Vendetta In Italian Police Inspector Aurelio Zen, Michael Dibdin Has Given The Mystery One Of Its Most Complex And Compelling Protagonists A Man Wearily Trying To Enforce The Law In A Society Where The Law Is Constantly Being Bent In This, The First Novel He Appears In, Zen Himself Has Been Assigned To Do Some Law Bending Officials In A High Government Ministry Want Him To Finger Someone Anyone For The Murder Of An Eccentric Billionaire, Whose Corrupt Dealings Enriched Some Of The Most Exalted Figures In Italian Politics

K K Beck His death in 2007 followed a short illness.Series

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    The second in the Aurelio Zen Italian mystery series is even better than Ratking, the first Zen is sent to Sardinia to frame a peasant for the murder of a millionaire gunned down on his impregnable island estate The politicians are afraid they will be embarrassed if the real murderer is convicted One of the attractive things about the Zen mysteries is the ways in which the corruption of the Italian political system makes the solving of crimes a interesting puzzle Aurelio s task solve the murder while still managing to save his career Oh, and I almost forgot he has another problem too he has become the object of a vendetta.

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    Everyone who used him for their own purposes seemed very satisfied with the results Michae Dibdin, VendettaThis is my third Zen novel and I really seem to be cocking up the order of it I started with Book One Ratking , fair enough, but I also bought and read Book Five Cos Fan Tutti , so now I m trying to bring some order back into my life There really is something attractive about these novels I m certain half of the mild success these novels have had are due to Dibdin discovering a near perfect character Zen and a near perfect setting Rome, Sardinia Zen isn t perfect He lives with his mother He exists in an almost Kafkaesque Italian police bureaucracy where his competence almost nearly costs him either his life or his job But still he grinds on, and things seem through Karma to sort themselves nearly out at the end If you like Raymond Chandler or Hammett s noir novels, these ones won t disappoint you too much They also reminded me a bit of Church s Inspector O A Corpse in the Koryo, Bamboo and Blood, etc novels police investigations in North Korea I guess there really are unlimited ways you can tell a story about an ethical man trying to escape the maze of an unethical bureaucracy while hot on the trail of a killer.Also, one final note, the BBC s Zen 3 episode series is also worth checking out I d read the first three Zen novels first Ratking, Cabal, Vendetta , but even without the novels the show is interesting.

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    This one was definitely better than the first I mean the first book was still good in its own rights, but the second book had me on the edge of my seat , especially at the end when nearly ten pages were spent on a very gut wrenching race between Zen and a man who is trying to kill him It was an incredible scene and very well played out.This time, Zen is trying to track down the murderer of a very wealthy man and his wife and friends, each of them gunned down in the millionaires home The trick is, he lived in a fortress and prided himself on his security All that remains is one video from a security camera that shows the millionaire and his wife, along with their friends being brutally murdered though the killer never appears on the screen.They have a suspect in custody and the police are about ready to pin everything on him, until a group intervenes and asks Zen to basically fabricate evidence to point the finger at another person Through his investigations, Zen actually discovers that it was another and the results are amazing.The chapters are broken up into little segments where you re actually in the mind of the killer and they meld with events in the chapter so well that you think you know who it is until the last five pages when Zen enlightens the readers as to who the real culprit is.A great book and I can t wait to get started on the next one, just as soon as I finish this post.

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    One of the better mysteries well, really one of the better character pieces I ve read in a while Picked this up from a library sale at a street fair in Park City for 50 cents It s the second in the Aurelio Zen detective series, set in Rome How s the plotting You don t care This isn t about plotting It s about character Zen has a reputation for integrity and people constantly insult him with the phrase amidst the most dishonest police force in the world But what s great is it s not because Zen is a man of deep principle but because he s a social misanthrope with what seems like a bit of Oppositional Defiance Disorder He s man of integrity only because his bosses aren t and he just has to disobey His relationship with his boss s secretary is wonderfully done He wants her, but he assumes she s happily married because she says she is When he helps her out of a jam with her husband, and gives her a ride to her destination, he sees it s to spend time with another man And he hates her for it He hates not that she s married and off limits, but that she IS available just not to him The scene where he confronts her about it is shockingly human and warm and uncomfortable The neuroses he exhibits while trying to figure out their relationship is truly rare in this genre.Zen is a thinking man whose prone to hide from men tailing him and then, once hidden, lapse into elaborate paranoid fantasies about who s out to get him which leads to thinking about the case which leads to thinking about his relationships with his woman, his ex wife, and his mother and then 3 hours have gone by and oh, yeah I guess I lost the guy trailing me.Really enjoyed it Then I watched the BBC mystery based on the book and was profoundly disappointed by the adaptation.

