The Love Goddess' Cooking School

The Love Goddess' Cooking SchoolTutti A Blue Crab Island, Nel Maine, Chiamavano Camilla La Dea Dell A Perch , Con Il Suo Talento Di Veggente Era Riuscita A Salvare Matrimoni In Crisi Ma Camilla Non Era Solo Un Indovina, Era Soprattutto Una Bravissima Cuoca, Amante Della Cucina Italiana E Delle Sue Specialit Agli Studenti Della Sua Scuola Di Cucina Suggeriva Di Aggiungere Sempre Nella Pentola Un Ingrediente Segreto Un Ricordo Triste, Un Pensiero Felice, Un Fervido Desiderio Questo Rendeva Uniche Le Ricette E Faceva S Che Si Realizzassero Le Speranze Di Chi Le Eseguiva Holly, Sua Nipote, Aspetta Da Anni L Uomo Giusto Al Suo Vero Grande A, Le Ha Predetto La Nonna, Piacer Un Piatto Particolare Dal Sapore Molto Intenso La Ricerca Diventa Sempre Pi Complicata E Holly Sembra Destinata Alla Solitudine Quando Per Eredita La Scuola Di Cucina Di Camilla E Il Suo Ricettario, Holly Impara Come Trovare La Propria Strada Scoprir Che Gli Ingredienti Essenziali Della Vita Sono In Realt Costituiti Da Un Intreccio Di Trame Ricordi, Sogni E Speranze Si Legano A Formare Il Romanzo Della Vita Di Ognuno Dandoci La Possibilit Di Scoprire La Vera Ricetta Della Felicit Che Si Nasconde In Noi

I m the author of many novels, including my debut, SEE JANE DATE also available in cute TV movie form to stream THE LOVE GODDESS COOKING SCHOOL and THE BABY SWITCH I ve had two novels published under a secret pen name, but I will happily share if you message me to ask I m now writing romances for Harlequin Special Edition 2020 kicks off my new miniseries, Dawson Family Ranch, about six

❰Epub❯ ➟ The Love Goddess' Cooking School Author Melissa Senate –
  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • The Love Goddess' Cooking School
  • Melissa Senate
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9781439107232

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    I read this a few years ago and I guess this is like the Hallmark Channel version of Practical Magic the movie version, not the book That is to say that it has elements of magical realism and cooking but there s something too soft, too milquetoast about it Everything seems to wrap up too neatly in the end, and despite being about cooking none on the characters have much flavor to them The magic here comes from coincidences and the grandmother s fortune telling stones, but again it was really lacking in that department as well This is sa cordula, the big hubbub of this book It was foretold the person who enjoys it will love the MC because it s disgusting From what I remember, there s some inadvertent hijinks that ensue that lead to the male lead eating it I d say spoiler alert but you see it coming from a mile away.

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    I always have a hard time reading romances because they tend to be plot driven instead of character driven This is not one of those occasions The Love Goddess Cooking School is a wonderful, romantic Food Lit and I can t wait to share it I think Melissa Senate s writing is much like Sarah Addison Allen without the magical realism and you all know how much I love Sarah Addison Allen.Melissa Senate has created characters that are incredibly easy to identify with flawed but redeemable It s been a long time since I read a novel where I felt connected with almost every character Ms Senate does an incredible job of making them empathetic I loved them all From Liam, the single dad trying to keep his daughter s world from crumbling without her mother, to the recently divorced Simon who is finding his way as a weekend dad , to Mia who is trying so hard to figure out where she fits, to Tamara the frustrated serial dater, and Juliet the heartbroken whose story definitely struck a chord It s Holly, however with whom I identify the most Holly can t seem to find a place for herself, falls for the wrong guys, and sometimes sets too much stock in fate and destiny I love her determination and her desire to see things through I love that she chose to continue her Nonna s legacy, even though it meant facing her fears and striking out on her own As I mentioned, this book is not plot driven, but the unfolding of the character s lives pulls the reader through it at a wonderful pace so that I wasn t racing to see what was going to happen next, but enjoying what was happening now Did I know where the book was headed Yes But it was one of those rare times when I wasn t in a hurry to get there I was just enjoying the world of Blue Crab Island and it s inhabitants The only thing that seemed a tad out of place were the recipes at the end of the book Not that they weren t related to the story, they were certainly recipes for the meals made at the cooking school Perhaps it was because the story was so fabulous, but, in the end, the recipes seemed a little superfluous I can see not wanting to break the continuity of the story by placing them at the ends of chapters, but I think to be included, they needed to be incorporated into the book somehow because it came off feeling like an afterthought Though not a bad afterthought and that is only my opinionI ve used the word loved a lot in this post but that s because I thought this book was marvelous I m actually running out of synonyms for excellent This review has been difficult to write because I don t want to gush about it, I d rather just curl up inside it It s the perfect balance of love, friendship, and of course, good food.

