May (Daughters of the Sea, #2)

May (Daughters of the Sea, #2) reviews here don t read many books about historical fiction but I loved this book May is book 2 in the daughters of the sea book I didn t really enjoy the first one in the series but I absolutely loved this one.May is growing up in the 1800 s as the lighthouse daughter The book starts out with the father finding May out in the sea and bringing her back to his wife By the title of series you pretty much tell that it s a mermaid tale May has wanted to go swimming ever since she was little but her parents forbid it Until one day she found out why her dad said no She grew a tail in the water Throughout the whole book you saw her feeling lost and empty there was something missing She found her missing sister and the felt better but not complete They are still missing a sister There are three of them The characters in this book felt so real I loved the relationship between her and her father even after she found out he wasn t her real father I was horrified at how the mother Zeeba acted throughout this whole book I felt like punching her and telling her to suck it up Then there was Rudd, he was such a creep and then near the end of the book I found out what he was really after He made me so aggravated Then the relationship between May and Hugh was so romantic I finished May in a couple of hours and I didn t want to finish reading it I wanted to know what happened after the book ended Now I can t wait to read the third book in the series I hope I find out when it comes out soon. Since I finally had a chance to read Hannah I thought I would just go ahead and read May while the first book was still fresh in my mind I found that I enjoyed reading May a lot.One, if not, the main reason I enjoyed May than Hannah would have to be that it didn t take practically the whole book for her to find out what she was if there s one thing that annoys me about books is when it takes the whole book for the MC to figure out what the reader has known since they picked up the book At times, the characters and their personalities made me think of Disney s Beauty and the Beast which incidentally kept songs from the movie running in my brain while reading I bet your probably wondering how on earth my mind made that connection, well, let us just start with the fact the May had her very own Gaston Rudd is so on my list of characters that I HIGHLY dislikeand would very much like to smack because he s such a jerk As a character I found May to be a stronger, interesting MC then Hannah was It was just so much easier to get caught up in her story and the joy that she felt when she discovered who she really was I really enjoyed that May was a strong character willing to stand up for herself, which made her a likable character.One of the things that made this book so interesting was that there was just a smidge of a sense of danger for the MC then the previous book I felt like the characters were a little developed in this book, and that the there was a ton tension between the protagonist May and all the other characters I especially liked how tense and well written all the scenes with May s mother were They left me wondering what on earth that crazy loon was going to do say next I also liked the extreme contrast between her two parents On one hand you had Hepzibah who was done right mean and crazy as a loon, and on the other you had Gar who absolutely loved May My favorite part of May, the second book in Kathryn Lasky s Daughters of the Sea series, would have to be May s search for her past and the extremes in which she went to find out where she came from.While I found May to be a highly enjoyable read, there were a few points when the story seemed to slow down and cover press the same point repeatedly, like, the fact that she knew she had sisters, but had not found them yet Even though this one fact irritated me, it did not detract any from my enjoyment of the book.Final Verdict May was a fascinating read about one girl s search for the truth A true page turner that has left me wanting to know what will happen in the next Daughters of the Sea book.May earns 5 out of 5 pineapples. At least it was better than the first instalment May is the second in Kathryn Lasky s Daughters of the Sea series, which tells the story of three orphaned sisters, separated as infants, who discover they are mermaids In the previous book we met Hannah, who found her true nature while working as a maid to a wealthy family Here we meet the second sister, May, who was adopted by a lighthouse keeper and his manipulative wife Her parents have kept something from her, and when she is fifteen she works up the courage to learn what it is.Compared to her sister, May learns her scaly secret much earlier in the story Readers who were frustrated with the pace of Hannah will probably be pleased with this difference, and May s curiosity and her process of discovery are compelling The faster moving internal journey, though, is juxtaposed with a limited external journey May spends much of the novel under her adoptive mother s thumb and only leaves her