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Just Plain Fancy Naomi Vlecke Lives With Her Farming Family In An Amish Community In Pennsylvania The Amish First Came To Pennsylvania In The Early S, And To This Day Preserve A Religious And Plain Life Style As Part Of Her Household Chores, Naomi Looks After The Chickens With Her Little Sister, Ruth

Patricia Polacco is a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator with over 115 beloved and award winning books to her credit, including The Keeping Quilt, Pink and Say, The Blessing Cup, Chicken Sunday, and Thank You, Mr Falker She resides in Michigan.

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Just Plain Fancy
  • Patricia Polacco
  • 24 April 2017
  • 9780440409373

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    3.5 stars This story tells you about some Amish girls who find an unusual egg with their hens eggs When they discover this bird is no ordinary chicken they are worried the bird will be shunned for being too fancy so try to hide their friend I really liked most of the story, the illustrations were lovely and I was looking forward to a look into Amish life but I did feel uncomfortable that these girls should be worried that their bird would be shunned or indeed a person, should they be deemed as too fancy Obviously this isn t Patricia Polacco s view but the community she is showing but I didn t like that view or the fact the girls were so worried about it.Read on open library

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    Now while I have definitely appreciated the story of how Naomi and her little sister Ruth unknowingly raise a peacock chick an ornate and extravagant bird species along with their hens, personally, I do find it rather problematic that Naomi s family, that her Amish elders had not already told her the main point of difference between the Amish stricture against fancy dressing which is against their traditions and rules, but is first and foremost also a personal choice and animals such as peacocks who are by nature and if one believes in God, by His creation, showy and ostentatious For while I was reading Just Plain Fancy, I could not help but ask myself why Naomi would have to be so worried about her Fancy about her hand raised peacock being possibly shunned for his naturally elaborate in structure and decoration appearance, as in my humble opinion, the difference between a bird that has by nature showy and beautiful plumage or any animal that looks magnificent, stately and florid for that matter and humans who do have a choice of dressing fancy or not, of personally following the Amish rules and regulations about plain living and appearance, that should at least in my humble opinion be a major point and part of Amish life and beliefs and also something that would need to be told to children as early as possible so as to avoid the kind of painful confusion experienced by Naomi and by extension Ruth And thus, while Just Plain Fancy has most definitely been an engaging and enjoyable reading experience for me such as is usually the case with Patricia Polacco s picture books , and that especially the accompanying illustrations do show not only movement and emotion but also meticulously detail Amish culture, life and dress, I still cannot rank Just Plain Fancy with than three stars a high three stars, but three stars just the same , as it really does personally bother me a bit how in Patricia Polacco s narrative, Naomi has to face all of this doubt and serious worry about her peacock being too ornamented, too showy and extravagant and thus in danger of being shunned simply because her family, her Amish community had not enlightened her regarding the difference between natural adornment and people, humans artificially decorating themselves, wearing elaborate and not plain clothing.

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    Oh, I just loved this The story via illustrations starts even before the title page, which was a fun touch.This is the story of two Amish sisters and Polacco did her research about the Amish who find an exotic egg and put it in the nest of one of their chickens in order to have it hatch Naomi, the older sister, just once wants something fancy, being tired of having everything plain, as in the Amish tradition The story is funny and sweet.The only quibble I have with this story is that I can t believe girls of this age, growing up in the Amish community, would not already know what the word shun meant.This is another winner by Polacco, and I especially enjoyed it because it s a bit different from many of her books The illustrations are terrific, as is usual for Polacco The two page spread with the hatched bird, even though I knew what was coming not all children will know what to expect was particularly beautiful, and I liked the depiction of these Amish people and their community the expressions on the faces of the little girls are wonderful I ve always been interested in the Amish and this is a terrific book for introducing their culture to young children.

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    Just plain sweet and adorable A thoughtful and sensitive book, especially regarding how children interpret religion into their own lives.

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    Polacco s stories are often about real children going about their daily lives including chores She then chooses one incident to turn into a story, which makes her tales very believable.A hankering for something fancy when living in a plain world would be a natural desire for any child Here Naomi learns that nature can provide examples of fancy that are acceptable in her community The kids like this story a lot Some her books seem to target adults than kids.

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    I found the ending to be a little conflicting It certainly sends mixed signals about whether God likes things fancy or not The Amish aren t supposed to be fancy because it would go against their way but a peacock, that God made, can be fancy If you do read it, just be prepared for a few questions about the Amish s way of life and what God thinks about being fancy.Ages 5 9 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

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    This might be my favorite of Polacco s books I loved her treatment of the Amish realistic without being demeaning or critical I loved the explanation of why Fancy was allowed to be fancy when the people placed such emphasis on being plain And I loved the way the narrative starts even before the text the illustrations on the title and dedication pages are worth paying attention to They re a great way to encourage children to start making predictions and noticing all the details that go into a story.My one quibble, and this may knock my rating down to 4.5 stars, is the same as another reviewer s the girls, one of whom is about to get her white cap and be recognized as older not a little girl any, but I don t know if they d call her a woman yet either , and her younger sister don t seem to know what shun means in their community Perhaps it doesn t happen enough for them to have been exposed to it, but it did strike me as a touch off although it didn t bother my children in the least They all recognized what kind of bird Fancy would turn out to be even before I did.

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    Just Plain Fancy is a remarkable story about two young Amish girls that hope for something fancy to come into their plain lives The two girls are responsible for caring for the chickens and when a peculiar egg is found they have the pleasure of having something fancy Polacco s writing and illustrations are stunning as usual and I appreciate the realness of the little girls They do not fully understand an adult concept and many children will relate to having the same confusing bothersome feelings about big concepts.

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    We love Patricia Polacco s stories and read all of the ones we can find at our local library Her storytelling is magic and her illustrations are very recognizable and often very expressive We ve been reading her books for almost two years now and we are always on the hunt for one that we haven t read yet This story depicts the Amish culture in all its simplicity, helpfulness and strict adherence to its laws The narrative is engaging and the characters are very expressive I love the reaction of the community to the surprise at the end And I also love that this book exposes our girls a little bit to a culture that is far different from our own We really enjoyed reading this story together and we will certainly look for another one of her books at the library soon.

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    This is one book that I can remember reading as a child I remember I picked up on the word shun and used it all the time in conversation and used to tell people I was going to shun them if they made me mad Reading this as an adult, it wasn t quite as intriguing, but it is a children s book, after all I did like the how the book was mostly muted colors until the peacock was drawn It made the contrast between Fancy and the Amish people much distinct and made him look quite beautiful My biggest concern with this is that it talks about Amish culture but never explains why they strive to be plain and demure Instead it just talks about a woman being shunned because she was fancy, and that s something a child might not understand.

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