Run Set Over A Period Of Twenty Four Hours, Run Shows Us How Worlds Of Privilege And Poverty Can Coexist Only Blocks Apart From Each Other, And How Family Can Include People You Ve Never Even MetSince Their Mother S Death, Tip And Teddy Doyle Have Been Raised By Their Loving, Possessive, And Ambitious Father As The Former Mayor Of Boston, Bernard Doyle Wants To See His Sons In Politics, A Dream The Boys Have Never Shared But When An Argument In A Blinding New England Snowstorm Inadvertently Causes An Accident That Involves A Stranger And Her Child, All Bernard Doyle Cares About Is His Ability To Keep His Children All His Children Safe

Jeanne Ray.She moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was six, where she continues to live Patchett said she loves her home in Nashville with her doctor husband and dog If asked if she could go any place, that place would always be home Home is the stable window that opens out into the imagination Patchett attended high school at St Bernard Academy, a private, non parochial Catholic school for girls run by the Sisters of Mercy Following graduation, she attended Sarah Lawrence College and took fiction writing classes with

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Run By Ann Patchett –
  • Hardcover
  • 295 pages
  • Run
  • Ann Patchett
  • English
  • 23 March 2019
  • 9780061340635

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    This claptrap pile of PC bullshit was built for Oprah s Book Snub Sainted mothers come in black and white issues of race and grief receive a sponge over paint job that would make Bob Ross happy little tree s wilt and die Matchstick characters are globbed together with gooey dialogue that spills from their cardboard souls Everybody s so goddamned pious, righteous and waxen that you pray for an axe wielding murderer to crop up and start hacking the shit out of these uber annoying stick figures and their politically correct lives To call these things characters would imply that they had some Aside from Truth and Beauty, I would stay away from anything written by Ann Patchett She s catholic than Tom Clancy if that s possible and so out of tune with her own sexuality that it s painful to read her desperate attempts at inking passion or love beyond some over simplified, idealized tripe weighted with lazy Christian morality and a despicable PC ness that permeates your being like a sniff of ammonia and feels as natural as a hospital corner bed sheet cramping your big toe.Fie on this book, I say Fie

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    This may not be Ann Patchett s best book but it was certainly very readable and engaging I found the ease with which the two black brothers grew up in a white household a little unlikely but at the same time it was nice not to have to be concerned for once with that issue The neatness of the ending also did not reflect real life but then I thought so what This is a story, a piece of fiction and it is very enjoyable to read I even stayed up late to finish it Four stars for giving me pleasure and for keeping me involved from the first to the last page.

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    how can i put this this was a horrendous book, painfully targeted to the oprah book club readers of the world and oh so politically correct, with one sided characters that can be summed up with one adjective tip was the serious one, teddy the sweet one and who are allowed to express contrary thoughts only once to show there may be to them than is shown by patchett shut the fuck up about the coffee, as kenya thinks out of the blue, to show she is a human after all after reading bel canto slowly and being brought to tears by the ending, i was left after run by thinking of patchett s endings as mere devices used to explain the sacrifice we make for the people we love if only we could understand this love for the mother saint figure in the first place and the cost of the sacrifice teddy s passion for ichthyology was far from convincingly evoked where s the victory in choosing one unsubstantiated passion for another unsubstantiated one reading patchett, you d think it impossible to portray real individuals with dark thoughts, who don t always want to do as their parents teach them the only real character in this novel, sullivan, is dismissed as a killer, thief, and all around loser is that how patchett views the real people in her life

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    Yep, BEL CANTO is an incredibly difficult act to follow But you I already knew that Case in point this tepid helping of family drama, a tearjerker reminiscent of Patchett s first novel THE PATRON ST OF LIARS which, just like this, gets my overly enthusiastic out of Again, themes like the family structure, the familiarity between perfect strangers, even quasi religious miracles are explored there is a priest with curative powers in RUN, a magic healing spring in PATRON SAINT only BEL CANTO s brush with politics is found in this small but effective take on race and mixed domesticity in the 2000 s I think that writers like Nella Larsen would approve of this a white woman s take on the everlasting issue A Patchett is better than A Tyler certainly I think, because her plot lines always happen to be projected at a certain profound effect, strike a cord somewhere, giving us always that moment of the PATCHING UP of previously frayed bonds, all the while the prose being just a wee bit unspectacular Patchett is definitely a speedy reader s writer BEL CANTO is magical way creative this work suffers from our previous or are they just mine expectations of a modern producing author.

