BurnNevada Barr Brings Her Acclaimed New York Times Bestselling Anna Pigeon Series To Minotaur Books With One Of Her Most Compelling, Complex Novels Yet Anna Pigeon, A Ranger With The National Park Service, Is Newly Married But On Administrative Leave From Her Job As She Recovers From The Traumas Of The Past Couple Of Months While The Physical Wounds Have Healed, The Emotional Ones Are Still Healing With Her New Husband Back At Work, Anna Decides To Go And Stay With An Old Friend From The Park Service, Geneva, Who Works As A Singer At The New Orleans Jazz NHP She Isn T In Town Long Before She Crosses Paths With A Tenant Of Geneva S, A Creepy Guy Named Jordan She Discovers What Seems To Be An Attempt To Place A Curse On Her A Gruesomely Killed Pigeon Marked With Runic Symbols And Begins To Slowly Find Traces Of Very Dark Doings In The Heart Of Post Katrina New Orleans Tied Up In All Of This Is Jordan, Who Is Not At All What He Appears To Be A Fugitive Mother Accused Of Killing Her Husband And Daughters In A Fire And Faint Whispers Of Unpleasant Goings On In The Heart Of The Slowly Recovering City Now It Will Take All Of Anna S Skills Learned In The Untamed Outdoors To Navigate The Urban Jungle In Which She Finds Herself, To Uncover The Threads That Connect These Seemingly Disparate People, And To Rescue The Most Vulnerable Of Creatures From The Most Savage Of Animals

Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction author, known for her Anna Pigeon series of mysteries, set in National Parks in the United States Barr has won an Agatha Award for best first novel for Track of the Cat.Barr was named after the state of her birth She grew up in Johnstonville, California She finished college at the University of California, Irvine Originally, Barr started to pursue a career in

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  • Hardcover
  • 378 pages
  • Burn
  • Nevada Barr
  • English
  • 23 October 2017
  • 9780312614560

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    SIIIIIIGGGHHI guess I m finished with Nevada Barr Her Ranger Anna Pigeon series started out friendly enough, but the last few books have been edgier and explicit and I m just not handling it I don t blame Nevada or anyone I m just choosing to read other things The sadness comes in thinking of how happy I was to find this series about a female park ranger because I happen to be a female park ranger only to see that in order to keep selling books or pleasing the world or whatever the motivation is, Nevada keeps getting and gruesome or graphic or whatever you d like to say.When I first started her novels, I could IDENTIFY with all the ranger lingo, job situations, and the like Things have changed And I don t care for these particular changes That s all It s me My choice I m not preaching I m not on a soap box Wellone last thoughtPeople keep saying that you have to look beyond some of the filth to see the incredible talent of the author, etc I guess I can t overlook the harshness of the filth How do you ignore the F word I know I sound like a fifth grader who has just heard my teacher reading aloud the D word or the H word for the first time, but something in me CAN T ENJOY the F word It ruins everything I ll have to stop spending my own cash on books I think are worthwhile and go back to haunting the libraries for free Then, only my time will be wasted rather than my time AND my money.

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    This was a difficult read than the typical Anna Pigeon mystery novel Instead of the wide vistas of various national parks and the descriptions of the natural world that offset the human predators she deals with, the setting is the darker side of New Orleans and modern day sex slavery and pedophiles The story is dark and the characters are also.Anna continues her recovery from her breakdown after her traumatic experiences written about in Winter Study and only partially relieved if not added to in Borderline She has undergone so many changes in recent years, having found a new love and married again This time in New Orleans was to be a further time of healing but Anna cannot constitutionally walk away from anything that feels wrong.While the subject matter is difficult, and likely not for all readers, the writing is, as always, excellent I believe I ve read all of this series now This book kept me bound to find out what would be the outcome To give too many details would be unfairthe summary of the plot given above is enough As must be obvious, it was not too dark for me such situations exist in our world I don t wish to revel in them but I will read a well written mystery dealing with this terrible reality.

