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Good Enough to Eat The Last Thing Melanie Expected To Lose When She Went On A Diet Was Her Husband Former Lawyer Melanie Hoffman Lost Half Her Body Weight And Opened A Gourmet Take Out Caf Specializing In Healthy And Delicious Food Then Her Husband Left Her For A Woman Twice Her Size Immediately Afterwards, She S Blindsided By A Financial Crisis Melanie Reaches Out To A Quirky Roommate With A Ton Of Baggage And Becomes Involved In A Budding Romance With A Local Documentary Filmmaker In This Warm And Often Laugh Out Loud Novel, Melanie Discovers That She Still Has A Lot To Learn About Her Friends, Her Relationships With Men, And Herself And That Her Weight Loss Was Just The Beginning Of An Amazing Journey That Will Transform Her Life From The Inside Out

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Good Enough to Eat book, this is one of the most wanted Stacey Ballis author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Good Enough to Eat
  • Stacey Ballis
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9780425229637

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    So I started this book loving it I love Melanie, and the characters, and the whole idea of Mel s business But then it started getting all language y, and a little too rated R in the bedroom, and then the ending was like, what was that Was that an ending That was a crappy ending So what I am saying in this intensely badly written review is, I wish this book had been cleaner, and ended solidly If for those things, it would have been a 5 star review Alas, 2 stars it is.

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    All in all a disappointment I was expecting to read a romance chick lit type book and it was all over the place The hero in this one Nate really sucked And the heroine Melanie wasn t great either Other reviewers complained about the constant speech making by everyone involved and I have to agree Real people do not speak like this Ballis definitely knows her way around a stove though The recipes that she included sounded awesome and were honestly the only reason why I gave this one 3 stars Good Enough to Eat follows former lawyer Melanie who is now a gourmet chef She cooks healthy food after finally dieting and exercising her way to a healthier weight Now she s dealing with being single after her ex husband leaves her for her former boss who is heavier than Melanie used to be Melanie is trying to figure out how to get her life together due to money issues and comes across a younger woman Nadia who she ends up employing and living with who has secrets of her own Melanie meets a new guy Nate who honestly is the type of guy that would write into Reddit s Am I The Asshole AITA thread and act as if he did nothing wrong and wonders why women are so emotional.I initially found Melanie to be pretty interesting, but after a while I got tired of her I just lost 12 pounds and counting and have been exercising about 5 days a week I somehow have managed to be around normal food and people eating fried things and drinking and have not turned into a self righteous ass Melanie is obsessed with food and her going on about calories and wanting to eat a vat of mashed potatoes honestly started driving me up the wall She seems to need a therapist badly and is using her nutritionist, her friends, her sister, and even Nate to be that for her The character is set up to be constantly second guessing herself It doesn t help that she looks down upon other people a lot see Nadia and I just didn t get why anyone acted like she was this really good friend I have enemies I am on better terms with.Nate, the love interest, just sucked He s an investigator documentary director person Yeah, I am not looking that back up He starts seeing Melanie and honestly his family sounds better than he is He s self absorbed and judgmental as hell He and Melanie snark on Nadia and her relationship with her boyfriend They honestly should work romance wise since they are both kind of nasty at times, but Melanie draws the line when Nate does something that directly affects Nadia I mean not enough to stop seeing his terrible ass though.I honestly wish that the book had focused on Nadia She s mature than Melanie and doesn t judge people based on outward appearances Her backstory will break your heart and I wonder if Ballis has ever followed up on her in her subsequent books.The other secondary characters talk like cliches see Kai.The writing could have worked I think if it had focused on Melanie s weight loss journey and subsequent single life I think following her post that just didn t work since she has a lot of other issues she needs to work through as well The recipes starting each chapter almost I think were really cool I liked the memories behind things that Melanie was sharing with readers I eat certain things and they remind me of my mother spaghetti, lasagna, beef stroganoff, fried chicken, and cake The flow doesn t really work though I think that Ballis is trying to make the book be about whether Melanie and Nate are ready for the next steps in their relationship, but it s ultimately about Melanie and what she wants next It doesn t follow a typical romance chick lit plot with the girl meeting boy, having misunderstanding, and then HEA for the two of them.The book takes place in Chicago I believe Ballis s hometown or current hometown at any rate and I don t get a really good sense of the city like I have in her other works.The book ends on July 4th, which I guess was symbolically supposed to be about Melanie s independence.

