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How It Feels I Had No Idea How Free We Were That S How Free I Was An Old Friend, A Best Friend, A First Love And The Dreamer Neil Cronk Who Connects Them AllFour Schoolfriends Are On The Verge Of Adulthood And The Next Hours Will Change The Course Of Their Lives Friendships Will Be Broken, Virginity Lost, Love Unleashed And Secrets BuriedA Decade Later, One Is Dead, One Is Famous, Two Are Getting Married, And The Truth Is About To Erupt Wildly Funny, Brutal, Tender And True, How It Feels Is A Coming Of Age Story Set In Sydney S Sutherland Shire With Stopovers In Bathurst And London Brendan Cowell S Electrifying Debut Novel Is A Devastating Ode To Youth, Capturing The Beauty Of Growing Up By The Beach, And The Darkness Which Moves Beneath Its Surface Because This Is How It Feels

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How It Feels book, this is one of the most wanted Brendan Cowell author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➶ How It Feels By Brendan Cowell –
  • Paperback
  • 371 pages
  • How It Feels
  • Brendan Cowell
  • English
  • 04 December 2018
  • 9781405039291

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    For various reasons I came to this book expecting great things, than that, I anticipated that it would open up a bit of that magic, the kind that alters you subtly but surely among your people, so you see them all a little better Why we place that kind of hope, and the burden of that hope on an author and his novel makes me a tad guilty, but I was so right with this book I read it in one sitting, overly fast, but I spent a lot of time marvelling over the rightness of the prose, the dead on, insight, swerving or meeting head on truck size pain, grief, madnessNot since Cloudstreet have I read, from an Australian author, a story about people and their lives so thoroughly shaped by their home and surroundings Cronulla was the real show stealer for me How it Feels, as a title makes me giggle a little now that I ve read the book, because now I see the words as a challenge laid down in front of the readers, and in another light it is a deceptively innocuous title Really the novel is truly devastating, but it felt good to me all the same.

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    Swanna s eyes were somehow harmless, like cardigans I half spewed some lemon chicken and punched the wall My fist hurt because I had just punched the wall with it I would have liked this book if I didn t read it.

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    The main character is arrogant, egotistical and imploding i.e an arse and it s hard to sympathise with him I understand that the story is about intensity of youth, which can be stupid and destructive, but these things make How it feels an uncomfortable read.I suffered through the first third of the book, waiting to understand the real motivations of Neil Cronk and his circle of troubled boys, but it became apparent midway through that they had no effing idea either Each one is young, dumb and full of frustration.Then I started feeling uncomfortable because Neil s narcissism and self indulgence reminded me of real life men that I shouldn t have dated But the callous errors of youth in this book are driven by than just inexperience.Do 30 year old Australian men really think of women as virgin whore even now Do people in God s Own country really want to spend their lives making money to build two storey houses enormous and savage with hard lines and plenty of glass in the street where they grew up Something is minging in the state of the Shire The story seemed to point to emotionally stunted parents and a legacy of malaise that further crippled their children s lives Maybe I m not male, white or Sutherland ish enough to appreciate this story, but by the last leg I just wanted to find out how the plotlines would fuse and finish it already The cadence of the plot was impressive, as were occasional gems, There something so appalling about living, something so greedy and grotesque And I enjoyed the insights into the Y chromosoned brain I am not afraid to say that I was scared, this bus was lurching forward, lurching somewhere big and male and broken and I could feel it A good read for insight into male Aussie psyche I look forward to Cowell s next one.

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    I found this book to be extremely depressing The writing seems to be really well done, and I can visualise the whole thing as it happens I can easily see it being a movie, but the subject matter wasn t my cup of tea It is extremely removed from my own experience of high school and being a young adult, that i couldn t relate to it I was really glad when the book was over, just so i could put the whole experience behind me As well written as it is, I wouldn t recommend it to anyone to read.