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    All of you naysayers just don t want to accept the truth humans are a failed species You whiny people are the reason monsters like this get away with this type of thing you CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE TRUTH This sort of thing IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR IGNORING IT Nevada Barr does an EXCEPTIONAL job of telling the truth about horrors that are the horrible, devastating truth If you can t stand it Do something about it Find these people Kill them They don t deserve to live.Ms Barr has taken on a horrific subject and made it real The people that really disturb me The blind idiots who gave the book a bad review This is a desperately important issue, one that is ignored, denied, and swept under the rug by people who would just as soon pretend it doesn t happen If you stick your fingers in your ears and hum really loud, it will just all go away, right R i i i i g h tI had a minister tell me once upon a time that things like this simply didn t happen that humans were too Godly for this to ever happen, and that I was a monster for saying it did Yes, and Santa comes down the chimney, the Tooth Fairy delivers quarters, and the man with the van really only wants to give your child a piece of candy he never would really hurt a fly, right Yes, dear morons, it happens, and No, it isn t a curable disability it is a monstrous, horrific twist to the psyche that is incurable, other than with a needle in the arm or in Old Sparky too good a fate or by burning slowly at a rotisserie operated stake much like it.Thank you, thank you, Ms Barr, for writing Burn Yes, the reviews of many are stupid, simplistic, blind and cruel I wonder what these same people would say if it were THEIR children who were taken and used in this manner Ms Barr does an exceptional job of pulling off the cover of banality and blindness and writing a book which brings these horrors to life To say true, I had sort of gotten bored with Anna As she has gotten older, she has gotten stodgy and dull sort of like the rest of us None of her stories, in my estimation, really addressed anything truly important any longer It was like running around telling you about state parks and having fights Apparently, Ms Barr was a bit bored with Anna herself, and decided to do something deeply worthwhile with her character Hooray for her The book is absolutely fantastic, and, hopefully, will bring attention to an issue that Americans have ignored for far too long.If the book opens the eyes of only a few, it will be worth the effort she put into writing a deep, intelligent, and worthwhile book.What if it were YOUR child

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    Oh how it pains me to give a Nevada Barr book a 1 star rating I like Nevada Barr, I like her style, I love Anna Pigeon, but I just can t get behind her choice to use this subject matter In fact, I kind of wish I could give this a no star rating I missed Anna running through the wilderness in a national park seeking out clues to a murder Running from a forest fire or a wolf or climbing through a cave I missed discussions of natural formations and of camping I missed learning of her love of national parks In Burn, Anna is taking a break from her problems She is in New Orleans staying with a ranger friend this is Barr s only nod to her BLM Federal ranger genre who is a jazz singer stationed in a federal park where they preserve the history of New Orleans Anna falls into what we think might be a voodoo plot line but ends up being a child prostitution abduction yucky etc plot line There is all too much graphic sex in this story adult sex clubs, strip clubs, prostitution, and the very worst, child sex abuse And Barr does not just gloss over this unfortunate topic to give us a feel for the evil that is out there in the world, she gives voice to it with descriptions that I did not need to ever in my life read Unfortunatly, the worst of it was towards the end of the book so I had already read most of the book when I got to it and I wasn t strong enough to put it down without reading the resolve.My husband told me not to read it He didn t explain why and I wish that he had given me specifics because had I know how bad it truly was, I wouldn t have begun it It was tasteless and icky and I m tossing my copy into the garbage Sorry Nevada you can do WAY better than this

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    I was excited to win this advance read book on Goodreads, especially because I have read other books by Nevada Barr in her Anna Pigeon series and I really like the character This story was darker than some of Anna s other adventures It delves so deeply into the worst of human nature, that you cringe, but ultimately you are left with a sense of good triumphing over evil Barr s other main character in this book, Clare, is written so well that you literally feel her pain and wish you could reach through the pages and give her strength Plus, you gotta love a story where a little dog helps save the day, and as always, Anna Pigeon brings down the bad guys

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    This Nevada Barr mystery was not as enjoyable as the previous novels I had a difficult time getting into the book and sticking with it Burn features National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon, who gets pulled into an investigation involving pedophilia while on Administrative Leave in New Orleans I didn t care for the New Orleans setting of the book and have really enjoyed the outdoor settings in the national parks in the past That may be why I didn t care for Burn as much as Barr s previous novels While I don t recommend this one, I DO recommend the previous Nevada Barr novels.