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    There is a genre of books where a group of people usually women with one lone guy thrown into the mix gather together in some sort of club or class knitting, quilting, Jane Austen books or in this case, cooking and by the end of the book, they have formed close friendships and had a major problem in their lives resolved through the magic of whatever interest had drawn them together in the first place Sometimes, this genre can produce a good book or even a good series of books for example The Elm Creek Quilt series And sometimes, it can result in books that are a little cotton candy ish By that I mean, they are light, fluffy, fun to consume but really don t have much substance The Love Goddess Cooking School is one of the better examples of the genre It sort of reminded me of the Friday Night Knitting Club meets the Under the Tuscan Sun the film version than the book itself but still with little hints of Laura Esquivel or Joanne Harris thrown in for flavor While it does end in the typical everything worked out and everyone is perfectly matched up and happy sort of way, it doesn t cut corners getting there The characters and the plotlines felt honest and realistic And while The Love Goddess Cooking School will never be considered great literature, it was a fun, easy going and satisfying read.

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    Good Chick Lit1 lost character named Holly Dash of magical realismAt least one hot guySeveral interesting charactersSecrets, angst and a fun plot to keep readers interestedDelicious recipes to make your mouth water1 wish

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    A friend sent me this book in exchange for the Cookbook Collector which I lent to her Warning this is extreme chick lit Not the least bit literary Very formulaic and presses all the comfort, female fantasy buttons romantic guy, very nice, self deprecating woman without a penny to her name who inherits house and business on the coast of Maine, lots of hot baths, good food and wine, nurturing, loneliness blossoming into friendship Good read for rainy November Sunday afternoon Watch the number of typos was this book thrown together without copy editing

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    Holly has just had her heart broken What better way to lick her wounds than to fly home to her Nonna s place in Maine Her Nonna is a culinary teacher with on Blue Crab Island For years and years she has welded her culinary magic with comfy Italian food and told fortunes on the side After Nonna s passing, Holly finds herself the proprietress of her business.However, Holly doesn t possess the magic touch that her grandmother had with food and definitely can t see the future Determined to pay homage to her grandmother, she pulls herself out of her self induced funk and starts to practice her inherited recipes Her road to success is predictably bumpy Her cooking class is full of lonely hearts like herself, so their camaraderie is assured One of her students is a tween named Mia that Holly takes under her wing Of course Mia has a hunky single dad The reader can see how this goes However formula driven this story is, I found it charming and was easily immersed in the atmosphere and the characters The food descriptions were mouth watering and selected recipes can be found in the back of the book.

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    I have to admit that The Love Goddess Cooking School was the first book by Melissa Senate I ve read since See Jane Date back in 2002 , which I loved I have her other books but haven t had a chance to read them yet I don t think anything was keeping me from reading them, but now that I ve finished this book, I definitely will be reading from Ms Senate The Love Goddess Cooking School is about Holly, a woman who loses a serious relationship, gets fired from her job and is kicked out of her apartment within a short period of time She flies across the country, back to her grandmother s home and cooking school in Maine Her grandmother passes away shortly afterward, leaving her home and cooking school in Holly s care However, Holly doesn t know how to cook the way her grandmother did It doesn t help that her grandmother was a fortune teller, a skill that Holly does not possess, which also set a reputation for her with the townsfolk and Holly s own mother With the help of some new friends, Holly learns how to navigate the world of cooking, teaching and even love in this heartfelt and romantic story.This novel flowed beautifully with a strong female voice, sympathetic characters, delicious sounding food except for sa cordula, of course and breathtaking descriptions of an island in Maine I loved everything about it and had a difficult time putting it down I stayed up last night just so I could finish the rest of it in one sitting There was a sensitive topic that was tackled during the story, which was hard to read about as a mother However, Ms Senate handled it gracefully and made it comfortable for the reader to handle Seeing that she s a mother too, I couldn t even imagine her doing it any other way The dialogue was natural and realistic throughout the story and each character was portrayed vividly, making them even dynamic and interesting The only criticism I have is that Ms Senate s editors weren t careful before letting this go to print I found some spelling and grammatical errors scattered throughout the story If she needs an extra set of eyes in the future, I d be glad to help This did not detract from my enjoyment of a truly wonderful story that I hope everyone gets the chance to read.originally posted here

