of the camp of the hero, for albeit he seems to be rather independent, detached from the communists, those are his most fervent supporters and this is anathema for someone who has benefited from their doctrine, the cruel, exterminating, murderous tyranny brought by the Soviets, with the slogan all animals are equal , whereas we knew in practice, and from George Orwell, that some animals are equal than others.The hero is presented as close to a God, an athlete with a superb physique, with achievements in competitions, convincing, brave, powerful, intelligent and able to lead the crowds, but when he arrives in the city of Salonika, the local extreme right is poised to make an example out of him and his followers, using the authority, infrastructure of the police and other local institutions to beat, abuse, eventually eliminate, throw stones at those taking part in the meeting which was difficult, almost impossible to organize, for the local leaders pressed those in charge of the venues to refuse the requests of the leftists.A general, the chief of police and other high ranking officials are all involved in the murder of Z, albeit it would be difficult perhaps unattainable to convict those who gave the orders, in spite of the fact that the monsters used to swing the tools of death are apprehended quite soon against the wishes of their leaders, who try to hide at least one of them, but because one courageous, heroic individual, Hatzis, jumps on the three wheeler, just as it tries to disappear from the crime scene, after the deputy had been clubbed on the head and then driven over, and he fights with the two monsters and thus exposes them to a possible punishment by the law.Yango Gazgouradis and his partner in crime Vango, a pedophile who abuses victims and is protected by the police, in exchange for his brutality, the force he uses on opponents of the extreme right wing, those who call themselves Friends of Peace are communists all for the mad, pro fascist forces they have alas not gone into extinction, either in Greece, where they have the Golden Dawn, or in other places, like America, where the supremacists, extremists now have an idol, the orange buffoon that 53% of republicans a new poll shows think he is better than Lincoln The goons speak loudly about what they are going to do, after all, who is going to arrest them, if the chief of police and other men in uniform are the ones who organize and press them to abuse, beat and eventually kill their opposition, with promises of money and the abolition of fines, misdemeanors and other penalties they may face, the two killers and others who have been brought to the forefront to attack those who want to participate in the meeting and get close to the heroic Z.Killing the brave, valuable, superhuman almost hero has some mixed results and we could say that on the one hand, his departure would have a tremendous echo, would help to unite his supporters, who have such a magnificent cause now, a God like figure, eventually they win political power, but on the other hand, without going into spoiler details, we could also point out the fact that the process of bringing justice is immensely difficult it ever achieved and many of those involved, from Z, who pays with his life for his ideals, to Hatzis and others who g face abuse, discrimination and physical violence for their decision to stand for justice, human values, truth, democracy and rule of law. I m surprised that this book doesn t have reviews I love the narration it s emotional and exhilarating I m a beginner in political novels, but I love this book for its narration anyway The only thing is that there were so many characters I sometimes lost track But it s not that big a deal, and I m really, really glad I actually bought this book. Brilliant novel about the murder of a leftist parliamentary deputy in early 1960s Salonika a political killing in a Greece on the edge of the coup that brought the Colonels to power Vassilikos Z is also the source for Costa Gavras film of the same name one of the great political thrillers of the 20th century The novel is complex, and told through multiple viewpoints and conflicting voices, with the streets of Salonika and Athens as players as important as army officers, bureaucrats, and hired thugs A fine, fine political novel, and one worth reading as Greece seems to be fracturing again Very much worth finding and reading. 110813 this was made into an excellent film too, retains its interest even as you know how it ends

is a prolific Greek writer and diplomat A native of the northern Greek island of Thassos, Vassilikos grew up in Salonika, graduating from law school there before moving to Athens to work as a journalist Due to his political activities, he was forced into exile following the 1967 military coup, where he spent the next seven years.Between 1981 and 1984 Vassilikos served as general manager of the Greek state television channel ET1 Since 1996, he has served as Greece s ambassador to UNESCO.As an author, Vassilikos has been highly prolific and widely translated He has published than 100 books, including novels, plays and poetry His best known work is the political novel Z 1967 English language ISBN 0 394 72990 0 or ISBN 0 941423 50 6 , which has been translated into thirty two languages and was the basis of the award winning film Z directed by Costa Gavras with music by Mikis Theodorakis.In 2008, Vassilikos was among to 41 other personalities of Greece that condemned the action of the withdrawal of Ersi Sotiropoulos s book Zigzag Through the Bitter Orange Trees from the Greek school libraries, after the appeal of insurance measures by Konstantinos Plevris against to the Ministry of National Education of Greece for this issue In 2001, Petros Tatoulis had asked the withdrawal of this specific book and he characterized this as pornographic due to the provocative sexual scenes that it contains

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