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Bartlett's Familiar QuotationsWho does not Have Bartlett s quotations on their bookshelves I, for one, and I will remedy this omission pronto and buy the latest edition.What a gem to be able to refer to at any time It reminds me of browsing the dictionary when I was young and memorizing new words Obviously, I needed a lifeMy only beef with it is that quotations from French authors are translated in English many I learned in French as a youngster and it is a bit jarring to see how the effect and meaning can be different through the use of another language.As Boileau said Ce que l on con oit bien s nonce clairement et les mots pour le dire arrivent ais ment.Obviously, a great many authors have managed to do just that and are now quoted in aeternum. It probably seems silly to list this book, but as I use certain reference books ALL the time, I wanted them on my bookshelves. This Th Edition Of The Book, First Published In , Has Been Expanded To Include Than , Quotations And Than New Authors Both Historical And Contemporary From Russell Baker, The Doors, Elvis, Nadine Gordimer, Stephen Hawking, Primo Levi, Norman Mailer, Salman Rushdie, The Talmud, Alice Walker And Elie Wiesel This Edition Has Been Revised And Edited By Pulitzer Prize Winning Biographer Justin Kaplan Invaluable, authoritative, probably the best Comparing this, the 17th edition of the best known and arguably the most authoritative collection of quotations familiar, memorable, or just plain quotable you choose the terminology , to its predecessor the 16th edition, the question arises, should you upgrade I own both books and have examined them in some detail I have used the 16th for many years.The 17th is set in a new typeface which is both slightly narrower and less bold than that of the 16th The result is a cleaner look to the pages and white space The difference in the number of pages 1431 for the new, 1405 for the old is slight, and a little misleading In fact the new addition has entries around one hundred authors are quoted for the first time, and some authors have additional entries But the text in the 17th actually takes up less room Its Index, for example, although it has entries, has only 564 pages to 608 for the 16th This is accomplished mainly because the narrower type is also shorter, allowing entries per column.The question then is, is the smaller type harder to read Surprisingly, I would say no The new type is sharper, crisper and, because the pages have a cleaner appearance, is easier on the eyes I have a strong suspicion that the publishers whose investment in this most famous and most important reference work is considerable tested the readability of their new type before adopting it Some additional space, according to editor Justin Kaplan, has been gained by the elimination of several hundred purely mechanical and nonsubstantive cross references For example in the 16th on page 247 is given this quotation from Fredrich von Logau Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small A footnote at the bottom of the column refers us to Euripides and George Herbert who wrote something similar In the 17th that footnote is gone and we have no handy reference to the two earlier instances of von Logau s expression I think this is a clear loss and not something simply mechanical and nonsubstantive as editor Justin Kaplan has it in his Preface to the Seventeenth Edition p viii Okay, what about the new authors being quoted and the additional quotations by authors already present in the 16th addition Do they constitute a significant upgrade This is a question difficult to answer partly because only time will tell if the new additions many of them are so new will really remain worth remembering Bill Clinton s rather infamous It depends on what the meaning of the word is is surely will be around for a while, but film director Cameron Crowe s Show me the money from his film Jerry Maguire 1997 may not seem so memorable or familiar a generation or two down the road Or maybe I have that backwards A quick way to address the question of whether the new quotations are worthwhile is to look at the last pages of entries just before the Anonymous section Because Bartlett s presents its quotations chronologically, from the earliest the first quote is from the Egyptian The Song of the Harper 2650 B.C to the latest Sesame Street s Kermit the Frog s It ain t easy bein green most of the new entries are near the back By the way, technically speaking, Kermit the Frog s dictum is older than Cameron Crowe s movie But that is a quibble.Of course there are additions that are not from new authors French mathematician, Pierre de Fermat, who does not appear in the 16th, appears here in the 17th, noting that his truly marvellous proof for his famous Last Theorem, will not fit into this margin Fermat was rediscovered by Bartlett s no doubt because in 1994 Andrew Wiles finally proved the theorem taking considerably than a margin to do it, by the way.Some other authors appearing for