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    I just finished reading Run last week I loved Bel Canto , so I was excited about the new book I even bought it new in hardcover and everything I started reading it, despite being in the middle of Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks I tore through the book All I wanted to do was go home and read It is one of those books that reveals the sadness that lies right underneath happiness It makes me think something about how rich and beautiful life can be although our lives may not be lives we would have chosen The characters, including a white ex politicain father and his adopted African American sons, are all what s the opposite of stereotypical They are unique, individual, flawed, detailed without being self consciously quirky characters They feel real.Ann Patchett seems to have a thing about running One day last week, I was telling my honey about my favorite part of Bel Canto , which is this gorgeous scene where these people who have been hostages and trapped inside get to go outside One man starts running circles around the building and others join him This obviously doesn t describe what was gorgeous about the scene, but I will just say that it took my breath away and that it captures something about the freedom in running The day after I was talking about this scene, I read a stunning scene about running in Run It s a bit of a theme, I guess But anyway, it s beautiful and puts into words a primal joy of being alive.

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    As an admitted Anne Patchett fan, this is the third novel of hers that I have read I had the good fortune to start her work with Bel Canto, which stands up respectably against some of my other all time favorites Although this was still an enjoyable read, it did not leave me with the breathless appreciation of wonder that Bel Canto did Run, told in the third person from the perspective of several characters takes place during a 24 hour period of time on a stormy snowy Boston night What Patchett did so magnificent a job of in Bel Canto was weaving the lives of disperate, diverese characters who otherwise would never have met, by means of a powerful and violent sudden event, is a formula attempted again in this novel to less success Although similar in theme, the characters in Run somehow fall short, to some degree sounding hollow and untrue There is some attempt at using the whiteness of snow, along with other black white imagery to highlight, and speak to racial tensions through its imagery, but apart from that there does not seem to be much deeper meaning to this novel Despite these criticisms, the novel is still and enjoyable read, examining how tradegy can bring families together.

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    Just stay as far away from this book as possible It s terrible, from start to finish I cannot even begin to imagine why there are so many people who want to read this thing.Imagine if you will the the following A man adopts two black children in what has to be roughly the late 70s or early 80s and goes on to be Mayor of Boston He wants to be governor but his son the biological one screws things up for him ala Kennedy, in a terribly written passage told for the first time without any reluctance to a perfect stranger Now he lives for one of his sons to carry on the political legacy but they have no desire to do so Suddenly a woman saves a life in our upper class family, and everyone s perspective changes as her ties to the family become known What happens when a poor girl with a strong resemblance to the adopted boys is thrust into their lives This gets worse.The two kids grow up with no desire at all to know who their biological mother was and all three children are drifting about one steals drugs in Africa, one studies fish, and the other thinks he might want to be a priest As the story progresses, switching from viewpoint to viewpoint so the author can tell us things we have to know about everyone, we add characters than a Shakespeare history play each of which gets to play narrator, jarring the reader all over the place As the story goes on it gets less and less believable how could a man with the power of the mayor s office not know where the biological mother was Just how bad are Boston hospitals that people can zip in and out of intensive care How does a poor person afford going to concerts, political speeches, and other things that are barely affordable by a middle class person The book just gets progressively worse in terms of writing style When a shocking well, not to me because by this point I m just reading to finish the book secret about the girl s mother is revealed through a dream sequence, I lost any hope I had for this book to even claim to be mediocre.The king of all you ve got to be kidding me moments is saved for the end, when as a result of all this, and told several years into the future, when all of a sudden the father who wanted everything to work perfectly for his family GETS EVERYTHING WE WERE TOLD HE WANTED.Yes, 287 or so pages later, this book forces us into a happy ending for the one character in the book who up to that point had no compelling reason to be the one we give a shit about.There s so much wrong with this book that I could go on for pages about it Even without using spoilers, there s so much I can describe as being wrong Let s start with the fact that people jump in and out of this book without comment there are lots of white relatives at the start of the book who dislike the idea of the family having black relatives Guess who we never see again after the opening pages Of the characters we do have, they drop in and out seemingly at random Sullivan the screw up son has no purpose at all, and his namesake uncle is about as needed as a third shoe.Then there s the practical part of all this Our patriarch is a former mayor, right Has security guards, at least while being mayor, right Yet he s had a stalker there s no polite way to describe what happens in this book but stalking for ALMOST 20 YEARS Umm, either the security team hated him or they re incompetent than the keystone cops That s if you can believe that a powerful political figure wouldn t use his influence to find and keep at bay the mother of the boys if he were so worried about her, as well as the other problems I mentioned above I could add but that would require looking over the text again and I d really prefer not to.This book reads like a Hallmark movie, and if that s your thing, go for it However, the only way to enjoy this one is to take the concept of suspension of disbelief and toss it off the side of the Empire State Building I can do that in a comic book, but not in a real book I m willing to overlook some things in fiction, but this is like trying to ignore DNA, fingerprints, and a confession all in front of your face Combined with the poor writing style that tells instead of shows for much of the novel, it leaves me as cold as the fish Tip should still be studying.If you want a book that has believable characters, a plot that makes sense, and characters that logically progress from the book s beginning to the book s end, well, this one isn t it Library, 03 08