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    I m kind of ready for Anna Pigeon to be killed off I m tired of her I m tired of Nevada Barr s bad writing Out of fairness to Barr, I m wishing her character dead instead of her If I thought Barr s writing would improve.but it won t.Everything about Burn is unappealing the urban settings of New Orleans and Seattle rather than the wilderness glories of a national park the child sex trade stupid plot lines annoying characters Technically, it is set in a national park the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park Barr hardly makes it sound appealing, filled with gutter punks Apparently the park rangers are the jazz musicians, unless Barr is making that up.Readers averse to scenes set in sex clubs should know there are several There are descriptions of adult stage acts, descriptions of gross dirty bathrooms, a scene where a dog nibbles on a corpse s exposed brain and the killer of said corpse masturbates over it because I guess she is still vaguely hot, descriptions of Anna being worried that the dog accompanying her will get nasty stuff on its feet bodily juices , and in the final scene, descriptions of naked adults engaging in sex acts and lots of child sex abuse.It s rather far afield for Barr, who early on was writing innocent tales of drug running andI ve forgotten what else Probably drug running The novel s main character aside from Anna is an actress who is such a good actress that when she dresses up as a man, no one can tell she is a woman In fact she develops a split personality, fully inhabiting both characters, because she is such a good actress Really, I don t think even Meryl Streep forgets that she is, underneath it all, Meryl Streep There weren t as many typos here as I ve seen in other Barr books, but there were some he made calls as he ran, his gate lopsided and slow Shoe in instead of shoo in.A couple places where the singular was used and the plural should have been There was this weird sentence Shoes were never going to transgender I have since found out this is a correct usage, idiotic though it may be.The stupidest and most offensive thing in the whole book is when Anna, undercover in a section of a sex club where small children are being raped and molested right in front of her eyes, is called Miss Marple by one of the rapists molesters In this den of horrors Anna Pigeon pauses to be offended that she has been called Miss Marple rather than Nancy Drew, because one is an old hag and one is a young beautiful girl Yes, that s the level of humor Nevada Barr has sunk to.

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    First of all, I have to say that I m tired of main recurring characters in mystery novels that do dumb and dangerous things when there are smarter and safer alternatives I m getting fed up What s wrong with me that I liked this book This mystery is practically the opposite of a cozy mystery, and they re the type of mysteries I tend to enjoy the most And, I didn t enjoy it as much as most of Barr s other 15 books It was incredibly suspenseful and engrossing and I was fooled at one important juncture, which I appreciated This is a 3 star book for me It s probably important to note that my average rating for all my read books tends to hover around 4.00, and that I ve given most of Barr s books 4 or 5 stars I don t know how to write this review This Barr book reminded me of why I eventually had to stop reading the Alex Delaware mystery series by Jonathan Kellerman and their disturbing plotlines about children Barr can be dark but this 16th Anna Pigeon book is very dark compared to her other books, and that s because children are involved I am assuming that this book is a departure for Barr and for her character Anna Pigeon, for a couple of reasons, including its having an urban setting, so I do plan to continue with this series The last line might or might not be a bit of a cliffhanger regarding Anna s personal life.I wasn t sure at first about an urban national park in the heart of post Katrina New Orleans because one of the reasons that I enjoy this mystery series so much is I learn a lot about various national parks, including learning about nature fauna and flora in the parks But, I ended up being interested in the urban setting than I d expected I wish there had been a bit about the city and a lot about Anna s friend Geneva, who s very interesting, but got way too little page time.Some of the psychological transformations that happen with one character irked me because for the most part they just weren t realistic Then there s the tawdry, lurid, horrific, and other upsetting aspects to the story There s a lot not to like here, at least for me, someone who usually likes gentler mysteries.I m nearly certain I m the one or one of the people who introduced my Goodreads friend Lee to Barr s books I would now suggest to her that she skip this one I don t make this recommendation lightly, given my compulsive need to read series books in order and in their entirety.