the first time are Mother Teresa, Richard Feynman, Margaret Atwood, Princes Diana, etc Vladimir Nabokov, Edith Wharton, Gertrude Stein and W Somerset Maugham are among about two dozen who have had their space extended Kaplan doesn t mention it, but there are also some deletions from the previous edition I was particularly disappointed to find that one of the central tenets of the Vedas, from the Chandogya Upanishad, Thou art that was eliminated.Also eliminated and I think this is to the good are the Ibid s that sometimes ran all the way down the page in the 16th Now the title of the work is repeated.If you don t have this reference, you really should get it or the comparable Oxford Dictionary of Quotations See my review of that very excellent book for a comparison Suffice it to say here, if you are an American who prefers a slight emphasis on American authors to an emphasis on English authors, you ll want to get this book.Bottom line no serious writer especially of literature, culture and history should be without this invaluable and authoritative book Next to a dictionary it is my most consulted work of reference Dennis Littrell, author of the mystery novel, Teddy and Teri An excellent resource, a standard in reference books. Excellent resource it s organization allows easy, thorough searching Bartlett, J O Brien, G 2012 Bartlett s familiar quotations Boston, MA Little, Brown, Company.Type of Reference HandbookCitation by Robbie TravisContent Scope This handbook includes over 20,000 passages, phrases, and proverbs from ancient and modern literature.Accuracy Authority Bias This is the longest lived and most widely known collection of quotations available The book was first published in 1885, and is currently in its 18th edition.Arrangement Presentation Entries are by author, and authors are entered chronologically by date of birth rather than alphabetically Within years, authors are arranged alphabetically and quotations are arranged chronologically Pages are formatted using 2 columns A keyword index is included The book contains 148 pages.Relation to Other Text Several similar books exist, including the Oxford Dictionary of Quotes and Reader s Digest Quotable Quotes However, Bartlett s is the most widely and well known source for quotations.Cost 35.00.Professional Reviews Yue, J 2012 How familiar is it any Reference User Services Quarterly, 42 1 , 26 29. Familiar QuotationsCitation by Jennifer EmbertonType of Reference FactbookCall Number 808.8 BarISBN 13 9780316250184Publisher Little, Brown and CompanyPublication date 12 2 2014Sold by Hachette Digital, Inc.Format eBookEdition number 18Pages 1504File size 3 MBContent Scope This is an updated Bartlett quote book, with than 2,500 new quotes Accuracy Authority Bias Bartlett s Familiar Quotes have been around for years This edition appears to be just as reliable as the last However, there is always bias in writing when someone is making a choice on what goes into the book Arrangement Presentation Alphabetically by author s last name.Relation to other works Quotations and SpeechesAccessibility Diversity Easy to read online format offers easy access to define unknown words The App is another choice for accessibility Cost 19.99 BN ebook 0.00 ebookProfessional Review Schlembach, K 2013 Bartlett s familiar quotations, 18th edition for mobile app Indexer, 31 3 , 122. This is another tome I would scarcely leave home without not if I was going to be gone for than forty nine hours, at least I had the library edition checked out as often as they would let me have it when I was teenager, and my sole reason for joining the Book of the Month Club was to get my hands on my very own and much newer copy In college I would sit up at night and page through, looking for the next day s quote, which I would then calligraphy onto an index card or other scrap of paper and post on my dorm room door This has been, and will remain, one of four or five reference works that I absolutely have to have within easy reach whenever I sit down to work Absolutely worth the investment to add this to your collection. I have this book, and it s a wonderful resource I hate to admit however that in this digital age I m far likely to, when preparing to speak, try to track down quotes I might want to use on line That is such a sad admission There is in the volume something that can never be captured by a screen It can be browsed and enjoyed Like so many books it s a friend, that sets there on the shelf waiting for us to visit again, to stop by and spend time with the thoughts and wisdom saved here between the covers.

June 14, 1820 December 3, 1905 Father a descendant of the pilgrim ship Mayflower A very bright boy, he was reading at age three and had read the entire Bible by nine He finished school at age sixteen and went to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he worked for the University Bookstore that served Harvard By age twenty nine he owned the store Known for his memory for quotations and trivia,

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