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    I really wanted to like this book than I actually did I felt like a lot of the dialogue was forced and proper than people actually speak and i found that rather jarring While I liked the overall idea of the plotline, it fell rather flat Some of the characters felt a little forced and all of Kai s nicknames for Mel Just didn t fit at all with either of their personalities, at least to me.

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    For me, the first half of this book was much better than the second half Towards the end, I just wanted it to be over with already Cheesy dialogue at times Do grown men actually say, now, scoot Unsatisfying ending I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone.

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    When one reads the description of a book on the back or the inside flap, you get certain expectations There are some books that make me REALLY excited to read them, and others that leave me lukewarm And it s absolutely impossible to tell how a book will turn out other than simply reading it That being said, what drew me to this book was the fact that the main character had lost a lot of weight, just like myself Melanie was married to a thin guy, Andrew She was fat Then she lost weight, and found out that Andrew was having an affair with a heavy girl So she decides to open a healthy food store Yet.this book was chick lit sadly I hoped for a deeper plot, instead I got a very slow developing one, with little or no shocking disclosures or incidents It left me hungry for I liked the receipes at the end of this book, but I wouldn t recommend this book to most people, sadly.

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    I had so many hopes for this book Melanie is a former fat girl who lost her husband to another woman a fat one after she lost a bunch of weight Then she decides to open a healthy eating store I think part of what saved this book was the food all the glorious food Every single chapter had a food name or a dish as the title and it talked about a childhood memory that Melanie had regarding that food And oh man, the descriptions of the food throughout the book were glorious It made me so hungry and it made me wish that Melanie was a real person so she could be my personal chef and cook healthy for me all the time There were even recipes at the end of the book The recipes were for every dish that had a chapter title and there were both healthy and decadent versions of the recipes Mmm yummy So back to the story I enjoyed it at first I thought Melanie was a really relatable character I am still overweight and I have just as many issues with food as Melanie does Like me, Melanie is addicted to food and is struggling to find a balance between satisfying her cravings and treating her body right I know from personal experience that this is so hard I absolutely loved her nutritionist and kind of wish she had been featured Melanie only had phone consultations with her, but she was super supportive and completely nonjudgmental I loved the nutritionist s opinion of food there is no bad food and everything is fine in moderation And can I please get a nutritionist who will give me a homework assignment to eat cupcakes please I also loved the friendships with Delia and Kai and Phil and the addition of Nadia was awesome I think where it started to fall apart for me was with the introduction of Nathan The plot started to drag out way too much during the romance and it seemed like all the problems they had were manufactured ones by the author for the sake of creating drama Melanie started to seem really angry and she overreacted at some stuff and she just didn t seem to care about other people s feelings Nathan was a bit boring I liked him at first, but then he started getting in Melanie s business Nadia lived with Melanie and Nathan was all panicked because they didn t know much about Nadia a past And then he started putting that big in Melanie s ear I guess she thought that since Nadia lived with her, she was supposed to share everything about her past Umm, no They didn t even know each other well enough to do that And the ending of the book was just blah I still don t know if there was any character development or what the point of the story was I thought the point was for Melanie to try and rebuild her life after her husband left her It started out that way, but then it just disintegrated into a predictable chick lit story, I wish this story had gone deeper and the only reason I gave this book three stars instead of two was because of all the food.