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    Not my favorite Patchett but still read worthy A fairly quiet story about Doyle a former Mayor of Boston, whose wife Bernadette has passed and left him to oversee their grown sons, who include free spirited Sullivan who was twelve years old when Tip and Teddy, two young black boys given up by their mother were adopted Doyle is the kind of father who has high hopes for his sons and tends to be a bit pushy about what their life goals should be But one night there is a tragic accident and a life changing family mystery is brought to light Not the best review but any will spoil it and I know others are reading this for Feb KUYH 3.5 stars

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    Ann Patchett s Run explores the concepts of race, religion, class and, most importantly, family through the eyes of a pair of families over a twenty four hour period First are the Doyles Bernard, the patriarch and former mayor of Boston his biological son, Sullivan, whose grief over his deceased mother has caused him to descend into perpetual screw up status Teddy, the black son that he adopted after his now departed wife was unable to have any children and Tip, Teddy s biological older brother who was unexpectedly included in the adoption agreement after his biological mother decided to give him up too Despite their mixed race status the Doyles are a pretty typical family Bernard loves his sons, but his efforts to push Teddy and Tip into political careers are dangerously toeing the line of becoming overbearing This festering disgruntlement leads to a near accident for one of his sons, who gets saved from walking in front of a car at the last second by a Good Samaritan who ends up taking the hit instead But this good Samaritan turns out to be no stranger to Tip and Teddy, bringing us to family number two the Mosers led by Tennessee, who is the impoverished biological mother who gave Tip and Teddy up but has been following their lives closely while raising her daughter, Kenya in the projects a few blocks away She has been watching them grow up, but they have never noticed her Over the next twenty four hours, while Tennessee lies in a hospital bed and the Doyles are forced to temporarily assume custody of Kenya, questions regarding family, loyalty, sacrifice and forgiveness will have to be answered.Having never read her incredibly well received novel Bel Canto, this was my first experience with Ann Patchett While she certainly has a sweet tone and a sentimental eye, I must admit that I don t really see what the fuss is about The truth is that while her characters are fairly developed they never really become than mere character types to me the loving but overbearing father, screw up son, affable twin, strict twin, etc They don t seem like real people, and the set ups feel forced and contrived Characters go on expeditions into the winter air or stay awake and then go off to sleep at set intervals in order for Patchett to give each of them a turn at being alone with each other to share a moment It feels like a play, where at least one character has to be onstage at every moment regardless of the time of night, and the others are waiting in the wings for their cue to enter This is a novel of plot related conveniences, right down to the fact that a pair of adopted brothers apparently never once thought about finding their biological mother, so that when she unexpectedly surfaces it comes as a complete shock to them Come on, even after their adopted mother passed away they never succumbed to curiosity And while Patchett s descriptive style is warm and welcoming it is also prone to some wild continuity gaffes Lying in her hospital bed, Tennessee notes that all of the nurses taking care of her are very skinny, prompting her to wonder if the hospital had hired starving refugees but in the next sentence a nurse is un ironically described as fat and sickly pale Later on, a character suffers a fall so fast that he didn t even have time to throw his hands out to protect himself, resulting in a cut on his head from where it hit the ground But describing how he appeared after the fall, Patchett remarks that one arm is pinned underneath his head both above his head and behind it That was very surprising to me Most surprising of all to me, however, was that despite the novel s seemingly liberal leanings it comes off as very insulting to the poor Patchett unwittingly argues that a poor person, no matter how loving or well intentioned, is not fit for parenthood I don t think she meant for it to come off that way, but that s what I got from her story.Patchett seems like a capable enough writer, but I don t believe that Run is her finest hour It s sweet but unintentionally rude, intelligent but hopelessly flawed I m sure that many readers will enjoy this book for its complicated family drama book clubs in particular might have some good discussions about it , so I would probably recommend it to fans of Jodi Picoult Otherwise, I m tempted to tell you to skip it.Grade C

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    This was so bad Sorry Janet I really don t understand how the same person who wrote Bel Canto wrote this Oh man it was the definition of trite As an adoptive parent, I probably took greater offense at the tired old storyline that biological parents are out there just yearning and searching for the children they gave up so many years before, but here it just bordered on completely idiotic Patchett so clearly wanted to write this book about the great racial divide but it just comes across so insincere and heavy handed The story is set in Boston and I wonder how much she actually researched the city it seemed like she threw in random street names and T lines just to add some local color without any basis in reality It is like she took a stock list of requisite Bostonians under privileged blacks check , Catholic priest check , uber liberal white politician who understands the black plight far better than they do themselves check Thank god it was a short quick read

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