NightshadeCalla Tor Has Always Known Her Destiny After Graduating From The Mountain School, She Ll Be The Mate Of Sexy Alpha Wolf Ren Laroche And Fight With Him, Side By Side, Ruling Their Pack And Guarding Sacred Sites For The Keepers But When She Violates Her Masters Laws By Saving A Beautiful Human Boy Out For A Hike, Calla Begins To Question Her Fate, Her Existence, And The Very Essence Of The World She Has Known By Following Her Heart, She Might Lose Everything Including Her Own Life Is Forbidden Love Worth The Ultimate SacrificeA Finely Wrought Compelling Tale Of Romance And TreacheryCynthia Leitich SmithNew York Times Bestselling Author Of Eternal And Tantalize So everyone is probably going to hate me for writing this review but this is my honest to god opinion I really wanted to like Nightshade I waited so long to read this and I was dying to read it too I heard nothing but great things about this series but I really wanted the book in paperback to save money And the week the paperback came out, I immediately bought it And wellI hated it Okay no, hate is a strong word I didn t hate this book In fact, the beginning of this book started off strong and had me completely reeled in But after awhile, I lost complete interest.First off, Calla justI don t know how to explain it but I didn t like her I felt like Cremer was trying too hard to make her sound like a teenager and it didn t come off right on paper Its like she was a mixture of too many things all at once She was too fake in my opinion.Second, there s Ren Yes, I said it I don t like Ren I ll say it again I Don t Like Ren Honestly, I found nothing attractive about him at all Again, I felt as if Cremer tried too hard with his character Ren was too dominating, too sarcastic, toomuch I didn t like the way he treated Calla at all either He seemed all over he place Overbearing at one moment, caring the next And I didn t like the fact that they were so eager to just get together and mate so quickly All of the characters just seemed really poorly written I couldn t connect to anyone except for one character Shay Yeah yeah I know I m getting some wtf faces right now But hey, that s just me Personally, I could relate to Shay From what I read, he loved literature and yet he had a natural curiousity for things that didn t seem right I wanted of him and it confused me why no one else felt the same minus three other people But as much as I liked Shay, I couldn t finish this book, not even for him.Now, the biggest problem I had with this book is the plot I had no idea what was going on A hundred pages in, I still had no idea what was going on Nothing had been explained or cleared up and this annoyed me I mean, a little mystery is good but you can t leave the reader still guessing so far in the book I lost all interest because not one thing was clear and I don t want to read a book that I can t understand.Overall, I really didn t like this book There were so many problems I had with this book and there s no way I m going to be able to finish this Too many things left unclear and too many inconsistencies made me unhappy I m sad to say that I only fell in love with this book because of its cover Will I ever read another book by Cremer Probably not.Rating 1 out of 5 Stars Usually, as a reviewer of YA and one who attracts a relative amount of trolls, I get told often that someone as OLD as me shouldn t be reviewing YA books And at the staggeringly long lived age of 25, I might as well be on Kidney dialysis and walking around with a zimmerframe to these people Coincidentally, how do you like my tiara Usually, I ignore these people because I can easily pretend to turn off my hearing aid and go to sleep They stop annoying me when I pretend to fart in my sleep and snore simultaneously.For the first time, probably ever, I really feel the distinction I didn t like this book, so I ll still rate it In fact, I didn t get past page 46 because I was afraid my eyes would roll out of my head if I kept pressing on This book is for teenagers Like, teenagey teenagers Of which, I am not one of them.This book will relate to people who still think your clothing defines absolutely every aspect of your personality and who you can be friends with Who still think that the most important thing is that s you re listening to the right bands and doing you re hair the way it s cool to do it now People who GET Fred Disclaimer here By get Fred I don t mean, Get Fred and choke the life out of him because he shouldn t be allowed to exist But if you did think that s what I meant then I think we can remain friends.I am not teenagery My teenage cousin spent her Christmas money on hair products because she needed to update her range I spent my Christmas money on NOT defaulting on my homeloan by spending the GNP of Brazil on haircare products I dress nicely and I will never, ever, get mistaken for a teenager I wear PEARLS Real pearls.This book is SO not for me.This review also appears on my blog This book