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    A coming of age sob story about on of the most licentious and odious character I ve come across yet.How It Feels was for me, painful to read as Neil protagonist writes about a good decade of his life where he manages to repeatedly betray, forsake, decieve and hurt his friends who never seem to stop caring about him, although I can t imagine why I feel like Neil s drug taking almost becomes a way to legitimise some truly inexcusable behaviour, and then I realise, drugs or not, that he was a jerk even before this time of his life And somehow, although a large part of the hurt in his story is self inflicted, he manages to make it a self involved whining melodrama of his own suffering It is unfortunate as almost any moment Neil experiences with heartfelt sentiment feels a little contrived and I found it difficult to believe that anyone could touch his good side in any palpable way, which threw the story into a fairly negative light throughout.I also dislike the way Neil talks about the Sutherland Shire like its some sort of insulated 3rd world which needs to be escaped when it is in fact a relatively short train ride out of Sydney Maybe it something I m missing as I m not from the area, although I know many people from the same area who have never made a point of how moving away is to escape the terrible Sutherland, like it s a monumental plight.In saying this the book was compelling enough, I wanted to see it through to the end Cowell demonstrates some lovely writing in parts, in amongst all the ugly Aussie slanged up dialogue and I also found some of the narrative structure quite interesting It is definitely a much male oriented story and I wonder if this appeal is so skewed it does in fact effects the way a woman would enjoy the book over a man, although I have never had this issue with any other book before Neil does in small moments show a bit of his kinder humanity I suppose I was hoping for him to redeem himself in some way, I really wanted him to, but he didn t Maybe that makes him human, but it doesn t mean I have to like him.

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    Hmmm, what to say about this one I m a little torn I suppose I should say firstly that I couldn t put this down but at the same time I didn t enjoy it It was like watching a train crash in slow motion, I couldn t tear my eyes away but it was horrific This book contains some of the most hideous characters I have ever encountered They are ALL very unlikeable, particularly the protagonist, Neil who is just about the most repulsive character ever This is a book about selfish, narcissistic, ego maniacs and their quest to find themselves There is a great deal of sex and drug use in this book As one of seemingly few people who detests drugs I found the casual day to day abuse of drugs depicted in this novel to be deeply irritating This novel is like reading a very well written diary, the protagonist Neil is a very unreliable narrator and I was never sure whether Brendan Cowell was condemning him through his own words or just acting as an intermediary, telling Neil s very depressing story So, I suppose this book is good in a way, it s extremely well written It feels very personal, like the author is very intimately invested in this narrative If this is however just a story, then I say Mr Cowell is a very talented author because although immensely unlikeable his characters are rich and passionate and I cared what happened to them, even though they disappointed me endlessly.Not a pleasant read, maybe like minded arty types who love drugs and uninhibited, tortuous sex and think those who lead a normal life are losers who have given up on life might enjoy this and relate to it than I did.

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    After spending four days with Brendan Cowell s main character, Neil Cronk, it has taken me a week to figure out what sort of head trip Cronk took me on All I can come up with is that it s a bit like sex with the ex Oh so good and oh so wrong Particularly when the ex resembles all those remnants of the past that were littered with druggy 90s lost its You know, the friends you knew, people you cared about, parts of your family, ex boyfriends and all those romances that existed in your own head all completely fucked up.Cronk s hectic and anxious world takes me back to the magic of youth which wasn t so magic at the time when you really get down to it Brendan s raw straight onto the page writing is refreshing and by the end of this book, I was torn between 1 not caring about Cronk at all and wanting to shake the shit out of him and 2 experiencing great moments of empathy and blissful happiness that most of my real life friends have grown out of that life well and truly So what is it like It s a bit like Charles Bukowski meets Judy Blume on crack Only Australian And better If it weren t so close to home, I d say I fucking loved it But for now, I ll just say its really great READ IT.

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    This book engulfed me beyond anticipation, that s for sure.Definately bluntly humourous, which complements the raw language used in Cronk s drug induced experiences of his adult life and youth This is one of those books that has moments filled in numerous paragraphs that leave you gripping onto the words and their meaning The ending got to me, not just because it was the ending and I had to farewell a very, very troubled protagonist but for the ill fated desperation Neil Cronk felt in the end that he felt was neccessary for everybody to carry on with their lives How it feels also gave me an insight into a side of life that has eluded me, drugs, of course, ans obviously the repercussions this has on others, and has truly opened my mind up to an emerging, but alternative, Australian literature.

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    Definitely for older readers 16 as it is very explicit in places.There is not one false note in this novel Every sentence is true and real Here is a real antidote to the grotesque depiction of The Shire on TV As a theatre director Cowell skillfully weaves the time sequence of the narrative to explore every facet of the intoxicating love triangle between his alter ego Neil Cronk , his best friend and his first love A true insight into an extraordinarily creative man s mind, I will never look at Cronulla and Bathurst where he spent his Uni years studying Drama in the same way Magical, incredible, intoxicating He also wrote the script for Love my Way one of my favourite TV series.

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    I have very mixed feelings about this book growing up in a small coastal town in Australia I could certainly relate to Neil and his friends, who could of been my friends and the relationship between these friends is tender, raw and touching and certainly cuts to the heart of this story However it all seems to unravel into a narcissistic, shallow and solipsistic mess and by the end of it I left liking no one and my initial empathy turned to sympathy and eventually absolute apathy for these shallow, vapid characters

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