hometown in her clandestine swims I liked the intricate social world of Hannah and missed that here May doesn t interact with many people beyond her parents, a few other briefly glimpsed authority figures such as a doctor and a librarian, and her two potential love interests one bland, the other over the top awful Later, it turns out that May s story is taking place concurrently with Hannah s and their paths converge.One of the best parts, to me, was the glimpse into the larger world of mermaids, shown in a handful of chapters from the point of view of the girls long lost aunt What we see is really interesting, and I love the way Lasky tied in the Scottish mythology of the Blue Hag.The Daughters of the Sea books occupy an odd space between middle grade and young adult literature The coming of age self discovery and romance themes would seem to place them in the young adult category but the writing style, and the occasional teachy moments I ve come to expect from Lasky, make the books feel younger In addition, I think most young adult readers will want grit I d recommend this series to girls right on the border of the two age groups maybe 11 or so especially if they enjoy the gentler books for girls that were written in the past For example, I think I d have really liked this during my Anne of Green Gables phase at roughly that age This may sound like a petty gripe, but I found the character nicknames distracting at times Is it really that common to form a nickname from an unstressed syllable I was okay with Zeeba for Hepzibah, mostly because it reminded me of Zeena from Ethan Frome, on whom Lasky may have partially based this malingering, malignant character But Gar for Edgar threw me for a loop I spent half the book having no idea why May was calling her father Gar and seriously wondered if it was a regional term for Dad that was unfamiliar to me before the light finally dawned.The story, as in Hannah, is left open ended, and I assume the third book will introduce the final sister and the fourth will be an adventure featuring all three girls and tying up the loose ends Overall, I didn t like May quite as much as I did Hannah, though I must admit that the pacing and plotting are better executed here Recommended for preteen girls looking for a sweet, charming tale Review written for Fantasy Literature s Kathryn Lasky page. Growing up as a lighthouse keeper s daughter on a small island off the coast of Maine in the late 1800s, May has always felt a bit different, and as she gets older those feelings grow stronger, as does her discontent with her life trapped on the island Often she can t even leave the little island to go to school because her hypochondriac mother insists May needs to stay home to help her The year she turns sixteen, May learns she was adopted which leads to her searching for the truth about her origins as she does not believe her father s story about where he found her, and she has always been suspicious about why he forbids her from swimming in the sea, when they live on an island.But the truth May discovers the first time she disobeys her father and goes swimming is shocking she is a mermaid, and that is why she has never felt at home on land May loves the freedom of sneaking off to swim in the sea at night, and hopes to someday search for the two sisters she believes she was separated from as a baby Meanwhile, her life on land has become complicated May is attracted to Hugh, a young astronomy student from Harvard who has come to Maine to do research But could someone like him, a college student from the big city, ever love an island girl like her especially if he ever were to learn what she really is At the same time she must fend off the advances of Rudd, an unwanted suitor whom May fears will learn her secret.May is the second book in the Daughters of the Sea series, following Hannah, the story of one of May s sisters However the books take place at the same time so you can read them in any order This book was a bit slow to start but ultimately I did enjoy it, the romance was sweet and I liked the historical setting I think this book would appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction, because despite May being a mermaid this novel is really historical fiction with a fantasy suplot, instead of fantasy that happens to have a historical setting There was one thing that did bother me a bit, which I hope is explained in future books the villain seemed to go from being just a rude, annoying person to really evil at the end, without any real explanation why, just some vague hints It didn t ruin the book for me, but it is something I really hope is explained in the next book in the series. This review was completed by Camille Morales, staff reviewer with the YA Fantasy Guide.This book is about a girl named May who lives in Maine She s never gone swimming her parents forbid her from it but she really wants to, because the sea calls to her She s also really smart and loves to read, but her mother who I really hate, by the way finds it strange and doesn t like it May wants to be independent She doesn t want to take