The Joy of Doing Things Badly: A Girl's Guide to Love, Life and Foolish Bravery

The Joy of Doing Things Badly: A Girl's Guide to Love, Life and Foolish Bravery In A Society That Puts So Much Emphasis On Perfection, Veronica Chambers Mischievously Casts Aside The Guilt Inducing Litany Of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda That Seems To Define Modern Day Life And Replaces It With A Resounding Call To Live With Foolish Bravery Refreshingly Open About The Personal Failures And Limitations That Once Weighed Her Down With Shame, Chambers Describes How She Turned Her Less Than Perfect Qualities Into Sources Of Delight And Satisfaction From Belting Out Off Key Renditions Of Torch Songs While Washing The Dishes To Seeing Even The Most Unlikely Career Opportunity As A Chance To Spread One S Wings, Chambers Shows That A Willingness To Fall Flat On One S Face Heightens The Joys Of Everyday Life And Opens A New, Wonderfully Liberating Perspective On Work, Motherhood, Aging, Friendship, Failure, And Success With A Winning Combination Of Lighthearted Anecdotes And Heartfelt Musings, Chambers Encourages Readers To Follow Her Example And Do The Things That Tickle Their Fancies And Fire Their Imaginations No Matter What Other People And That Little Voice Inside May Say Like Chambers Herself, They Ll Discover That What We Consider Our Failures Have A Surprising Ability To Charm We Are Loved For Our Imperfections For Our Funny Faces And Walks And Dances And Songs

Veronica Chambers is a prolific author, best known for her critically acclaimed memoir, Mama s Girl, which has been course adopted by hundreds of high schools and colleges throughout the country The New Yorker called Mama s Girl a troubling testament to grit and mother love one of the finest and most evenhanded in the genre in recent years Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, Ms Chambers

[PDF] ✅ The Joy of Doing Things Badly: A Girl's Guide to Love, Life and Foolish Bravery By Veronica Chambers –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Joy of Doing Things Badly: A Girl's Guide to Love, Life and Foolish Bravery
  • Veronica Chambers
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  • 01 August 2019
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    3 3 3 3 3For example, this passage pp 27 28 It s no secret that I cannot sing I have a voice that could peel paint off the walls For a long time, I hid this flaw, embarrassed One Sunday morning I was pressing my lips shut and clapping my hands when the minister sidled up next to me Why aren t you singing he asked I can t sing, I whispered to him, afraid of attracting too much attention I have an awful voice Then the minister looked at me and said five of the most beautiful words I have ever heard He said, Do you think God cares Ever since that glorious day, my love for singing has grown exponentially I sing in the shower and around the house I sing in the car, at church, and on the dance floor M y singing, wretched as it may be, has vastly improved my living I want to tell you something but I don t want you to be offended, Jason, my then fiance, told me as we washed the dinner dishes and I crooned along to Ella Fitzgerald The thing I love about you is that your singing is so wretched but you do it anyway His backhanded compliment confirmed not only why I married him but a truth I had long suspected The things we do badly set us apart what we consider our failures have a surprising ability to charm We think we have to be perfect for other people to love us, when in fact the opposite is true We are loved for our imperfections for our funny faces and walks and dances and songs This book is exactly what I needed to read right now Balm is the word that comes to mind although the you look at that word and think about it, the weirder it seems.Also, the chapter on rejection made me realize why I ve been so entrenched in procrastination with pitching guest posts, which I know I need to do Duh, I m afraid of rejection Sometimes the truth is right in front of my face, but I don t see it until someone else points it out Maybe now that I know that s all it is, I can get on with it.I think I ve had the mistaken underlying assumption that when you re a professional writer, you ve somehow transcended being bothered by rejection You know it s part of life, and it just means someone else wasn t convinced your idea was a good fit for them right now, not that your idea, writing, or self is bad, so it doesn t bother you This chapter showed me what total bull that is This chick is a real writer, and she has a three day routine to help herself get over each rejection Day 1 cry all you want, we ll make Day 2 you can still cry, but you have to get out of the house Day 3 crying is ok, but get back on the horse Pitch another idea somewhere else or put yourself out there in some way Also, remember that delay is not denial Even if you don t get what you want now, you will get it eventually though possibly in a different form Seven days a week, we do our best don t be so hard on yourself.One Art by Elizabeth Bishop the art of losing practice losing farther, losing faster Actually sad to be finished with this sweet and comforting book I will miss it.