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    3.50 StarsThis installment of Michael Dibdin s Aurelo Zen Series pays homage to the classic locked door murder mystery Zen has been assigned to write a summary for the magistrate on the murders of Oscar Burolo, his wife, and another couple in his Sardinian villa A camera captures the event in gruesome detail, but not the killer Burolo s video discs and tapes have been disturbed But the villa s security is top notched and an alarm would have been set off if an intruder had come onto the property No alarms were tripped before or after the murders So, the logical conclusion is that one of the couple came back to the Villa and killed the two couples.But Zen isn t so sure It could have been at least 3 other people, and that s fine with Political officials who want anyone but the man who is to tried for the murders Word comes to the Criminalpo that Zen must go to the Italian island of Sardinia and conduct his own investigation But vendettas swirl around Zen and this case, and will Zen become another victim.In this installment, Aurelo Zen isn t likeable He whines a lot He ignores his mother and basically tries to forget she s sharing his apartment He s smug He moons over a co coworker Tania like an adolescent boy He thinks much of himself, and is a bit of a bully.The story line is told from Zen s POV as well as the killer s The killer s POV is in italics so it s easy to see who s eyes we are seeing the scene through Michael Dibdin was a grand story teller in the vain of Raymond Chandler, so expect raw and gritty, not graphic prose and dialogue.

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    This is the second in the series of novels featuring the detective from Venice, Aurelio Zen As in the other titles, Dibden is excellent at bringing out the rivalries in Italian law enforcement, both between individuals and organisations The political element is always lurking in the background and is, for lesser mortals like Zen, difficult to gauge Although this is only the second book in the series Zen is already disillusioned, having realised that getting a result might not be the same as identifying the actual culprit It may not be politic to do that since the desired outcome may be to fit someone else up for a given crime for purely political reasons And this is the case here, where all the people living within the perimeter of a fortress like safe house are murdered.On the emotional level, Zen is having problems on two fronts The first is his mother, who seems to be losing it especially when she is living with him The second is a married police officer, Tania Biacis, whom he seems to desire solely on the grounds that she is there In fact, Zen is not a particularly likeable man, not a person you would warm to On the other hand, he is intelligent and well suited to detection.The title of the book refers, not to a vendetta Zen is investigating, but to a criminal who intends to kill him to get even for past grievances The plot is complex but the solution to the mysterious deaths, though unexpected, makes good sense.Dibin s books are unusual in that the quality of writing is unusually high for this genre and would stand comparison quite easily with literary fiction There is real pleasure to be had from his prose, and that can t be said very often.

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    This is the second Aurelio Zen mystery crime novel, and is as good or better than the first Ratking Dibdin paints the bureaucracy and political games of Rome in such cynical terms that you wonder how anything gets done And Zen wonders this, too But the real wonder is how everything bad that happens to Zen and a lot of bad happens turns into good luck for him in the end You are left chuckling and shaking your head at the farce of it all While reading this novel, notice that the word vendetta shows up multiple times there are in fact several vendettas occurring, some criminal, some professional, and some very personal Which ones will Zen foil, or will he be the victim Even if the mystery is not necessarily that, Dibdin writes so beautifully that it is hard to put the book aside I love to read certain sentences three or four times just for the sheer delight in his choice of words His sentences can be long and complex, but the imagery evoked by his word choice is wonderful.