care of her sick mother Did I mention I hate her There s a guy named Rudd, however, that likes her, but he doesn t like how smart and independent she is he s kind of cocky, but not in the good Jace Wayland way, people After her fifteenth birthday, she decides to ignore the rules and makes some life changing discoveries And then she goes and swims and realizes she s a mermaid She reads books she shouldn t be reading and sneaks out to swim She falls in love with a guy named Hugh who is an astronomy student and likes May for who she is and he falls in love with her, too But then Rudd, who s become an obsessive stalker, decides than he s the only one that can have her I liked this book I enjoyed it I didn t really get into it, because for me it s not the kind of book I can get into and love I liked May than I liked Hannah who appears in this book, by the way I liked how she developed than Hannah did But the romance was overdone The language the guy, Hugh, uses is not for me Meh I don t know Like, this book was a simple read The writing is simple However, there is character development here than in the previous book, Hannah As for the plot, it s the same as in Hannah a girl finding out she s a mermaid and all that but Hannah appears as May s sister, and that was, uh, interesting I liked the characters here a lot, except I missed some of the maids who worked with Hannah in the first book Yeah I didn t like some characters, but I liked Gar and May and I loved Ettie s appearance Also, I thought Rudd would ve made a great love interest if he had been sane But yeah The characters in this story well, mostly Gar and May developed than the ones in Hannah did, and their development was for the best I would ve liked to see Rudd and Zeeba May s mom develop, though Too bad they didn t.Overall, I enjoyed this book It was a cute read I give it a 3 5 stars, and I recommend it again to those who ve read Hannah and want to know what happens next I recommend this series to those who are looking for a cute mermaid read, nothing heavy at all If you re looking for a dark mermaid book or something YA like, this is not the book for you, in my opinion But younger readers may enjoy this series. I really enjoyed this book, as well as the first book, Hannah The book drew me in from the beginning, and I couldn t wait to read what May would do next I actually ended up reading this in one sitting I couldn t put it down, and I can t wait for the next book For Full Review go to No spoilers for May, but if you haven t read Hannah you might want to move on to another review.A beautiful sequel that s almost better than it s predecessor May is my favorite of the DOS books and I really enjoyed it While I enjoyed the previous book, Hannah what really bothered me was the pacing Hannah doesn t know she s a mermaid until the very very end of the book, and it left me desperate for May punny, I see what you did Kathryn Here, May finds out the mermaid thing MUCH sooner than Hannah ever did In fact, in the book, even May gets mildly annoyed waiting for Hannah to change.I think the romance was a little overdone and focused on in this one While there was a hint of a romance with Stannish and Hannah and that turned out to be mere curiosity because of the whole mer thing this was overblown and dragged the story a bit.But a really cool bit of the story was the bits with the girls auntie We catch a few glimpses here and there and really add to that whole Could you point me in the direction of Atlantis type thing I think the fourth book will focus on.I m starting to like the settings in these Maine and Boston and up North and everything I m curious to see where book three takes place.Lastly, I really really loved that Hannah and May s stories twined together Where the ending on Hannah leaves off, May picks up towards the end of the book It s cool.I m really looking forward to the next one and congrats on a fantastic, non romance driven, series to Ms Lasky, this is a rarity in the book stores Book In Kathryn Lasky S Shimmering Quartet About Mermaid Sisters And Supernatural LoveMay Feels Her Life Drying Up The Sea Calls To Her, But Her Parents Forbid Her From Swimming She Longs For Books, But Her Mother Finds Her Passion For Learning Strange She Yearns For Independence, But A Persistent Suitor, Rudd, Wants To Tame Her Spirited Ways Yet After Her Fifteenth Birthday, The Urge To Break Free Becomes Overpowering And May Makes A Life Changing Discovery She Does Not Belong On Land Where Girls Are Meant To Be Obedient She Is A Mermaid A Creature Of The Sea For The First Time, May Learns What Freedom Feels Like The Thrill Of Exploring Both The Vast Ocean And The Previously Forbidden Books She Even Catches The Eye Of Hugh, An Astronomy Student Who, Unlike The Townspeople, Finds May Anything But Strange But Not Everyone Is Pleased With May S Transformation Rudd Decides That If Can T Have May, No One Will He Knows How To Destroy Her Happiness And Goes To Drastic Measures To Ensure That May Loses Everything Her Freedom And The Only Boy She S Ever Loved

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