His Sinful Secret (Notorious Bachelors, #3)

His Sinful Secret (Notorious Bachelors, #3)Betrothed To One Brother, Then Married To Another, Julianne Sutton Finds Herself A Pawn In An Unknown Game The Enigmatic New Marquess Of Longhaven Knows All About The Art Of Deception But He S Baffled By Innocence His New Wife Is Trusting, Lovely, And Utterly Bewitching Imagine His Surprise When He Discovers That She Has Secrets Of Her Own As He Battles A Ruthless Enemy, He Quickly Learns That Love Has An Entirely Different Set Of Rules Dernier tome de la s rie Les C libataires, il est aussi r ussi que les pr c dents mais si la romance est pr sente, Emma Wildes a cette fois ci mis l accent sur l intrigue et nous permet enfin de savoir qui est se cache derri re le myst rieux espion Roget J y est de nouveau trouv ce que j appr cie dans une romance historique une intrigue qui se r v le complexe et bien construite, un contexte historique d taill juste ce qu il faut, de l action et des rebondissements, un beau h ros plus sombre mais moins traumatis par les souvenirs de son pass la guerre et beaucoup plus fort et secret que ses deux amis h ros des tomes pr c dents , une h ro ne jeune et vierge mais pas na ve, l ensemble toujours crit avec une grande finesse Michael Hepburn a h rit du titre de Marquis de Longhaven la suite de la mort de son fr re a n , soucieux de respecter les v ux de ses parents il va remplir le contrat de fian ailles sign entre son fr re et Lady Julianne Surtton Michael a pass des ann es combattre et espionner, c est un homme qui donne peu sa confiance, il est toute en retenue, il garde ses motions bien enfouies et ne permet aux autres de ne voir que ce qu il souhaite La m fiance et les mensonges sont une seconde nature chez lui de par son travail pour la couronne, rien ne le pr parait son mariage et encore moins avec une femme aussi s duisante et innocente.Julianne est un personnage adorable, il est vrai qu au d but du r cit j ai eu un doute car elle apparait un peu terne et mall able, une v ritable aristocrate qui accepte sans broncher le mariage avec le fr re de son ex fianc Puis au fur et mesure son personnage prend de la consistance, elle se r v le intelligente, perspicace et courageuse car elle pouse un homme qu elle ne connait pas, renferm et qui est un sp cialiste pour dissimuler ses sentiments en dehors du lit conjugal De plus Michael n est pas le seul cacher des secrets et celui de Julianne va permettre d une part de leurs permettent de d voiler leurs sentiments et d autre part de lever un peu le voile sur la myst rieuse personne qui cherche tuer notre h ros.Ce dernier tome avec un couple compl tement diff rent des pr c dents est une bonne conclusion cette trilogie, un parfait m lange de suspense et de romantisme Je ne dirais pas que Michael et Julianna sont ceux que j ai pr f r s car leur relation est moins l g re que les pr c dentes malgr des sc nes sensuelles tr s passionn es Il m a manqu la petite touche d humour pour pleinement appr cier cette histoire. GAWDThe covers for the Notorious Bachelors series are terrible Maybe they look better in print, though 4.5 stars I created two new shelves after reading this regency romance The Pathetic OW and the Pump Dump OW The OW in this novel was actually a former OW, because the H had ended their affair YEARS ago However, I gotta say that this hero must have had some Love Potion Number 9 in his penis because he has this bitch Antonia OW mooning over his dick and obsessing over him even though he hasn t touched her in years She has a regular sex buddy but still claims to be desperately in love with the H She was in a serious depression on the day of his wedding to the heroine and had to drink herself to sleep on his wedding night because she couldn t bear to think of him making love to his beautiful young bride Damn but she was filled with some angsty jealousy over the hero She was mostly pathetic because the H was not tempted by her dubious charms at all He acknowledged her attractiveness but she not longer excited him at all Hell, he had found an English husband for her to marry a guy 3 times older If the H had loved her, would he have wanted her to marry another man The H is not even jealous or bothered by Antonia s other men This bitch should have seen the writing on the wall from then but nope She still persisted in hoping he would return to her arms and declare true love In another author s imagination, maybe this OW would have been heroine Who knows The ingredients were there they had met years before in Spain when he saved her and she rewarded him by giving him loads of sex Unfortunately for Antonia, the role of heroine will not be hers even if she acts as if she thinks she should be the heroine I know some readers might actually like Antonia and feel sorry for her but I just couldn t tolerate her I know she suffered a lot and lost her entire family in Spain but she just expected too much from Michael She also had no boundaries when it came to interfering in the lives of the H and heroine She became so obsessed with wanting to find out everything about the heroine that she conned the H into letting her act like a part time bodyguard protector for Julianne The one redeeming thing she did do, at the end, however, is to play an instrumental role in saving Julianne s life from another crazy stalking bitch I give her some kudos for that but I still hated her because she felt that Michael belonged to her Now to our beautiful heroine Julianne She was betrothed to the hero s older brother but he died and so the H inherited not only the title of Marquess and became heir to the Dukedom, but also got to marry the heroine Now the second reason I think this H has got Love Potion 9 in his penis is because the heroine hadn t really felt much for him until the HOT wedding night She didn t really know him much since he d been away on the Continent fighting Napoleon s rat bastard soldiers, so her feelings were kinda neutral until he got down and dirty on the wedding night That was sexy It was the most beautiful wedding night scene, written