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    This is such a fun and charming book It s the story of Holly, who moves back into her grandmother s home after a bad breakup, and then has to find a new direction in life when her beloved nonna dies Fortunately, Holly learns to love cooking and is able to take over her grandmother s Italian cooking class.I don t read much modern chick lit, but I m glad I gave this one a try I could see this book being turned into a delightful movie And if you like romantic comedies or stories about food, you ll enjoy this book.

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    Once again I am won over by a book that transcends its genre and makes me think I should be broadminded about that genre chick lit I ve pretty much hated every chick lit book I ve ever read So much of it is about women who care most about shopping, getting into the latest hot new club, their weight, their makeup, and snagging that enormous diamond ring and great big expensive wedding These characters tend to be so shallow and the books tend to be so thinly written that I end up loathing them One exception to this is The Devil Wears Prada, although I probably adored the wrong character I think Miranda Priestly is a goddess and loved that the book was filled with the kind of couture that transcends fashion and becomes art The Love Goddess Cooking School by Melissa Senate just made this list.The best thing of all about this book is how simple it is a good story, simply told No unnecessary embellishments, no cliches, no stereotypes, just an honestly told story about being in your thirties a time of life when for most people everything is up for grabs Everyone in this book is at a crossroads in their lives with their old life down the toilet for whatever reason and the course of their new life still uncertain It made me think of the time after my divorce when I had to try to sort out who I was going to be, how I was going to live It was a hard time for me, for my son, and for my ex husband Although I never thought it would come to where it has today, it did work out for the best The thread that runs throughout this book is all the ways that cooking and eating and sharing both things bind people together and how having a strong connection to the past, like the one Holly has with her grandmother, is so essential to grounding you in the present The cooking in this book isn t highlighted in any special way, but rather is a constant in the book, as it should be in real life It s full of as many burnt bechamel sauces as it is sublime risotto It acknowledges that the fun is in the process, not necessarily in the product although it never hurts when the product is great, too There s an important message here about not being afraid to risk, not being afraid to fail that really resonates with me.The other thread is Holly s relationship with her recently deceased grandmother They had a very special relationship and that touched my heart It made think of my grandmothers, both gone now, and how much they each meant to me and how many things I learned from each of them even though they were very different from each other They were both an enormous part of helping me become the person I am today and I miss them both almost every day.This is a warm and beautiful book with an honest simple story that is filled with the good smells of garlic and onion and olive oil filling the house with love and companionship I adored this book.

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    What a lovely novel I treated myself to THE LOVE GODDESS COOKING SCHOOL after a crazy deadline Then my cat got sick, which didn t exactly alleviate the stress So I was very grateful for Melissa Senate s new book, which like those old Calgon commericals , took me away for awhile It was a pleasure meeting Holly Maguire and learning about her relationship with her Italian grandmother Camilla Holly just broke up with a man she thought she was in love with and flew to Maine to see Camilla before her grandma passed away She inherits Camilla s Cucinotta on Blue Crab Island, although she barely knows how to cook But she practices working on her grandma s handwritten recipes daily and keeps the business alive She even gets enough confidence to run a cooking class, as Camilla had for many years Her first group of students includes a 12 year old dying for her divorced parents to get back together, a woman who s lost her only child, a thirty something woman looking for love, and a divorced man who can t seem to please his daughter Through their cooking classes always adding a pinch of memory or something equally magical to the mixture the students and Holly grow and find what their lives have been missing This was a very sweet novel that I could recommend to all readers Let THE LOVE GODDESS COOKING SCHOOL take you away for awhile, as it did me You won t be disappointed.

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