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    Veronica Chambers muses about the challenges she has faced in life, and describes her work as a writer As she describes, I was beginning to discover the art of choosing myself, of realizing that my dream of being a writer was not going to be placed on my head like a hat or a crown You are now a writer But rather, it is something you must decide for yourself, then present it to the world I am a writer As scary as that may be She also outlines the dread of rejection of her writing I don t like it I wouldn t choose it But it is part and parcel of the life I m leading At best, your work is criticized by a smart editor who helps you become a better writer Yet even when the editor is smart, it still hurts.Chamber admires the strength of other women, such as Julia Child who wrote letters to her husband Paul several times a week As Chambers writes I love this, because I am so over emailI like getting something in the mail besides bills and junk, and I imagine that my friends feel the same I try to send paper birthday cards for the same reason.I also appreciate her description of breaking up with a friend There is no high court of friendship to legally and permanently break its bondsI want to hold onto the friends who know how hard I worked to get there, the ones who stop me mid sentence when my humility veers into a kind of disingenuous, self flagellating depreciation.She also writes about The Forgiveness Project at Stanford University that found long held grudges and resentment can have serious long term effects on health If you want to heal a relationship, the other person has to be willing to meet you halfway You can forgive, but not accept, an abusive partner back into your life if he doesn t get counselling..Forgiveness is a gift that must be offered without strings or expectationsMaybe the person you need to forgive is yourself.

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    Pretty terrible book She had a lot of great points but they were just SO overshadowed for me Like sports have never come easy for her Her ex bf belittled her for running 15 minutes saying it wasn t a run She stuck with it Excellent Motivating I should too Then she goes on about hiring a famous personal trainer she read about in a magazine Oh Yeah That s never going to happen on my budget Or she mentioned wanting to give back to the school that really bent over backwards to help her That she was sending checks of 25 a month to different charities That s pretty motivating Maybe I should be less critical of my school and start to give to charities myself Then the author realized that wasn t doing any good so she became a member of the board and donated 150 a month to have a study room built in her grandmother s honor Oh. yeah. 150 is so not going to happen in my budget Or women should learn to be their own best friend and not worry about having a partner for travel Additionally, she treats herself to one birthday hobby a year Like learning a language That sounds really nice Its worth it for her even if she only is able to travel overseas two weeks a year Ergh K I go on vacation maybe once every two years Anyways, she has some excellent points, but I find it hard to relate to her stories.

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    I first read this when it came out in 2006, having been given the beautiful gift of a week at a spa, where my sister and I met Veronica Chambers and her lovely friend Tina It rang so true to me then having just met Veronica and basked in her warmth and humor, reading the book felt like having a conversation with her, especially in the sense that I could relate to so many of the moments, fears and joys that she described.When I moved from California to Eastern Europe in 2008, this was one of the few books that I brought with me, feeling that it might become something of a touchstone I ve not read it since, though, until this week nine years later, now in my forties and living in Germany with my husband of two years Veronica s thoughts and wisdom rings as deeply now as it did before, and I found myself feeling delighted and comforted at the feeling of rediscovering an important conversation and friendship The book still feels highly relevant to me, and in general, no mean feat for a work of its kind, which could feel dated and irrelevant to the time, but still reads as fresh, gently humorous and honest.

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    I really loved this book It was so encouraging, so affirming and just made me feel better about myself and life in general Several passages reminded me of the gentle assurances of Mister Rogers specifically on page 28 The things we do badly set us apart what we consider our failures have a surprising ability to charm We think we have to be perfect for other people to love us, when in fact the opposite is true We are loved for our imperfections for our funny faces and walks and dances and songs I read this book from the library and so often wished I could highlight certain passages for future reading so I will definitely be purchasing a copy of this for my personal collection and I also hope to purchase copies for a few friends that I think may enjoy it as well A positive read with a wonderful message throughoutI definitely recommend it.

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    Reads like a fun, refreshing conversation with an insightful friend It s light reading that leaves you with a lot of good truths to ponder Such as There is an expression in Spanish that translates, Life is tough, but I am tougher It used to be my mantra, it s not any These days, I have no interest in proving how tough I am We think we have to be perfect for other people to love us, when in fact the opposite is true We are loved for our imperfections for our funny faces and walks and dances and songs.

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    just the title says it allthe joy of doing things badly as you read through the pages of this book, it just shows that anyone and i mean ANYONE can be who they are and can achieve what they want if they put their minds to it this book gives me the drive to strive for the best and it just makes my day better after a days work veronica shares to her readers how life can be easy but far from perfect and even for someone like her, life can be tough and the one way that would make it easier is to include humor and fun to itnow that is the life

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    I love love love this book I put this in the be kind to yourself because nobody s perfect category and that pretty much sums up the theme of the book It s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness and competitiveness of everyday life, but this book reminded me that it s ok if i don t always succeed as long as i tried my best It s a testament that some of life s best moments can happen during those times when we fall short of perfection in fact i just decided to read it again.

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    Chambers discusses the art of becoming comfortable with failing often My biggest fear is failure and her words allowed me to see the beauty in trying lots of different things and being okay with failing Her stories pertain to work, love, and life The editing needs a bit of work but the substance is worth a read.

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    I pulled this off the shelf of a local used bookstore, completely randomly, and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it, both in writing style and in inspirational value I have already recommended it to several dear friends And I might just have to start a Birthday Passions tradition What a little gem.

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