from the POV of both characters After the sexy wedding night, the heroine became addicted to the H The H reminded me a bit of Tor from The Chief by Monica McCarty not in physical appearance but in attitude to marriage He treated Julianne the same way Tor had done to Christina as a sexual bedmate However, in both novels the heroes were unable to maintain that wall they had built around their hearts The fall of an alpha male is always a great thing to see Michael tried so hard to resist Julianne but keeps wanting to spend and time with her time that doesn t only include sex He also provides a bodyguard for her because someone is trying to kill him and he s afraid that they may target her too There s also a spy story involved because of the H s other job and a secret child that his dead brother had fathered with some dirty whore who treated the little girl like crap It was sad to see the scenes where the heroine would visit the poor child and the nasty evil whore mother would be primarily concerned with getting money from Julianne That woman didn t even give the child any attention or affection She deserved to be gutted like fish for treating an innocent little girl like that The heroine was the one who knew about the kid s existence and she was the one who bravely saved the little tyke from her cruel monster of a mother Julianne was a veritable saint I m jealous She s another too sweet for words type of heroine It s Julianne who convinces Michael that they should adopt the little girl and raise her in their family rather than leave her to be brought up by paid strangers.This was a great story and I would have given it 5 stars if Lawrence had dumped Antonia s ass and found a nicer woman Lawrence was a really wonderful man He could have been a hero in a future novel I almost wished the author had given him his own novel with another woman That pathetic bitch Antonia didn t deserve such a loyal man since she used him for sex while openly stating how much she loved the hero She had incorrectly believed that the H, Michael, was the type of man who would be unable to ever love a woman When she realized he d fallen in love with his wife Julianne, she finally packed her bags and set sail for foreign shores Good riddance to the bitch I would have hated to have her stay in England and keep mooning after Michael s Love Potion filled penis. When I think of secrets, espionage and romance, I am immediately excited by the prospect of being transported into an adventure that captivates my mind and heart Unfortunately, I was not whisked away in His Sinful Secret by Emma Wildes, the last book in the trilogy of the Notorious Bachelors.Since birth, Jualianne Sutton has been destined to marry Harry Hepburn, the Marquess of Longhaven The marriage, an arrangement between both families, came to an abrupt altering after Harry s sudden and unexpected death Assuming his late brother s position as heir, Michael Hepburn steps into not only the title and responsibilities of the Marquess but also, at his parents insistence, the bridegroom to Jualianne Facing a union out of duty and obligation, Michael coolly accepts the marriage to console his grieving parents with the mindset of I ll survive I ve certainly been through worse Jualianne barely knew Michael when he left to fight in the Napoleonic war almost five years ago Now, a 19 year old young woman, Jualianne still views him as a stranger, but accepts her role as the Marquess wife Polite yet distant, charming but enigmatic, Michael is the epitome of complexity Though Jualianne may not be marrying this mysterious man for love, after marriage she hopes they will be able to learn who the other person is and at least share their lives in mutual companionship Developing trust proves difficult when both Michael and Jualianne are hiding secrets from each other that could not only threaten their marriage but also their very lives.I enjoyed the sensual and alluring style of Emma Wildes in the previous Notorious Bachelors books My Lord Scandal and Our Wicked Mistake However, this last installment lacked the charm and captivation that pulled me into the other books and that I have come to expect in her stories Michael was considerate and accommodating to Jualianne, but his aloof demeanor and general detachment from her throughout much of the daily interaction made it difficult to see much chemistry between the two Jualianne, both beautiful and intelligent, presented herself as reserved but inquisitive, with her main goal being to establish communication with her husband outside of the bedroom Overall, their relationship appeared dry and disconnected, missing the romantic spark and emotional connection that I like between developing couples In contrast, the secondary characters, Antonia and Lawrence, provided the charisma and attraction that was lost between the main couple Ultimately, Antonia and Lawrence held my attention through the majority of the story The mystery that developed throughout the series is quickly solved with a disappointing and anticlimactic end However, there was a nice twist which could warrant a fourth book if Ms Wildes chooses to extend the trilogy His Sinful Secret, while a bit bland, still concluded an overall well written and well developed series Ms Wildes is an author I would not hesitate to read work from in the future.Favorite Quote Michael was brilliant as a cut diamond, but also every bit as hard The facets too were many.

Emma was born in Minnesota and she lives in the Midwest, though she grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico She attended Illinois State University where she majored in geology, and there she met her husband, Chris They have three children, a temperamental cat named Poot, and are lucky enough to live on a beautiful lake On warm days, she does enjoy a glass of wine on the dock now and then, and always

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • His Sinful Secret (Notorious Bachelors, #3)
  • Emma Wildes
  • English
  • 12 October 2018
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