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    What its about A woman who realizes that her body isn t going to be able to sustain her unhealthy ways She loses half of her body weight and quits her high stress job as a lawyer She goes to culinary school and opens up a gourmet take out cafe that specializes in healthy food She s finally getting her life together when she receives a huge shock Her husband leaves her for a woman bigger than she ever was Introduce a financial crisis, a new roommate and a potential boyfriend, stir vigorously and see what happens Why I read it How many times have we all thought of the if only s in our lives When I read the synopsis I thought of all of the times I d thought that things would be better if and knew that I had to read this book My thoughts I must be on a food kick the last few weeks First reading Georgia s Kitchen and all of its fantastic sounding food then immediately picking up Good Enough to Eat Each chapter is starts with some sort of dish that is woven into the story either through a memory or something that is happening currently The best part, Ballis provides the recipes at the end of the book I love the fact that their are healthy versions along side the not so healthy ones The only reason I haven t made any of them yet is that it s still too darn hot to cook I left the story feeling inspired to do of the things in life that bring me joy Mel does just that She quits her high paying job as a lawyer to embrace her love of food in a healthy manner and to help others in their quest to becoming healthy She doesn t make as much money, but she is so much happier in her own body and in her life There is a complete cast of quirky characters in this story that add depth to the story Ballis introduces enough detail so that you know them as individuals, but not so much that you lose sight of what the story is about Like a decadent dessert Good Enough to Eat will satisfy your craving for a great story.

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    Below is from my review on my blog received Good Enough to Eat by Stacey Ballis at a very appropriate time in my life The main character Melanie Hoffman has just gotten divorced, and so have I different circumstances, but both Melanie and I have gone through big and interesting changes as a result.Melanie has achieved what so many women work at and obsess over she lost over 100 pounds and has gotten herself to a healthy weight She has also changed jobs, from being a lawyer to owning a small gourmet take out cafe called Dining by Design The food she offers is healthy, calorie conscious and good The good marriage Melanie thought she had is not, and she is blind sided by the fact that her husband leaves her for an overweight woman.Good Enough to Eat starts each chapter with descriptions of comfort foods, or remembered foods from Melanie s childhood, and then moves on to what is triggering the want of comfort Melanie learns so much in this book, with the occasional two steps back that happens to everyone going through a life change like a divorce She strengthens her current friendships, opens her own door and cafe to a young woman in her own transition, and develops new relationships, including a new man in her life.I thought this book was on track as far as someone going through a divorce, and also learning to accept herself and her imperfections as she grows into her new life I liked the ending too.Highly recommended, and I m glad that Melissa Broder Penguin Group and serendipty sent this book to me at this time For those who want to know, yes, recipes are included.

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    Melanie Hoffman, the heroine of Good Enough to Eat by Stacey Ballis, tackles what could be some very depressing challenges in her life divorce, food issues, entrepreneurship she owns a gourmet take out caf and relationships She manages and sometimes mismanages it all with pluck and support from family and friends.Each chapter in this novel begins with Melanie s reminisces about how certain foods relate to events in her life, be they large or small Quite a variety of food is covered mashed potatoes, chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter I liked how the author was able to place them just so they all have a place in the story Also, all the food mentioned as the story chapters are included twice in recipes at the back of the book The first recipe for cupcakes is a health conscious variation of the second which are called Decadent Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, and from reading through the ingredients they are, well, decadent than the lighter version I haven t tried any of the recipes yet but I definitely plan to.The author describes some of Melanie s preparations in getting the caf s food ready for customers and the interaction between employees makes it sound like fun I d like to work there I imagine though, that no matter how much fun it is, and how much help Melanie has from her employees, running a caf is a lot of work I didn t mostly get that impression from reading this book I mention this because I used to own an ice cream shoppe and though we only sold ice cream in all its forms it was time consuming and intensive.

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    I couldn t decide if this was a story or a weight loss blog Additionally, while I love food, the constant lists of food at parties and the store that day got tiresome It reeked of, Look at how much I know about food As a story, it was okay Kai was cool, but his neverending nicknames for everyone got annoying The story itself was typical chick lit woman gets left, finds herself with the help of friends, falls in love again, the end.As a weight loss story, it could have worked The author did a great job capturing how it feels to be heavy, the struggles with binging, and how self conscious heavy people are when eating around others She also touched on how, even though the weight was gone, the main character still felt heavy, how that never, ever goes away I almost wish she would have abandoned the main plot, because it s obvious the author lost a lot of weight, and that, itself, would have made for an interesting story Interspersing it with the main plot and all of the food stories, though, left the book feeling scattered and disorganized I couldn t wait for it to end.I also didn t like how the main character assumed every heavy girl was crying for help and too shy to ask Come on just because you lost a lot of weight, don t make it your personal crusade.The recipes at the end were nice I might try a few of them I also liked how she reminisced about food at the beginning of every chapter.

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