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Beezus and RamonaWhat a Way To Start The Ramona Series Beezus and Ramona is a character driven chapter book that focuses on Beatrice nicknamed Beezus Quimby, the 9 year old sister of 4 year old Ramona Quimby The book is essentially a series of vignettes depicting the relationship between the two sisters, in which Ramona s mischief features prominently The book is different from the other books in the Ramona series in that Beezus is the protagonist instead of Ramona Thus, the book is essentially a portrait of a young sibling relationship especially its challenges from the perspective of an older sibling.Since this chapter book is character and relationship driven, the plot is minimal However, the vignettes do develop the central theme of Beezus s struggle to feel love for her sister Beezus the quintessential conscientious bookish first born child, concerned about doing things right worries over her periodic anger and resentment toward Ramona the classic misbehaving baby of the family who always seems to get her way and wreck things for her sister.Throughout the book, Cleary subtly paints an alternative picture of sisterhood in the happy relationship between Beezus s mother and her sister Beatrice the aunt after whom Beezus was named Beezus adores her Aunt Beatrice she s a young, pretty, jovial schoolteacher that drives a yellow convertible what s not to love The book culminates with Beezus s 10th birthday dinner, which Aunt Beatrice attends A dinner conversation between Mrs Quimby and Aunt Beatrice, in which they recall with laughter the sibling rivalry of their youth, helps Beezus re envision her relationship with the exasperating Ramona Beezus realizes that she doesn t always have to feel love toward her little sister, and she gains hope for a happier sister relationship when they both get older After all, if Aunt Beatrice was once a frustrating little sister, then there must be hope for Ramona too I loved the imagination and sister bond I would recommend this book for 5 and up. As a kid, I used to devour Beverly Cleary books and the Ramona series was no exception I recently found a copy of Beezus and Ramona at the local used bookstore, and I picked it up to relive a bit of my childhood As a child, I was drawn to the zest for life that Ramona brought to the page However, on this go around, I found myself identifying with sweet, lovable Beezus Her intelligent and quiet demeanor is such a contrast to that of Ramona s I now have a younger sister and she is a lot like Ramona, so I can definitely see why Beezus gets so exasperated with her so often This is a timeless story about the differences between sisters and the love that they share even when they don t like each other This book, while heavily featuring Ramona, is about Beezus and is told from her point of view I d recommend this book to young girls who have sisters that they feel like they just can t stand It s relatable and timeless Even though this book is over 50 years old can you believe it , it stands up to the test of time and is a standout volume of children s literature. I loved this book when I was a kid and my son loves it now He thinks Ramona needs a spanking, and I am inclined to almost agree Perhaps not quite a spanking, but certainly something stronger than, You may go to your room I think the mom gets stricter in later books in this series, but she is wishy washy in this one.In a Battle of the Brats, my son couldn t decide whether Fudge or Ramona would win I, however, thought Ramona the true champion But she is hilarious And actually, I started to admire her when she gives the excuse, Because I wanted to see what would happen Usually in books it is the boys who are scamps, but Beverly Clearly makes a little girl about as naughty and mischievous as possible She was ahead of her time.And poor Beezus..poor perfectionist, uptight Beezus Oddly enough this first book is HER book, but she got edged out AGAIN by her annoying little sister and this eventually became the first book in the Ramona series.not the first book in the Beezus series LOL She is probably in therapy now. Bottomline Started to read this to my 5year old neither of us were impressed, so we stopped.I remember reading this series when I was little and my daughter loves and very much relates to Ramona s antics in the movie remake that came out a few years ago so we were both very excited about starting this book But not very far in maybe half way through the 1st chapter , my daughter just couldn t seem to get interested for which I was thankful because it just wasn t settling right with me, either See, we are very much about respect in our home no matter your size and frankly, I found myself disgusted with the way they talked treated Ramona just for being the little kid sister Now I understand kids can be challenging and push your buttons I have a very high energy, spirited, imaginative little being, that is always elbow deep in some sort of project or experiment but the overall tone of constantly being annoyed bothered by family and esp when it came to dealing with handling the antics of the littles does not fit into our family s philosophy, and is not the kind of model I need to set before my impressionable little person. As a read aloud, young children will relate to Ramona, and older, independent readers will feel Beezus s pain This is my favorite Ramona book, because of the episode with the library book I m a librarian, see Ramona, being only four, colors in the steamshovel book Beezus checked out for her from the library, and they have to pay for it When the librarian stamps the book Discarded, and prepares to hand it back to the girls, Beezus sees the danger just in time If they give the book to Ramona, she will learn the lesson that any book you want to keep from the library, all you have to do is color in it The book is given to Beezus, not Ramona, and a crisis is narrowly averted. My own once annoying little sister ran her first 5K this morning and texted me afterward to tell me she had done it, how happy and accomplished she was feeling This is the perfect book to read on a day when I am thinking about her, since we certainly weren t always the sort of friends we are now I can t believe this book has been around since the 50 s aside from the fact that 9 year old Beezus spends her time playing checkers and making potholders Its wisdom is contemporary and, dare I say it, healthy You won t always love your family members in every moment It s OK to admit that.These books are good stuff. . I read this as a kid, and I loved the book and the story As a older sibling, I had several younger sibs to deal with although I don t remember any of them being as quite annoying as Ramona Some of the things she did actually made me chuckle as I read them although now as an adult I can not help but think of how absolutely aggravating it might have been to be Ramona s parents sometimes, especially with the apple bit.Even though this book would be quite dated now this happened in my grand and great grandparents time even as a kid I enjoyed it nonetheless because of the quality storytelling, and still think it would be a fun read for kids today, showing how things were back then before video games or smartphones were even a distant possibility. Beezus and Ramona Ramona, 1 , Beverly Cleary This is the only book in the series written from older sister Beezus point of view In the book, Beezus is struggling with her feelings for her annoying younger sister Ramona Ramona exasperates Beezus with her high spirits and wild imagination Ramona scribbles all over a library book, gets Ribsy locked in the bathroom, and disrupts Beezus art class Finally Beezus realizes it is possible to love her sister, even when she doesn t always like her The Ramona books are a series of eight humorous children s novels by Beverly Cleary that center on Ramona Quimby, her family and friends The first book, Beezus and Ramona, appeared in 1955 The final book, Ramona s World, was published in 1999 Two books in the series were named Newbery Honor books, Ramona and Her Father and Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Ramona and Her Mother received the National Book Award Sometimes known as the Beezus and Ramona series 2004 1 1383 159 20 Nine Year Old Beezus Quimby Has Her Hands Full With Her Little Sister, Ramona Sure, Other People Have Little Sisters That Bother Them Sometimes, But Is There Anyone In The World Like Ramona Whether She S Taking One Bite Out Of Every Apple In A Box Or Secretly Inviting Other Year Olds To The House For A Party, Ramona Is Always Making Trouble And Getting All The Attention Every Big Sister Can Relate To The Trials And Tribulations Beezus Must Endure Old Enough To Be Expected To Take Responsibility For Her Little Sister, Yet Young Enough To Be Mortified By Every Embarrassing Plight The Precocious Preschooler Gets Them Into, Beezus Is Constantly Struggling With Her Mixed Up Feelings About The Exasperating Ramona

Beverly Cleary born April 12, 1916 is the author of over 30 books for young adults and children Her characters are normal children facing challenges that many of us face growing up, and her stories are liberally laced with humour Some of her best known and loved characters are Ramona Quimby and her sister Beatrice Beezus , Henry Huggins, and Ralph S Mouse.Beverly Cleary was born Beverly At

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