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    After the first book in the series, Ratking, which I thought was ok but not necessarily great, I approached the second book in the Aurelio Zen mystery series, Vendetta by Michael Dibdin with some trepidation However, I enjoyed it much than the first It made sense and was a bit logical in its presentation.Zen works for the Criminal police bureau in Rome and is assigned to work an investigation in Sardinia It s a political move as the suspect is a key member of one of the minority parties and they want him exonerated Zen is also dealing with his mother who seems to have dementia He also has developed feelings for Tania a clerk in the division, the problem being that she is married she seems to reciprocate though And Zen is being left odd messages and threats and seems to be being followed by someone.There is another past case that is intruding as well, the arrest of a gangster for murder and his release from prison Is he related to two other murders and is he a threat to Zen It s an interesting story, somewhat convoluted at times but it all winds up nicely I like Zen much in this book He s caught in a web of political intrigue but also trying to keep himself alive as various people seem to want to cause him injury The portrayal of the seedier aspects of Rome is well described and I found Sardinia interesting, very bleak for all its proximity to Italy It had a bit of a personal feel for me as my father, while in the Canadian Air Force in the late 60s often deployed there to a NATO air base for training ops Anyway much enjoyable than the first, intriguing and with enough action to keep you satisfied if you like that I look foward to continuing my look at Zen s world 4 stars

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    reflecting on his conflicting feelings about being readmitted to the male free masonry which ran not only the Criminalpol department but also the Ministry, the Mafia, the Church and the government. In Michael Dibdin s Aurelio Zen series each of the eleven stories happens in a different location in Italy Vendetta 1990 , the second novel in the series, begins in Rome but the most important part of the plot takes place in Sardinia As I already mentioned in my reviews of three other books in the series Ratking , Cabal , and The End Games , Mr Dibdin s greatest strength lies in masterfully capturing the ambience and character of Italy one could likely learn about the country from his books than from many travel guides.Inspector Zen after his handling of the Miletti s case where he valiantly fought against the corrupt system and where, even though he did not quite lose the fight, the system won anyway has been promoted to the Ministry s prestigious Criminalpol division A very rich owner of a construction company has been slaughtered, along with his wife and guests in his residence in Sardinia, and Zen is investigating The victim s house is supposed to have had an absolutely foolproof security system, and the shooting has been captured in vivid detail on the security video Powerful people in the system politicians from one of the governing parties again want to use Zen as a pawn in their game So although, technically, it is the Ministry that sends Zen to Sardinia, in fact it is the politicians who tell the inspector what the results of his investigation should be Read the book to learn how Zen finds out the way that the tight security of the victims residence has been breached I figured this out about mid book , and whether he finds the murderer.I love Mr Dibdin s bitter and cynical meaning realistic view of the corrupt system that includes the government, the police forces, the business elite, and obviously the Mafia One can do nothing, absolutely nothing against the system But I also like the plot Vendetta makes a good detective story and it is a fast, captivating read The detailed and brutal description of the video recording that shows the murders is certainly memorable Mr Dibdin s writing is simple and economical, and he does not refer to human excreta in this installment of the series maybe the depictions of the bleeding deaths suffice bright red blotches appeared all over his face like an instant infection What I do not like is a thread that involves Mr Spadola at the end of the story the over the top histrionics take away from the impact of the story Also, the literary device of having a parallel voice in the novel typeset in italics is clich d and tired fortunately it is pretty marginal.Three stars.

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    This was my first Aurelio Zen novel, and it won t be the last I picked up on a recommendation of sorts from Masterpiece Mystery, which will be showing the apparently only three episode TV adaptation of the Zen books The novels being adapted are this one, Cabal and Ratking, so I am reading them in broadcast order instead of series order.Even with this being the second novel in the series, I was very easily immersed in Zen s world Dibdin s writing is well crafted and he is not afraid to use longer, complex sentences to tell his story Zen comes across as a very amusing character, with plenty of cunning and street smarts but also very real insecurities and flaws His relationship with his mother provides a good source of entertainment she s moved into his apartment in Rome because she can t live on her own in Venice any, and naturally conflict will ensue, especially when his mum acts selectively deaf and stubborn.I loved the details of life in Rome as well shoving one s way onto the back of a crowded bus, standing in the doorway of a bar drinking a very young wine, going to coffee bars, and everyone cutting out of work on Friday at noon I also liked the descriptions of the other cops conversations about cars and the part about Zen s driving style, as it is very much mine as well Zen s style behind the wheel was that of an elderly peasant farmer phut phutting along at 20 kph in a worn out Fiat truck with bald tyres and no acceleration, blithely oblivious to the hooting, light flashing hysteria building up in his wake p 152 of the edition I read The only thing I didn t really like in this book was the italicized interludes, which kind of made sense at first but then I got confused about them and am not sure whether my initial assessment was correct But that was the only quibble I had Zen is a great character, Dibdin an excellent writer and I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series This one s a keeper.

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