is preposterous, degrading, and offensive to strong women everywhere.There If you disagree passionately with that statement, you will be offended by what follows.You ve been warned.Oh yeah, and spoilers ahead, because I don t really care enough about this Idiot Plot enough not to give it all away Capice Good You may proceed.The worst part of Nightshade is that I actually liked the basic concepts The notion of a world populated and semi controlled by witches and werewolves, with incubi and chimerae and all that other good stuff that interests me I could go with that So it s a shame to see that ruined by a cast of characters that made my blood boil, and plot that involved most of said cast being stereotyped and or just plain willfully ignorant, and the only exception being stereotyped and occasionally douchebaggey.But the one I really want to talk about is Calla.At first, I was glad to see her characterized the way she is A female alpha, a warrior, in command of her pack GIRL POWER right What followed was an argument between me and this book Went something like this.Me GIRL POWER Book GIRL POWER Me So, because Calla s full of win and GIRL POWER, she s going to stand up to Ren and be his equal, right Book Sure, since he says that s the way he wants it.Me what Book Well, obviously male alphas have authority even over the females You know, like in real wolf societies Me Yes, but these are WEREwolves They ve got to have been influenced by feminism, right Book No, they don t I don t want them to Then I wouldn t get my enthusiastically flity feminine best friend, or the stereotyped tomboy bitch, or the empty shell of a girl who follows said tomboy bitch around.Me And Calla Book Calla s an ALPHA GIRL POWER Me Yes, but no See, she s very clearly an alpha in name only Everyone even her own pack before the union defers to Ren At times, they stand up to her and basically tell her to go to hell with her commands IF she was an alpha with GIRL POWER, she would keep them in line and actually behave like a leader Instead, she lets everyone steamroller her from Ren to Shay even when he s human She s never in control of her life, and she hesitates to take control For an alpha, she s not assertive in the least All it takes is a little kissing for her to give up every thought in her head, if she had one in the first place.Book Me And then there s her mother You know what part bothered me most I marked it specifically You cannot cross an alpha male, even when you belong to another You risk your own life to do so That s what Naomi tells her daughter after Ren s father has been sexually harassing her Now, I understand the point in the society of the Guardians BUT Look at the larger message You know what she s saying If the men are stronger than you, you become their possession, and others of that level of strength may also possess you unless your owner man fights for you Well, book.Here s my response.FUCKTHATSHIT.Book Have an angsty ending Me NO GO DIE.And that s pretty much it I would have been less insulted if Calla hadn t been an alpha by putting her in a position of assumed power and then subverting it, Cremer made her even weaker and of an affront to true strong women. This is undoubtedly the worst YA novel I ve read this year I suffered through about 50% of the audiobook, i.e 6 long, excruciating hours, waiting for it to start making sense, but it never did Eventually I became too annoyed to continue.Cremer rarely bothered to explain her world, but even when she did, the Keepers and Guardians made no sense to me Sink or swim is how I would describe her worldbuilding, at least in the first 40% or so the story just goes on and you either get it or not Not I still don t understand why these Guardians, werewolves, warriors, whatever you want to call them, would answer to a group of witches, allowing themselves to be controlled in such a horrible way They can t be dominant, Alpha, and submissive at the same time I love my shapeshifter books as long as they don t break one simple rule the author needs to explain clothes right away or I m done I don t care what the explanation is the clothes can magically appear, they can be hidden somewhere or people can just walk around naked, but I need to know For the longest time in Nightshade, Calla kept changing forms in public without any mention of clothes It was explained eventually, but by then I was too angry to even care You know how sometimes it seems, especially in books with a really strong plot view spoiler think The Hunger Games hide spoiler

Andrea Cremer is the author of the internationally bestselling Nightshade series She spent her childhood daydreaming and roaming the forests and lakeshores of Northern Wisconsin Andrea has always loved writing and has never stopped writing, but she only recently plunged into the deep end of the pool that is professional writing Before she wrote her first novel, Andrea was a history professor at

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