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Ramona and Her FatherPopular Books, Ramona And Her Father Author Beverly Cleary This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Ramona And Her Father, Essay By Beverly Cleary Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Bedtime stories with my kiddos reliving my childhood I love Ramona s spunk I learned about things like Sunday school But I m also discovering why I was so hungry for representation in children s books As a writer, I strive to tell the story that hasn t yet been told and hope it makes a reader feel heard and seen. Ramona was filled with joy Christmas was the most beautiful, magic time of the whole year Her parents loved her, and she loved them, and Beezus, too At home there was a Christmas tree and under it, presents, fewer than at last Christmases, but presents all the same Ramona could not contain her feelings B a a, she bleated joyfully.She felt the nudge of a shepherd s crook on the seat of her costume and heard her shepherd whisper through clenched teeth, You be quiet In this fourth book in the Ramona Quimby series, Ramona is starting second grade and Beezus is in seventh Fictional children They grow up so fast The world Beverly Cleary has created is a sweet, cozy one, but she still deals with serious issues in her thoughtful way In this book, Ramona s father loses his job and is unemployed for months This puts not only a financial strain on the family, it creates some tension between Ramona and her father, the parent she s always bonded with best As Christmas approaches and Beezus, of all people, is picked to be Mary in the church pageant , will the family have a happy holiday Cleary has two important running themes through this series One is that when someone is angry or upset with you, it doesn t mean they hate you or will be angry forever And the other is Ramona s keen sense of justice As a rambunctious and imaginative child, Ramona can t help but cross the line sometimes But she also gets scolded for honest misunderstandings and blamed for things that are not her fault Cleary s books are just SO good at empathetically capturing that frustration And there are also plenty of other times, it should be said, when Ramona s parents and teachers go out of their way to be understanding I also need to mention how much Tracy Dockray s sweetly funny illustrations add to the story I have two trivia items to end on This book was first published in 1977, when I was only a year older than Ramona is here And second, these books have always been vague about where they take place and I ve always wondered if they were set in Cleary s native Oregon In this book, that was finally confirmed when Ramona and her dad discuss taking the Interstate Bridge that connects Portland to Vancouver. While I have generally very much enjoyed Ramona and her Father and think that Beverly Clearly has painted and portrayed not only an enjoyably humorous, but also very much realistic portrait of middle class American childhood not dwelling on the negatives, but at the same time, also not shying away from potential problems and issues, such as the trials and tribulations faced by the Quimby family when the father loses his job , I do tend to feel that the ending of Ramona and Her Father is a bit rushed and incomplete to me, Clearly simply stopping the novel with Ramona s sheep performance has left me, and potentially leaves readers, hanging a bit Now the rather abrupt and rushed ending does really make me want to read the rest of the series, so perhaps this is actually an interesting and cleverly deliberate narrative tool But that being said, if I had read Ramona and her Father when I was a child, when it first came out I did not, as this was my first sojourn into Ramona Quimby territory , I would than likely have been rather majorly annoyed at the abrupt and unfinished ending, but especially at probably having to wait some months before the next book was published I am not the most patient person, never have been, and have also never enjoyed open ended stories all that much either, both then and now Now what I actually do find really and personally very sadly annoying is the unfortunate fact that than a few reviewers actually seem to be faulting and even condemning the fact that smoking is featured and depicted in Ramona and her Father I do know and yes appreciate that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion However, Ramona and Her Father was written at a time where smoking was not yet seen either as all that generally negative or even as a probably lethal habit Secondly, and for me even importantly, smoking is actually NOT AT ALL glamourized by Beverly Cleary in Ramona and her Father For it is soundly and continuously criticised as unhealthy, too expensive, that it can start fires and so and so on and so on and both Beezus and Ramona are constantly at their father to quit smoking And therefore, I personally really do NOT understand the negativity in the reviews that take issue with the fact that smoking is featured if in Ramona and Her Father smoking were portrayed as glamorous and grown up, then perhaps I could understand the negativity, but that is not ever the case, as smoking is continuously shown and portrayed as a bad, unhealthy and potentially dangerous habit, as well as very expensive, especially considering that Ramona s father has just lost his job And the only minor annoyance for me is that when Beezus and Ramona talk back to their father, take their father to task with regard to his smoking, the mother does not interfere when he verbally chastises his daughters yes, he does later admit to Ramona that she is right about how his smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit, but the mother really should have defended her daughters, and not just remained silent, and with that silence, enabling and condoning. A parent losing a job is never an easy thing to deal with, but if you ve read the series so far, you will know that Ramona despite her imperfections, tries to help and cheer people up, and it s hard to hate her for that even if she does become an annoyance sometimes Ramona has matured nicely since the first book, but maintains her childish perspective as she is still what, 7 or 8 years old in this book This lady is a genius That she can write compellingly about sad, virtually incomprehensible things to children, like unemployment, depression and addiction and make it totally appropriate and comprehensible for my third and fifth grader is TOTALLY AMAZING And what s , you don t feel like jumping off a bridge at the end because she offers you hope and faith, without being cheesy or preachy My kidlets who have the attention span of a dog spotting a squirrel were both just in awe, quiet, wide eyed and hanging on my every word as I read them chapter after chapter They didn t ask for their ipad at the end, they asked if there were Ramona books I could read them Still holds up really well especially about the tightening of budgets and giving up of frills when a job loss happens I love how squarely lower middle class the family is Dad s new job is bagging groceries, while mom works at a doctor s office as a secretary Going out for dinner is a huge deal to them And the entire subplot with dad giving up smoking is a thing that I remember reading as a kid, and now, as an adult, can t really recall in books I ve read for young readers in years I think the thing I m loving most so far Ramona s parents treat her like she s not a baby They re fair with her, and they re trying to make her not give up what it is that makes her who she is, but they re also not bending to her very strong will. I have always loved the fourth book in this series Ramona And Her Father It begins with her father losing his job Everything changes for the Quimby s Suddenly her mother is working full time, and her father is taking care of the house, while looking for a job.I loved how Ramona repeated commercials with kid s in them, hoping she could learn to be on tv, so she could make money for the family My favorite part is Ramona campaign to get her father to stop smoking This is a wonderful next chapter in the tale of Ramona Quimby growing up. Oh I had hoped that this book would be as fun and lovely as I remembered When I received it in my sweaty hands, I said, Oh my I remember this book as a lot thicker But you know what It was fun and lovely and nostalgic I read it in one day, on two bus trips to work and back Who can forget Nosmo King And the crown of burrs And Ramona wanting to be on television commercials so she can earn a million dollars and her father and family can be happy again And the bittersweet Christmas ending, where Ramona, in her pajama ed sheep costume, bleats loud and proud I often hesitate to read books that I absolutely loved as a child, but this and Ramona and Her Mother absolutely did not disappoint If you need a shot of nostalgia for your childhood, and need to know that everything will work out in the end, read this book I do suggest finding an edition illustrated by Alan Tiegreen, from the original publications in the 80s These are the only Ramona illustrations that will suffice. Ramona is really the sweetest I mean, don t get me wrong she s a pain, too but she s also a sweetheart.

Beverly Cleary born April 12, 1916 is the author of over 30 books for young adults and children Her characters are normal children facing challenges that many of us face growing up, and her stories are liberally laced with humour Some of her best known and loved characters are Ramona Quimby and her sister Beatrice Beezus , Henry Huggins, and Ralph S Mouse.Beverly Cleary was born Beverly

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