Winging It

Winging It Mel Isn T Your Average AngelShe Certainly Never Expected To Wind Up At Posh Angel Academy Why Would She Want To Learn About Halos, When Shopping Is Much Divine But When She Joins An Elite Group Of Time Traveling Angels Fighting Against The Opposition, She Learns Angel Business Is A Lot Dangerous And A Lot Fun Than She Ever Could Have Suspected

Dalton grew up as an only child in the English countryside during the 1950s Her father was not always around, but when he was, he would tell her fantastical stories, often with her as the principal character Her father left the family for good Dalton missed him and his stories, which led her to the fantasy section at her local library, thus sparking life long love of fiction.After undertaking j

❰Epub❯ ❧ Winging It Author Annie Dalton –
  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Winging It
  • Annie Dalton
  • English
  • 01 September 2019
  • 9780060088156

10 thoughts on “Winging It

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    My childhood books I will always love this series,I think she did such a great job with them.To this day I m still attached to the characters,the lot was so original and I loved the missions,it s just amazing I ve re read them recently and I m so glad that they really are greatly written books,and not just due to my fond memories,still one of my all time favorite series,and I hope others have read them too.I actually had the pleasure of meeting Annie when she came to my school I m so glad my books are signed,and she s one of the first authors that really inspired me.Love her

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    Loved this book when I was a kid but never continued with the series Maybe I ll reread it some day and then read the rest of the series too

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    I read this series when I was in grade nine, and loved them so much now, when I re read them, they re still good but clearly for younger teenagers I finished the book in little than an hour.I like the concept of it dead girl in heaven, sent to go back in time to be an angel in all those historical events we know of it s charming, really.I recommend this series for budding readers young girls in the ages between 10 15 who are looking for a good story with a relatable main character.

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    Winging It had a creative plot but I couldn t relate to the cookie cutter teen girl main character Her mind is so wrapped up in boys and shopping and such that she doesn t think of much else.

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    I first read this in year six and loved it then, but I was wary of it seeming less challenging and therefore less enjoyable this time around Good to know I was wrong

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    The Angels Unlimited series This middle grade book series is about a girl who dies at the age of 12, leaving her mother and sister behind And this is where her story begins.She now resides in paradise with her new best friends in an unbelievably fancy city with malls where you can shop for free, eat in amazing restaurants with delicious meals that only expect your compliments in return, play in parks with exhilarating rides and live in homes that are built for luxury And she s happy.And the best part, she is literally an angel for the people still in living in the world She gets a task in hand from the Angels Academy school every once in a while to go to a specific era, like 1900 s or 1940 s or even in the future and help a specific family or person in need.This series is among those books that changed my way of thinking about life rather drastically After I lost a loved one when I was a child, this series made me believe that she s actually in a much better place, and she s having fun and shopping like crazy and maybe even missing me sometimes A really heart touching story written BEAUTIFULLY A must read.A 5 out of 5 stars for this heart touching series.

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    I haven t read this book in over 3 years But I still remember a lot of it Like, I remembered Mel, Lola, Reuben and Michael But I had completely forgotten about A, the twins and Orlando These books are a lot shorter than I m used to, but sometimes that s good I think this book probably could have been a little longer, as parts the mission, the kindergarten etc I think could have definitely been longer view spoiler FOR THE REST OF THE SERIES DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN T READ AT LEAST THE FIRST 3 view spoiler SHE MET BRICE I think his name s Brice Hehe Brice was my first ever fictional boyfriend I actually fantasised about him And I was like, 10 hide spoiler

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    I read this years ago and I remember loving it it was one if the very few books that I read from start to finish while I was in school I never got past the first book though, but have thought about this book and finishing this series every so often I hope that I ll have enough time this summer to read them all, even if they are tailored for teens I did enjoy this book when I read it.

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    Like many people, I read this when I was 10 to 14yrs old I would say I remember getting 3 at Christmas and reading them in about 2 days I really liked the concept and historical sides of them I used to get so excited over them, would definitely recommend as YA fiction.

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