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    Nevada Barr seems to be hit and miss in the Anna Pigeon series I loved Borderline, despite some of the unbelievable parts, but its predecessor, Winter Study, was one of the worst in the series Burn comes somewhere in between Like with all of her books, there comes a time I just cannot stop reading But the world she created here in New Orleans was just too over the top The people were just too awful As always, she has a stereotypical horrible male character this one a child molesting police captain but I ve always been able to overlook her inability to get beyond such portrayals What puzzled me here was her introduction of so many potentially intriguing characters who she just does nothing with Conclusions are always Barr s weakness, and Burn is no different The ending scene in the hospital just defies all reason It serves as a device to tie up loose ends Maybe Barr is getting tired of the Pigeon series She did publish a non Anna Pigeon novel two years ago But I think attention has to be given to timing so she does not rush through the end and is left having to drop further character development Still, Jordan s character is certainly interesting and the plot was chilling if nothing else Not a bad read, but of the 15 books of hers I have read, this one ranks in the bottom 5.

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    In the past that I ve really enjoyed Nevada Barr s Anna Pigeon series of mysteries I wanted to pass along a message about the latest release in that series, Burn I actually recommend you SKIP this book I picked it up as a matter of course, and while it has the same kinds of elements that I ve enjoyed from the previous novels e.g., suspense, complex characters, moral ambiguity, etc , this one wasn t fun to read The mystery was packed with those elements, yes, but the subject matter, the evil to be fought, was bad enough that it spoiled the enjoyment of the book I think part of what I enjoy about mystery or suspense novels is trying to think through the mystery, root for the good guys, contemplate their human weaknesses, despise the bad guys, and revel in the defeat or thwarting of their nefarious plans This book is about a mother trying to find her two daughters, whom she fears have been kidnapped by people who import export children into sex trafficking prostitution Their hidden lair is a fancy upper crust brothel in New Orleans, where well off adults, mostly men, commit depravity on these very very young children in opulent surroundings, protected by the corrupt police Nevada Barr goes into just enough level of detail to make you feel sick to your stomach as your imagination involuntarily fills in the details and the visuals, a literary strategy that I assume is meant to lend gravitas and urgency to the heroine s mission Anna Pigeon joins forces with the mother eventually , but really it just takes away any potential enjoyment of the book Yes, we live in a world where things like this are possible and probable, and I haven t the first clue, or the time, energy, resources, or heart to combat it That means that I become a passive spectator to the obscenity, even in its imaginary form Yes, I finished the book, because at the point where I decided I was no longer interested in reading further, I d invested too much time and thought to be able to not find out how it ended One hopes for a satisfying conclusion, but with this one it s only partial, and I was left feeling like the conclusion was both a little bit pat, like Nevada Barr just got an email from her editor saying, time to wrap it up and a little bit troubling, because the unmet mastermind escapes scott free, you re not sure the authorities are interested or able to effectively solve any problems, and the relationship between Anna and her new husband, solid good guy Paul, is left a bit tattered, and totally ambiguous thanks to a mid phone call cliffhanger I hate that Anyway, I thought I d save you the experience, and force the decision by spoiling the book s ending like I just did One other complaint about the book, which pales in comparison to unspeakable obscenity but contributed greatly to my dissatisfaction with the book, was the heroine s the mother, not Anna occasional bouts of TSTL syndrome Especially prevalent in romance novels, but certainly well known in the mystery suspense genre, TSTL syndrome stands for Too Stupid To Live There are times when the mother, especially in crucial periods of life death importance, devolves into this brain dead moron who, by sheer dint of abject stupidity, nearly manages to ruin everything There were times when I wanted to reach into the book, grab this lady by the shoulders, and shake her hard, while shouting oh for god s sake COME ON just to get things moving I don t know why Nevada Barr went with this characterization, but as a literary device, I always find it infuriating There are better ways to create suspense I think I m going to try to read something a little bit saccharin and frivolous to wash the taste out of my brain Maybe one of my 16th century Scottish highlander sweeping romances, where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the children are unmolested Ugh.

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